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TC - Chapter 25 - Home

“Triúr!” Thomas sat up with a snap. Shooting himself off of a nice warm bed. The room spun a bit, making Thomas grab his head for sturdiness. “Calm down, Thomas.” Professor Nocturne was there, sitting in a chair beside him. His long white hair, hanging loosely over his shoulders. “Drink this.” Professor Nocturne handed Thomas a warm mug, with a light steam coming off of it. “Triúr,” Thomas looked around, worried about his little three-headed snake. He did see her anywhere on the plain white sheets of the hospital wing. “I'm in the hospital wing?” Thomas said out loud, his mind clicking into what his mind was seeing. “Yes,” Professor Nocturne said, his tone leaving no room to interject. Forcing the mug into Thomas's hands. “The fact that you don't know where you snake is, answers one of my questions.” “She's dead,” Thomas' vision blurred, and his hands shook on the mug. Believing the worst. “She's with your friend Pipa.” Professor Nocturne glared black daggers at him. Thomas wilted

Owl House OC - Ten Jones

Ten Jones “It won’t blow up... this time.” Individual Identification First: Ten - From the first part of tengu, meaning Kappa. Last: Jones - Family took on the name to americanize themselves and help their son blend in. Nickname: Bomb - One day he will blow up the school - many are looking forward to it. Species: River Kappa Gender: Male Birthday: April 17th Sexuality: Bi-curious Age: 14 Family Identification Mother: Yun - Bakes cakes and runs a tea shop. Father: Sasuke - Runs their hobby farm where he grows tea for the family shop. Siblings: None -Yet, mother is 5 months pregnant. Family History Growing up, Ten had a blast. Running wild in the fields from sun up to sun down. He would take seeds and plants from his daily trips, and bring them back to his garden patch. A small little area in the back of the farm, where his father tilled the soil for him. A little worried about being a big brother. Has a few books on parenting that he took from his mother, to make sure he's ready.
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I am a writer. I also spend a great deal of time wondering what my cat just put in her mouth? And if it's worth the bloodbath to get it out...

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stelamorisHobbyist Digital Artist

Thank you for the llama.

Yoo-Min-Hee Digital Artist

Thank you so much for the watch!, i really appreciate it! ♥

psto1464 Writer

Your welcome. Your art is amazing! I will have to commission you soon :heart: For now I will watch ^^

HeyWolfDragonHobbyist Digital Artist

Thank you very much for the watch!

- a fellow Canadian

psto1464 Writer

You're welcome! Canada flag

HeyWolfDragonHobbyist Digital Artist


this sketch Is REALLY rough!

i was just getting a sense of his proportions. Does this seem somewhat like a sketchy, blurry Thomas?


just please note this is as rough as my sketches get!

psto1464 Writer

Looks good for a rough sketch, his hair has a braid on the right side. I can't tell if it's there in a rough sketch. :p Otherwise, continuing on, drawing on! :D

Thanks for keeping me updated!

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