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Watermark Photoshop Action

Hello people!

:bulletyellow: My portfolio:

This Photoshop Action is packed with 9 possible watermarks, as seen in the preview image. It uses different blending options and the result depends on the background, so be sure to try the different effects to achieve the best result. It was made with Photoshop 7.0, so it should work with the newer versions as well.

:bulletorange: Installing Action:
1. Go to: PhotoshopFolder > Presets > Photoshop Actions
2. Paste the .ATN file there
3. In photoshop go to the actions tab, press the small arrow at the right of the panel and select the action from there.

Stock Image: [link]
By ~absense-stock

At the beginning of the action there's a Read Me step. Please read that first and if you still have any doubts you can post here and i'll reply as soon as possible. :reading:

I hope you find it useful ^^

:bulletblue: :bulletblue:
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I've always had trouble creating layers. But I found a simple solution. The first way is to create a layer with text. This is a great way for watermarks that contain words. You can write your name or your company name. Here you have the option to adjust the transparency you think you want. If you don't know how to add a watermark to a photo, check out the free PC app. Try changing the blending mode to make your watermark look the way you want it to. To add the © symbol, press "option+g" on a Mac, or "Alt+0169" on a PC. The second option helped me since I don't own an Apple tech and never have. You can use photoshop but it has its own quirks.

excellent travail

Thank You so much :)

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Hello!  It says the link is broken.
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It seems to be working for me without a problem. Try clicking the download button at the top right again and see if it's solved. Maybe there was a problem with dA's servers when you tried to download before.
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Where on this page is the download for watermarks?
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It's wonderful friend. You have saved couple of my hours. :)
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Glad it helped :)
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Thanks, this was really helpful!
Looks like a great action.  Will give full review after first use.  Thanks
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Hope it helps :)
HI PSNick - would you expect this to work in Photoshop Elements 10?
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I haven't used Photoshop elements but i am aware it does use actions, so it probably works. You can give it a try, it's a very small download.
thank you nice one
Ok, I do it.... ciaoooo
How can I download the action?
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I like this action.  I had to do some reading on how to change the text, but once I figured it out, it came in really handy.  It creates a more non intrusive watermark that I used to make on my own.  Thank you for sharing this.
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I'm glad it helped :)
where do I find the .atn?
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Inside the zip file you can download from this page.
i pasted the .ATN file in the Actions folder but i cant find it in the actions tab..Using CS6..any help???
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You can use the View menu to enable the actions panel. It should appear right next to the canvas. You can drag & drop the action there for it to work.

Good luck!
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