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The Legend of Boruta
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Published: March 31, 2008
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The year is 1939; Nazi Germany has recently invaded Poland, and many small towns and villages have already become victims of the German raid. A regiment of Nazi soldiers arrive upon a small church nestled in the sprawling wheat fields surrounding the small town of Leczyca. As they enter the church grounds, a low-ranking soldier is ordered into the catacombs deep beneath the church to search for valuables and items of historical and cultural significance for appropriation. Reluctantly, the young soldier heads down, and discovers he has been tainted by the stolen goods, further building the Legend of Boruta.


A short film (approximately ten minutes in length) centered around Boruta - an archaic creature who guards treasures deep within the catacombs of Poland - as he is confronted by unwelcome visitors during the German occupation of Poland amidst World War II. "The Legend of Boruta" is an animated grad-film project by Bartek Nowakowski, completed in April 2007 at the Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design (Vancouver, BC). The concept of the film is derived from an old Polish legend that originates from the small town of Leczyca, Poland. The town - consequently, also Bartek's home town - though small, is saturated with old churches, cathedrals, art, architecture, stories and legends, all of which have inspired him to create his first film, The Legend of Boruta.


-WINNER- 2 ELAN Awards for the Electronic and Animated Arts in "Best Film" and "Ready to Rocket" | Vancouver, Canada
-WINNER- Grand Prize Winner Electronic Arts Reveal '07 | EA Canada, Burnaby BC
-WINNER- President's Media Arts Award | Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver BC
-STASH 38 DVD Magazine Feature


--Toronto After Dark Film Festival | Toronto, Canada
--Toronto International Film Festival Student Showcase | Toronto, Canada
--A Night of Horror International Film Festival | Sydney, Australia
--Mauvais Genre' International Film Festival | France
--A Night of Horror Film Festival | Beecroft, Australia
--Barrie Film Festival | Barrie, Ontario
--Emily Carr Media Arts Festival | Vancouver, Canada


-Autodesk 3D Studio Max (core modeling, lighting and animation)
-Pixelogic Zbrush (displacement and normal map generation)
-Adobe Photoshop (textures and post work)
-Adobe After Effects (post work)
-Adobe Premiere (video editing)
-Adobe Audition (sound editing)
-Propellerhead Reason (music production)

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Wehrmacht Army soldier.  Guilty of Article 9, Paragraph 12, Sub-Section J.  The infraction of being "Out of Uniform".  He had two German Army Eagle Decals on his helmet.  The Eagle Decal only goes on the left side of the helmet.  The right side has the Ti-Color Shield Decal.  He also had a non-regulation flash light.  Ther German issue flash light is small, and square.  It has a circle shaped light on the front of the square flashlight.  It is normally warn hanging from the left upper pocket on the uniform jacket.  The Bread Bag was also non-regulation with the Cross of Malta Iron Cross on it.  It shouldn't have had the cross.  He failed to report back to his commander.  He should have been put on report.  Shot, or latter sent to the Russian Front as punishment.
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C4DFX|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congrats on all those awards well deserved!! Awesome Film!! Really, everything about it; Animation, Lighting, Effects, Music great job!
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chrissar17|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow! This short film packs a wallop! The story build-up keeps the audience glued to their seats, anxious of what will happen in the end.
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heshers|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No proszę, nie wiedziałam, że ktoś moje miasto tak świeżo wziął na warsztat. Groza!
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JasonSwisher|Hobbyist General Artist
WOW so much to learn from and to understand. I think I know how you did somethings but other things I am wondering. Would you please send me a note on how you achieved some of the effects in the scene?
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DigiPhic|Professional Digital Artist
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LeBarde|Student Digital Artist
cant breathe...too scary o.o
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LeBarde|Student Digital Artist
Gorgeous! Just Gorgeous!
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That creature reminds me of the Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth.
Phenomenal work! clap remake 1b 
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Tilliance|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh gosh.. I am at the edge of my chair right now, this is just mind blowing!
I can't take my eyes off of this Short Film ;A; Very creepy as well~ Nicely done
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Rhyn-Art| General Artist
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Now that was a really amazing piece of work. Everything was great but the sounds and such really pulled me in. I couldn't stop watching this video. I would recommend it to others and it would be awesome to have a dvd with this on it.
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Hisashi1988|Professional Interface Designer

Freakn awesome, Had me glued to the computer for the entire thing.


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Aseika|Hobbyist Digital Artist
impressive the dust and things in the air made the place look very eerie and that thing that turned that guy the way it did was an awesome effect. not every day a monster doesn't have to chase you down to do something. all he had to do was look at you and your doom was certain. the music added to the scariness of the whole thing a great touch. but poor guy he was just following orders. and at the end of this flick you know why there is piles of dust everywhere. not just any dust piles :D
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kilah234|Hobbyist General Artist
This was so scary. It reminds me of one of those scary games like Slenderman. (~'v')~
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CamaelTheAngel|Student Digital Artist
This kind of reminds me of when Quirrel 'disolves' in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.
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Jesteś genialny. GENIALNY.
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Wow... just wow. I can tell you I was just waiting for something to happen, holding my breath actually. This was amazing and even tho there was no talking except for the little bit at the begging the story lacked nothing.
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MsBrock|Student General Artist
Wow... Haven't seen anything that brilliant before!
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im too scared to continue watching. awesome details btw, too awesome..!
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Great! Check out the short film "Dark Horse", it is absolutely amazing! [link]
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i find it more strange that they would send a lone soldier, unarmed, into the catacombs for the whole night without any backup or anything.

could have been polish soldiers hiding down there, or partisans.

normal behaviour is to sweep the catacombs with a patrol and secure it.
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Hiniaa|Hobbyist Digital Artist
omg, zarąbista robota! Super zobaczyć w ogólnych popularnych tak dobrą, polską robotę ;__; meh so proud
I wgl aż się zaciekawiłam, idę o tym poczytać!
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that's suck!
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