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I have an itch, and it's to commission some li'l pixel .gifs of my character(s). But I also don't hang around here often enough to remember who I watch that does that kind of thing.

So if you do, please remind me. Or point me to one of your friends?
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From whence are you.

In other news, we tend to have a better chance at interacting on Tumblr.
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How do I fix it.
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Do you have any idea how many times in a given DAY someone reblogs art of Alan from me, and I go to their blog and it's just my drawing nestled among a bunch of photos of gay bears with their... let's say, butts out.

I think I have accidentally found my niche.
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Yet again I am tempted to comment "why does this have a DD", except this time it's on my own work. WHICH ONE OF YOU BASTARDS DID THIS. HA HA. HAPPY FRICKIN' FALL-APRIL FOOLS.

The exposure is nice, though. It's not even 9 AM and I've already had to clear a ton of "LOL nice"s from my inbox.
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I've been uniquely bad at/mistrusting of my own words these last couple weeks, MIGHT HAVE A BRAIN TUMOR, no not really, at least I've got no medical indication of it, I don't know.

So I'll keep this simple.

You: 1. Pick a subject you wanna develop-- paint, draw or write, every day for a month.

2. Post proof every day on LiveJournal or OPTIONALLY, your Tumblr.

3. OPTIONALLY, submit the link to the community Tumblr account (I think) so more people see it (because LiveJournal is now effectively your grandma's blogging site, and not even grandma's friends read her moody ramblings on gardening or whatever, just Russian spambots).

4. Stick with it.

5. Reward yourself with love and fame and unending worship, maybe some new art buddies, and 30 days' worth of a job well done.

Does that make sense? It went over well when I did it with the Czars in 2010, so I'm trying it again this year. You really get to know people like this. Form alliances. Make a shiv out of something entertaining. It's like an arts and crafts prison.
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  • Drinking: nope…

I just need to keep a log of this, it's the first time it's ever happened to me. Though hopefully not the last!

Oh my god I am laughing my ass off.
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I've always been curious about commissioning somebody to draw me some gore.

Are you or do you know someone who's up for that?

Nothing for now, I'm just making a list.
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I'm having a blast in Animation I so far.

CHEQUE IT OUT, if you don't do so regularly already.…
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I don't know, I just wanted to be different.
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I'm just going to point you to this.

I tried.
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This morning I realized that, contrary to previous thinking, I do have role models. So I made a list of them. I highly recommend making one for yourself, it's a fantastically frightening experience.

No I'm not going to tell you who they are, because I'm expecting the list to grow a little over time. You aren't on there, I promise. You could count them on one hand, though, if you have somewhere around the conventional number of fingers. And I think the last person on there might just be a really close runner-up.

So anyway, I had this list in front of me. Then I saw they have a lot in common:

1. They all violently inspire me. Of course.
2. I don't know any of them personally.
3. They're all alive.
4. They're all men. Which is just incidental, I'm sure.
5. They create. That sounds like the motivational posters on the walls in the studios every cliche art kid or typography nut, but that's all I can call it. They make shit. Lots of different kinds of shit, too. Consuming other people's shit is secondary.
6. They're pure personalities. Sometimes funny, generally intelligent, always unapologetically making things that are true to them, even if their way of doing things isn't fantastically popular. But extra points if it is.
7. More than one of them refuses to drink or do drugs.
8. Most of them have great hair.
9. If someone gave me a chance to trade lives with them, I would actually consider it for a second.

I want to be as much like these dudes as possible. Create, make exactly what I want and hope it's maybe something people will like me for. Or fear, I'm perfectly okay with fear. And I already have great hair. But I'm keeping my lady parts. I'd say I'm doing okay so far!

10. They're all at least marginally accomplished in music. …Uhhh. Hm.

I'll think about it. Anyway, yes! If you haven't already examined who makes you want to be what you want to be, definitely do.

After I wrote this list, I was euphoric. I was looking at the world with fresh eyes, seeing amazing potential in everything around me. I was almost floating doing errands on campus. Then I actually heard people talk and got cynical again and ate french fries as a meal. But still! That was a really nice, inspired 20 minutes.

And I think some of it's still there.
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Hey, can anyone name me some interesting-looking celebrities? By "interesting" I mean "funny-lookin' or otherwise fun to draw".

My first thought was Iwan Rheon cos I've been catching up on Misfits lately, but I think I should go for someone who's more famous in the states. come to live in your desolate downtown and probably never go outside.

Going back tomorrow to get ready for school. My internet-relevant to-do list is full of caricature trades, I'm trying to clear time to get them done! Also on my to-do list is to apologize for all the Czar violence you may have noticed coming out of me these past few months.

It's been rather lukewarm in my opinion, but I know most of you didn't follow me for that. (I have gained quite a few creepy admirers over it, though, so that's lovely. And I'm not being facetious, there.)

School tends to sap my personal-project-developing time, so unless there's a "design a sympathy card you'd give as in apology for maiming someone's daughter" assignment I haven't heard about, I probably won't be submitting much of Al and family until next summer.

Also, only two years left of art school? Shit on my birthday. I want to stay here foreverrrrraaarrghhh
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You draw me, I draw you!

I feel like I don't draw enough variety in people, so I'd like to practice on you fine squirming children of the internet. And I'd love to see what your impressions of my moderately-fortunate facial structure are.

If you want to trade, send me a few photos of you, and in return you see what you can do with these:
- Some vacation photos and
- anything you find on my Twitpic.
There are some good ones in there, I'm sure.

I want to get as many people as possible for this! I need something to do during breaks at work.
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So I got asked what I want for my birthday today.

Oh right, THAT. That. I hadn't really been thinking about it, except with a vague sense of dread. That's still... happening, apparently.

I don't want to be 20. I feel like that's when you get your complimentary coffin-and-sunscreen-pack delivered straight to your door, because you're officially internet-undead. I half-expect 15-year-olds from Tumblr to skulk to my bedside on that damned eve, twirling wooden stakes in their adorably summer-coiffed hair.

That's why I need you to cheer me up with energetic, (preferably semi-obscure) music, if you got it! Happy or angry or whatever other emotion there is, I don't really care!

As long as it's not dawdling in the bike lane, if you know what I mean.
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Even MORE words from me? Oh no. Don't worry, it's just a few.

First, just a few days left to sign up for the June section of ARTSLAM. In case anyone's been putting it off. You know you want to!

And second, I just want to point you to a few of the stand-out CCAD illustrators on DA that I don't follow just to get my giggles from. In no particular order, people I remember right now:

:iconrowkey: :iconporkchop89: :icondimensionwolf: :iconectmonster:
:iconwestalbott: :iconwolfborne: :iconmissyzoe: :iconspeedlight:
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Oh-hooooh, guess what's back on this summer!


DO IT, if you love me. The idea is to pick a story, universe, project, theme, whatever, and draw one thing relevant to it every day for a month. I've seen people just use it just to work on anatomy, even. It's a great exercise and helps you get your work out there in front of people who are just as interested in worldbuilding and improving as you are.

If you don't already know, I was in it last year for two months and used it to explain the Czars a bit. My entries are here.

I'm (crazy regretfully) probably not going to participate this year-- I have a lot of travel plans. But I will be keeping an eye on it because this thing is just a hideous, writhing orgy of ideas and art and really nice people. You can do July and August, too, but June is generally the busiest.

Sign up for this month before May 31st and let me know, I'd love to see what a lot of you could come up with!

I'm going to try to draw one thing every day for 2011. I'm confident, maybe more than I should be.
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I did a sketch post! For you!

And I am hell-bent on spreading it everywhere I can, and then rubbing it like a grape juice stain permanently into the antique rugs of your brains with the fat fingers of an incompetent maid.………