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Epic Battle Fantasy 5 Monster Proposal



Literally just whipped this up in like....15 minutes. And obviously it's shitty and VERY unrefined.
So since my writing is illegible and my drawing suuuucks, I'll just describe it here.
Name: Have no clue yet.
Creature Type: Mummy
Basic description: A pseudo-corpse made up of what could really only be described as raw ground beef wrapped in old bandages. The only prominent features it has are the bandages it uses for arms, a lone eye, and a gaping maw that reveals itself only after the being is harmed. It uses something between psychic powers and cursed magic to control it's 'arms' to take any form it wishes to harm those who come across it......But literally, it looks like someone tried to make a sculpture out of ground beef and scotch tape.
-While in it's normal state, it can use it's 'arms' to slap the characters, causing Blindness or Poison. This attack does weak damage.
-While in it's normal state, it can also use magic to summon anything from a coffin to a battering ram to target one character for massive damage. While it has a semi-low accuracy, this attack has the potential to punt your character into the back-up slot and bring a different character out in turn. You know, like the move Roar in Pokemon.
-It's last move in the normal state would be for it to call for back up if it's alone. Like bats or the floating eyeballs or something.

-After it's been attacked, the creature immediately gets an attack boost and it shows its mouth with rows of teeth along with it's one orange/yellow eye. In this state, it can now glare at the party and can give everyone paralysis, an attack debuff, or cast Doom.
-Another attack in this state would be for it to roll up it's bandages into drills and stab a character multiple times. Each for small damage.
-Or to make a large fist and punch one character. For medium damage.
-OR to grab a character, lift them up, and slam them back down. For a lot of damage.

This enemy would likely be a Dark or Earth enemy, and would be weak to Holy, Fire (bandages man. Real flammable.), and Bomb.
It would likely have resistances to Poison and Doom, but be weak to Burn or Silence.

Over all, I think it would be a semi-weak enemy, but it would have high evasiveness and attack to make up for it, as well as the potential for casting Doom or Paralysis that will mess up the group. Again, sorry for the sloppy drawing, but I hope it can be considered as a monster for the game.
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Very interesting concept, I like! Even if I don't play the game, seems pretty awesome!