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Three Batgirls
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Mind if I colour this?

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I get the feeling that the only reason Barbara hasn’t found a way to fix her spine is only because it would probably cost money she doesn’t want to waste on herself. If STAR labs in particular can’t fix her, I’ll eat my hat. It’s just a question of cost, not to mention Bruce would get a lot of attention put on himself for such an act of “charity”.
Of course there are magical options, too, like the Lazarus pit.
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in a nutshell :thumbsup: :XD:
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HA! :D A typical day between a dumb blonde and a pro punk, and the trainer's patience feels tested. :D
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Steph in all her glory, I love it :)
I really like the atmosphere you put here, and the body langage. This is a very good depiction of the tree Batgirls.
Man why can't they have their own book? Wouldn't that sell like crazy?
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She be like " i saw 'the karate kid' i got this!"
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Fantastic, really brought a smile to my face.
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I just love the body language in this piece.  Just awesome.
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Stephanie lol, she is funny, wonder what Cass is thinking.
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Coming this fall to the CW : D
"Well, we gave one to Hourman, so why the fuck not?"
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Very good, can you make more?
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LOVE this picture.  Everything about it just brings me joy.  I love the sepia tone, the style, their poses, the faces -- everything.  I love these girls, and the dynamic between them.  They just -- gah, they're so great all three together!

There isn't one thing that I can pick out in particular that I like the MOST because really, it's ALL the things about the picture combined that makes me like it so much.  (Except maybe Steph's face of epic concentration because PFT.  Add the fact that you can't even see Cass''s just, I can't, it's too perfect)

It's a wonderful picture. :heart:
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Though I have to admit, never cared much for Cain except her Black Bat costume, let alone Steph. Babs is the one for me.
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Oh Steph, why are you so adorable?
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3 Batgirls -Batwoman, Oracle and Batgirl
Batmen- Robin, Red Robin, Nightwing, Batman, and Alfred
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