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King and Queen

By psyAlera
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Zayo and Ianthe~

Zayo found himself a prank mate e w e They can deceive people all day and have fun at night. Ah, it's hard to explain~ But king Zayo and his queen Ianthe~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I keep having the feeling they're like some mafia bosses ruling the underworld with bones and pearls =w=b *shot!*
Also,there seems to be some mysterious force that just prevents Zayo's shirt from staying closed, please excuse him. =w=

Zayo [c] *psyAlera
Ianthe [c] :icondoombox-x:

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Are these two characters from Souls of Chaos?
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Yes! It's my character Zayo and my friend's character Ianthe. 
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Is Soul of Chaos a game? it a story which you guys made into short flash videos? 
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Souls of Chaos used to be a roleplaying group which ran for a few years but now is inactive due to the story ending. Me and my friend wanted to keep our characters after that though so we've invented a new universe for them now. 
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Simply kawaiiiiii! :happybounce:
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you're most welcome ^^
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XD you just got a litle bit more durty XD XD XD
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What, why, what have I done!? QAQ
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oow, nothing :)
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Thay make such a cute couple :iconloveloveplz:
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They do, don't they e w e 
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"having fun at night" =w= hehehe  :iconicwhatyoudidthereplz:
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:iconsrapplz: You didn't see anything
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* u *
Zayooooooooooooooooooooo! Sorry, that's me, I keep popping your shirt buttons lately /shot

Ahhh it looks so good Q u Q and they are precious <333 *hugs onto you*

Yeah orz guilty~ I sorry butbutbut that chest, I just wanted to pluck out each of the hairs one by one X u X

aw but they're cute together

*stabs Zayo with some truth stuff* So.... what do you think of her? O u O

Andandand I seriously love the clothing, it all looks so soft and smooth and the crowns are super cute and just the overall set-up of the picture is ; u ; very lovely to stare at *does so* ... *steals Zayo*

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Ts-ts-ts, bad girl Iwi, bad bad girl e w e

*almost copy-paste Zayo's reply:*
Zayo: I think she's cute and hot and looks amazing in mini-dresses =w=

Thank you Iwi! >w< :iconrubcheeksplz: :iconlovelyheartsplz:
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Is that why? Mystery solved. Keep it up girl ;D
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