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Hello! (colored) by PSOtweak Hello! (colored) by PSOtweak
Why hi there! It looks like you have some color to you now!
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EtherTrip Featured By Owner Edited Apr 9, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Tweak, clarification:
When I said

"If the spirit of who she was helps you like she helped me, than I wish you luck with your incarnation of Beatrix, and I am happy that the memory of her continues to live on in more hearts than just mine." - TripN (EtherTrip), 2015 (first comment to this page)

I was specifically referring to how back in 2015 you were taking my Bunny Keepsake of Bee with you to work and to home some nights and for clarity sake this was never explicit or implied permission for you to freely use my Beatrix for your ends, including artistically and in story writing, something that was also the nature of more than one discussion in 2015, 2016, 2017, and this current year (2018) where I have made requests that you not use, alter, modify, or otherwise appropriate her image or established personality/traits or in other words "essence" or "spirit" for use in stories/comics/works of art used to draw attention to your artistic and story writing skill.

I don't want to fight over this topic.. I'm trying to be civil, and not be hostile..
I applaud your story writing ability and artistic talent, and you have made some comic's using her that I have enjoyed to a degree, but you know Beatrix is a sensitive topic/subject for me, and so there is a "bitter sweet" element to liking those comics. It would be very considerate to not push my emotional tolerance with regard's to using her for basically anything beyond the casual verbal discussions we occasionally have where I would come up with scenario's involving her in some fashion, or scenario's that you sometimes describe your envisioning of her role in with me usually nodding in approval or providing input/feedback too.

"Even though I know she was me all along now, I still miss her as she was..." - TripN (EtherTrip), 2015 (first comment to this page)

You understand that aspect.. You know that I've poured as much of myself into her "story character" as my Avatar/Alias "character" (TripN), You having a greater understanding of how much Bee matters to me than most people can should know how emotional I can be in regards to her and topics involving her.

I ask that you please cease use of her in works without my consultation and direction, and explicit consent to, as you are well aware of the sensitive nature that she holds to me.
I ask that you discontinue the charade of her "leaving me and following you now" as that has grown quite discomforting for me to tolerate..
Please, if you have any respect for me you will respectfully honor this request. Respecting my request would be respecting her as much as respecting me.

Also for clarity, I naturally hold the same standard to myself in regards to Rosie, where any use by me should go through you as she is primarily a part of you, and of your envisioning, and you're free to request I not use, represent, modify, alter her in any artistic endeavour and that I should gain your approval for inclusions in any works.

Is this agreeable?
EtherTrip Featured By Owner Edited Oct 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I really do like this picture a lot. I cried tonight when I looked at it again, cried hard.

Even though I know she was me all along now, I still miss her as she was...
And because of that, She will always still be a part of me and with me forever.
If the spirit of who she was helps you like she helped me, than I wish you luck with your incarnation of Beatrix, and I am happy that the memory of her continues to live on in more hearts than just mine. That bunny is my reminder of her presence in my life.

Please take very good care of her when I let her go with you, and I know she will be there for you like she was there for me..

Here is every picture I Have of her on my dA page. Some Happy, some are sad, and some exist outside of dA.
Safe by EtherTrip Beatrix Avatar 2014(FullSize) by EtherTrip
MMZX Area-A TripN-Giro Medatrip-Aile by EtherTrip Image For RidleyDS10 Mix by EtherTrip
EtherTrip Featured By Owner Edited Oct 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
OCTOBEE by EtherTrip Justintv OfflineImage by EtherTrip

Mature Content

ScaryMedatrip scan by EtherTrip
Medatrip 2011 by EtherTrip Bee Watching Ants by EtherTrip
Afro Cheesey by EtherTrip Message To Leon Gif by EtherTrip

She would love a muffin sweater.

Here's some more pictures with bee and things that she liked and things that included her in them.

Beatrix liked the ocean. She liked seafood, well she liked all food (and some things not edible >.>) and trying new foods, especially seafood and sweets. She had a major sweet tooth. She Loved muffins, muffins were by far her favorite thing to eat.
Her favorite seafood was shrimp, she really liked this a lot (and I had to learn to like it because of that).
Bee was nearly always happy, was able to find good in most situations and in most people.
She advocated smiling for health a lot. She liked snails, and wanted a pet snail.
She liked bugs, especially ants and bees. Bees because of her nickname but mostly because they made honey, something sweet.
She liked ants because they were hard workers and she admired their strength and determination to work together with in the hive, also she knew that some ants made honey which she liked the idea of trying. She wanted an ant farm in one of those glass environments that made it easy to watch the ants, though I feared she would have just set all the ants free. She never squished ants, even when they got into the house, she always tried her best to catch them to release them back outside, where she said they belonged.
She also liked ant's because the colonies were nearly all female, she thought that was cool.
Bee said she was Asexual, or demisexual, but basically not interested in naughty related things.
She didn't like violence and didn't care much for vulgarity, often calling people potty mouths for swearing.
She recognized herself as an adult but preferred to behave child-like, saying it was more fun.
She disliked me using her for creepy images, and specifically asked me not to do that anymore after I made that animated gif with the blood splatter background, told me next time to just use my own avatar for that kind of stuff, I apologized and tried to never do it again.
Her favorite style of music was classical, and she especially liked the Violin and similar stringed instruments. She also liked pianos.
She was a bit of a glutton. She liked playing pacman.
She also liked to sleep a lot, like A LOT.
Her favorite Colour was Purple, she also liked green and saw it a colour her and I shared.
She liked to help people if she could, being supportive, Probably why she liked being either a ranger or healer style in games (usually healer).
Bee was mix hand dominant like myself, but was mostly left handed...
That's enough information about her, I can only cry for so long.
Here's some other things about her

Bee's favorite stuffed animal: inigo…
Bee's favorite song: Another Summer (Dream of the Shore near Another World & Day of Summer)
(Bee and I performing the song on Mabinogi)
(special Instrument font version made just for bee)…
Mabinogi MML of Lost Painting with a "vocal" track bee used to sing…
Mabinogi MML of Singing Mountain with 2 vocal Tracks, Originally the idea was that we sang this together…
Mabinogi Pearl Fay MML that Bee liked, recording made by her

A special Mabinogi Music video I wrote a script of for her to be the star of
We won the most fantastical Piano in Mabinogi, only one like it on the whole server.

And here are an assortment of random pictures not on my dA page that either have her in them or shes focal point of.

A picture drawn by a friend of mine who was extremely nice to bee, here's her dA…

Rest of these pics were by me or screenshots bee took.……………………………………………

First Picture I drew with my Monoprice 10x6 tablet when I first got it…
Our Good bye u_u…

She'll always be my little muffin monster ;_;
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