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hello! :wave:

it's time for...


a monthly art feature for my favourite artworks Heart

i select them from notes sent to /i can't tell you-it's a SECRET/, and they maybe will chose those wonderful pieces for /i can't tell you-it's a SURPRISE/


Tendre by CBedford
Tea by CBedford
The Pacifist Fist by CBedford Bauhinia by escume ABA :BLOODSTONE: by CBedford
Serendipity by escumeLantana by escume
Beyond Nightfall 2 by YumeNouveau
Living room and kitchen by arsenixcRoom by arsenixc
Playing with sunshine by viki-vaki
Lugansk, Lenin st by dismwork autumn park in Kyiv by dismwork
Concrete Blunderpuss and the Failed Ray of the Sun by jhoneil
One Punch pixel Man ANIMATED by IgorWolski
Meteora cover 3 issue by arsenixc Soldier76 by Guzzardi
August by escume
Swarm by escume
Vein by escume Duo by escume Bramble by escume
The Garden Inside by agnes-cecile
Times Garden on Kepler by Tohad The Reward by Tohad
Springfield Memories - The Simpsons Movie 2 by Tohad
Fukisarashi no Shevi by oro-p
Run summer by Hangmoon Fairyland by Hangmoon
Sunstone cosplay - Lisa and Ally by Linamohl
Foxy eye by scarlet-moon1
Hansel and Gretel by scarlet-moon1 Sugar rush! by scarlet-moon1
Moomin and Snufkin by scarlet-moon1 The little prince by scarlet-moon1
Corspe Bride by scarlet-moon1 The little mermaid by scarlet-moon1
The power of words by scarlet-moon1

Look On The Bright Side by artistwilder
friends by da-bu-di-bu-dacheese mouse by da-bu-di-bu-da
Karasu Tengu by AdamaSto
Tokyo street by arsenixc
The Last Days of Sun by Tohad Call Me by oro-p
Starry Night Ride by thefreshdoodle We're True Detectives by thefreshdoodle
nonexistent sky by cyberkolbasaFuturistic Apartment by WojtekFus
Sapphire Shimmer Wings and Aura Quartz Necklace by KristenJarvisARTWhite Patina Cluster by YouniquelyChic
Galaxies by FrozenNote

Elwing sketh by kimberly80
354 by diegoidef
364 by diegoidef 232 by diegoidef
196 by diegoidef 315 by diegoidef
The Hot Air Genie and Her Spouse by richardcgreen
Sadness is My Single Fortune - Oil Painting by borda Follow me... oil painting on canvas by borda
fusion by veroklotz Riots in Gezi by chyhy
Words Like Smoke by manfishincWhen I die I'm alive by SaraEss
The Black Cat by yuumei
Water Lilies by SauleslejaLilac by Saulesleja
End Of The Line by NanoMortis
Wherever You Go ... by NanoMortis
Sweet Ice by webang111 Happy New Year 2014 by Tohad Gerbera Red by webang111
November by escume
Punishment 2 by viki-vaki New ideas by viki-vaki
Feel and Conquer by yuumei
Side by GUWEIZ
Storm Cloud At Sunset by Hangmoon
11.2 km/s by GUWEIZ Delivery Service by GUWEIZ
This is the life on MARS by Hangmoon

Forest by Kevin-GlintCountry Side by Kevin-Glint
The Captain by SineAlas
Field of Dreams by yuumei
Liberate by yuumei Above the Lights by yuumei
The second tomorrow by Zudartslee
Displace by escume Aerial by escume
Spoiled Princess by VladislavPantic
Escape by GUWEIZ
- Commission - Two witches - by Losenko
Bolt by escume Soul Breather by escume
Fan art G-Dragon  ^.^. by eagleDB
Howl's room by illustoryart
Flyleaf- Fire Fire by manfishinc
Kaneki Ken by PlanetM710 Disconnect by omniscientbongos
Sexy Boy by jesusromeroSexy Boy by jesusromero
Smoke and Coffee by zephy0
Starlight Night by Duh22
Forest House by VladislavPantic Trace of time by 13PaVel
you shouldn't be here by meningslost
Night street by dismwork III by monochrome-21

Te Revoir by veroklotz
 Fragil by jesusromero
 Wake Up by Saimain
At the Edge of the World's End [07] (English) by RenRou At the Edge of the World's End [03] (English) by RenRou
Bagoas by thebandThe Prince Of Midnight by VladislavPantic
COMMISSION | ARES by alexzappaFlight from Thangarodrim by jyongyi
wild. by Notesz
acidelta by god-headwindow by god-head
Eve, Guardian of the Rooftops by TheObliviousOwl Kindled by navate
Desert Ranger by anndr
Uzumaki by navate First Little Steps by Cher-Ro Protect Me From What I Want by Cher-Ro

Siren by Gyossaith
Ezra, Guardian of the Waste by TheObliviousOwl
January - Bloody Will Graham fanart calendar by theseavoices

Moleskine 13 by manfishinc
283 by diegoidef
Receiver by Miles-JohnstonWound by Miles-JohnstonThought Loops by Miles-Johnston
return.? by weremoon
beyond by weremoon valkyrja by weremoon
No pain just graphite by DalfaArt Snow hawks by DalfaArt
TT by xuh
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Such beautiful art, thanks for thinking mine is worthy to be up there with the rest (it's really not tho...)