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Critical Moments Y
One day, you're at your house alone. Then, you see you see your friend at your door. You didn't know he was coming over today. He seems very nervous and scared. When you ask him what's wrong, he asks to come in. You both sit on your couch and sit in very unsettling silence. He suddenly asks if you're home alone today. You say yes, and another unsettling silence sets in. Then, he suddenly cries out in fear and passion,
What do you do?
1.) Boys only please. No girls.
2.) No OC's. This is the real you. Respond honestly.
3.) I will ask you constantly if you would really do this. Expect it, and don't whine about it
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Critical Moments X
One day, you're at your house alone. Then, you see you see your friend at your door. You didn't know she was coming over today. She seems very nervous and scared. When you ask her what's wrong, she asks to come in. You both sit on your couch and sit in very unsettling silence. She suddenly asks if you're home alone today. You ay yes, and another unsettling silence sets in. Then, she suddenly cries out in fear and passion,
What do you do?
1.) Girls only please. No boys.
2.) No OC's. This is the real you. Respond honestly.
3.) I will ask you constantly if you would really do this. Expect it, and don't whine about it.
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Swapped! Aoi's Day
    The sun was peaking over the gentle rolling slopes of Iyasu-Tsubasa-Gakuen. In through one of the dormitories, a blonde girl slept relatively peacefully. As sunlight filtered through the drawn curtains, Aoi awoke gently. She sat up with a smile, and gave a small stretch. Her golden locks were an absolute mess, and her eyes still had sleep in them. She turned to the curtains by her bedside and opened them. The bright sunlight was harsh at first, but she grew accustomed to it. Most of the campus was still relatively dark, but the slowly rising sun began to banish the shadows that lay across it.
    The young student through the window open and greeted, "Good morning Iyasu-Tsubasa-Gakuen~!" Her voice echoed off the quiet buildings. Aoi turned away and ran into her shower. She had a good feeling that today was going to be a very good. day...
    Aoi had a funny feeling after lunch. Her belly made some weird noises, but the weren't painful so
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Vice President Bob K. Rockafeller by pst001 Vice President Bob K. Rockafeller :iconpst001:pst001 1 0
The Blind Heiress (RP)
In the world of high class nobles and wealthy billion dollar names, the Bellemonte family is among the most noteworthy and eccentric. Their popularity amongst the public overall is severely lacking, but the aristocratic society knows their name. However, the Bellemonte's are not very open to the world at all really. All that's really known is that they are wealthy and that they take a sizable profit from the stock market each day. Rumor as it though that one of the newest generation of Bellemontes is quite the contributor to humanity. 
    The biggest rumor though is that the family is on a decline. Not in the sense that they are losing money,but rather... they have very little family to bequeath the fortune. Either, way, they are incredibly private, so much so that none can tell a rumor from a fact.
    Pick a Prompt:
A.) You are a butler who is out of a job. Apparently, your most recent employer's stock
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Chibi-in-a-Box: BONUS
For those new to this RP, click here to see the original. The following prompt is an idea I never got around to doing. So, without further ado...
    Conventions. They vary from events as big as Comic-con to small community college conventions. Nevertheless, they attract a large amount of people. You attend one that's somewhere in the middle. As you buy your ticket in, the seller offers to sigh  you up for a giveaway. Since it's free, you think "why not?" and enter into the prize giveaway. Apparently, some big company from japan (judging from the name) is trying to promote it's newest product. You have never heard of the company but you probably won't win anyway...
    You see a stage where many people are gathered around. Some security guards usher you onstage where, sitting on a small platform, is a... a doll...&
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Mature content
Susan's Confidence Booster Writing Prompt Day 2 :iconpst001:pst001 0 0
Mature content
Susan's Confidence Booster Writing Prompt Day 1 :iconpst001:pst001 0 7
New Gym in Town
In the world of pokemon, children of all ages set out at age ten to become trainers. Some wish and train to become masters; Others seek to discover themselves and their role in the world.* In any case, pokemon and people have an intertwined destiny no matter what road is chosen, or what victories may be achieved. Some trainers seek many different kinds of pokemon, others like certain kinds. Most trainers though are happy to be with their pokemon. Some hope for grand adventure, and even more hope to aspire to become a gym leader, or even champion. 
    You are a trainer who found a poster advertising a grand opening for a new gym nearby. With your curiosity piqued, you decide to check it out. You could be a hardcore battle veteran with more gym badges than many others or you could be a new trainer just starting out in their journey with your partners, or maybe your a mix in between.* In any case, you hear of a gy
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The Place Nobody Knows Pt. 1
"I've... been having these weird feelings lately..."
"Like... Where am I...? Where am I going?"
"But... I'm not alone... I am not alone..."
    "... lice...! Alice!" Ulicia's voice called. The blonde woke up with a reluctant and bleary gaze. Her eyes met with the red head's for a brief moment. Alice stared for a few moments before laying her head back down.
    "Oh, come on!" Ulicia groaned as she stood up, much to Alice's displeasure. "It's the middle of the afternoon! Wake up!"
    "Ulicia..." Alice mumbled while rubbing her eye. "I was sleeping... Can't I get a nap?"
    "You can't sleep now! We gotta prepare for tonight!" The red head exclaimed as Alice shook off the drowsiness. "Don't you remember?"
    "Um..." Alice began, while thinking back. The red head, wearing her summer attire, minus footwear, waited patiently for her friend. It was not an unusual moment, as Alice was a bit slow to things. "Hmm
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Mature content
A very short Rp from another site. :iconpst001:pst001 0 0
Mature content
On Your Doorstep... (Vore RP) :iconpst001:pst001 2 36
Informal Aoi

                            One day, in your humdrum, monotonous life, you come home to find some girl lying on your bed, reading a book. She wears a simple pink and white dress, white knee socks covering slender legs that are kicking idly in the air and a white bow in her hair. She seems to have a natural blush on her cheeks constantly. Her socks are not exactly straight. They seem to have scrunched downward with one sock flopping about with each lackadaisical kick. Her chest is flat and her rump is only slightly curved. You can't really tell how old she is, and she doesn't seem to notice your approach. You're pretty sure you left the door locked, but the mystery of how she got into your home was solved by a small breeze. She
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Mature content
Taste of the Lotus :iconpst001:pst001 1 9
The Neighbor
    Your life is like an anime. No, you didn't exactly have ridiculous powers or a giant robot. To specify, you're life is like a slice of life anime. Your parents sent you to a very good private school far away from your own neighborhood. You have your own apartment with all essentials paid off, like electricity, and running water. Anything extra has to come out of your own pocket, but that was pretty much the extent of your worries. You got very good grades in addition to having a very good relationship with the school faculty. Life was easy... No real responsibilities... except...
    To explain, you had a neighbor who happened to be in a similar situation. They even went to your school, although they were fairly new. You saw them on occasion, but never really hung out with them. However, that was going to change. Just about when you were going to sleep, you hear a knock on your door.
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Surprise! Chibi-doll-in-a-box!
One day at your home, (apartment, shack, house, etc. You choose.) you find a strange box on your doorstep. It has small hole poked in the top, and seemed to shift about...
You carefully bring it inside and open the lid up with caution. It could be a bomb for all you know...
    1.) No short answers! No exceptions. I've been keeping track of multiple offenders... 
    2.) Chibi's are randomly generated. No specifics.
    3.) Please give your character a name and the specifics of his/her home.
    4.) Prepare to have all the diabetes!!! Yay!
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Susan and Gabby McAllistar
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Hi there! I'm Susan! I'm the blonde.
Hey. I'm Gabby. I'm the brunette.

This is my DA Family:

Kind, but kinky Mother :iconserenityaurum:
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Twin sister who isn't Evil at all. :paranoid: :iconsup3rh0m0:
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Insanely cute chibi half-brother :iconkirby1250:
Mischievous pokemon friend :iconshodukai-kunoichi:

Wonderfully awesome and amazing girlfriend and fiancé: Gabby

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In any of you were wondering, I'm here to make sure nothing goes wrong. What do I mean? Well... Susan is suffering from a ery harsh depression. She gets on here almost obsessively and really does care about everyone on here. So please just watch what you say and have fun!
Good morning... or it's morning for me and it is good. Gabs and I are happy about the gay marriage thing, but... she isn't happy about the gas tax.

Enough about them politics and witchcraft! Let's talk about new married life! So, I'm now officially Gabby's hostage. She won't let me leave the house! JK, she just won't let me work XD. I'm also going to try my hand at culinary school because... I like food. Which reminds me; I'm gaining a little weight. I'm not lumpy fat which I have to thank yoga for. It's s funny though! Like, Gabby laughs at me when I'm doing it and I used to get upset till she showed me pictures and omg! I've never see myself so funny looking.

On another note, Gabbs is getting, err... how do I say this... She's getting really clingy, and I love it!!! XD Maybe I have Stockholms or something, but when she gets home, she always wants to cuddle me on the couch. I always let her too because snuggles are good.

Should I start writing vore ficton, and/or weight gain stories? I'm asking you, the people because... well... I won't to know what makes you happy. Anyways, leave your answer in the comments. bye for now!


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