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[DAZ3D] - Cookie?

Since you want to read a book in peace and relaxed and then you are so "disturbed" and asked if you also want a cookie. Cookie 


Additional info:
Today there is belatedly still a Christmas motif. My best friend :icondarkgothiclolita: has this year, exceptionally got hers own motif as a greeting card.:) (Smile) 

Here, dForce has once again driven me crazy: Sweater, blanket that falls down and is additionally pressed down by the Christmas girl and the dress. Had to correct quite a bit with the MeshGrabber. Am not happy with details of the pose, but after much of the physics calculation was finally calculated without explosions, I did not want to do it again.I think I've fainted. 

The blanket is unfortunately only a simple plane in that case, I had tried a few real "blankets" but it never really wanted to work unfortunately. For that the poses with counterpressure from below and above are then a bit extreme.

And yes, that is a gingerbread man in her mouth and as an earring.;) (Wink) 


Other motifs with the girls:
[DAZ3D] - Kiss  (Bloom into you) by PSK-Photo [DAZ3D] - The first overnight stay by PSK-Photo [DAZ3D] - School by PSK-Photo [DAZ3D] - Sakura by PSK-Photo [DAZ3D] - Cozy weekend by PSK-Photo [DAZ3D] - Sleeping beauties by PSK-Photo


Models & Assets by Daz3D etc.
Composing, render (Iray) & postwork by me

Tools: Daz3d Studio 4.15 & Photoshop CC
Instagram | ArtStation
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Viele coole Details, auch wenn dich dForce genervt hat. Es hat sich auf jeden Fall gelohnt!

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Trotz aller schwierigen Umstände beim Simulieren der dForce Sachen.... der Star für mich ist hier die Katze! Die "Höh? Was passiert hier gerade" - Pose ist perfekt! Oh du Vierdimensionaler!

PSK-Projekt4D's avatar

Ja, deren Hund hat nicht mehr ins Bild gepasst. :D Aber die Katze mit Stranded Based Hair ist zwar nicht so geil wie Hirewire mit LAMH, aber hatte damit noch kein Absturz... LAMH nervte mich am Ende nur noch.

Na ja, dass ist halt der wundervoll "kreative" Name, den ich 2017 für mein beginnendes 3D Projekt auf Facebook und Instagram verwendet habe. Damals als ich noch primär mit Cinema4D und auch viel Animationen (4te Dimension als Zeit) gemacht habe. Hatte aber nie gedacht, dass das so eskaliert und daher kein separaten DA Account angelegt, was ein großer Fehler war. Nun habe ich neulich den größten Teil meiner Fotos aus der Zeit mit "fast keine Watcher" gelöscht und da ich noch 1 Tag ne geschenkte CORE habe, habe ich jetzt einfach mal den Namen an die ganzen anderen Profile angeglichen.

Ne Freundin wollte immer PSK-Art als Überbegriff, aber ich finde Art immer so "hochgestochen", ich mach Bilder, aber es als Kunst zu bezeichnen finde ich weit hergeholt. :D

mb109-da's avatar

Nun... ich kann mit den ganzen Problmen in DazStudio leider nicht konstruktiv mitreden. Ich beutzte ja das fast schon antike Dynamic CLothing Plugin von denen und wenn ich mal Haare oder Fell simuliere, dann passiert das in Blender.

Zeit als vierte Dimension... darauf hätte ich kommen können.... wenn ich Animationen gesehen hätte. Ich hab aber in letzter Zeit wenig Zeit gehabt um mir alles anszuschauen, was die Leute, die ich watche so hochgeladen haben. Also hier schon mal Abbitte, falls eine Ani dabei war.

Ich kann das nachvollziehen, dass es Dir schwer fällt, die eigenen Sachen als Kunst anzusehen. Das geht mir mit meinen Bildern nämlich auch so... aber schön, wenn andere es als Art bezeichnen. ;)

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Will auch 'n Cookie! :-)

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Best friend :heart: You are my best friend too! :heart: Thanks so much for this wonderful thoughtful gift, yes it is a gift for me not only a card! I love it and its so pretty and full of love! You are a very precious person to me and I want to be a part of your life! I love this picture, can't wait for more beautiful Yuri stuff from you! F2U: Tangerine Neko Blob Icon

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Dankeschön! Ebenso ein schönes & gesundes neues Jahr!

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Nice to see those two ladies again.

I also must agree, dForce is still in many things a mystery to me.

Sometimes you move a lever a little bit and the chances are drastic, other times you change nearly everything and the result stays the same😣

PSK-Projekt4D's avatar

Thank you, I'm glad you like it.

I even watched a ~2 hour tutorial on all the dforce shader settings, but if you don't use it every day, you forget what all the effects are and then I usually just try presets. If the calculation would not always take so long, but more interactive, it would be less frustrating if you need several attempts or give up.

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Oh, kannst du mir den Link davon schicken?

PSK-Projekt4D's avatar

Mhmm, es müsste eines der dForce Tutorials von denen gewesen sein. Bin auf die Schnelle nur nicht sicher welches, eines der älteren, ist sicher schon ~2 Jahre her (daher alles wieder vergessen).

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Ha ha, yes dForce is a butt-pain, so is the cloth sim in Zbrush often. I have yet to play in Blender. When you do get them to finally work it is so nice!

Lovley scene though, ha ha ha so cute!!!

PSK-Projekt4D's avatar

Thank you!

I always find it difficult to use additional programs or to familiarize myself with them. Everything costs time. The clothing physics in Marvelous Designer is also great when I watch it in videos.

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I think this is a really clever idea you had with the two of them here. Dforce gives me trouble all the time when I use it myself. I'm wondering if you have the dforce magnets addon? That combined with the mesh grabber usually helps quite a bit when dforce doesn't want to behave.

PSK-Projekt4D's avatar

Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it.

I just watched the dforce magnet videos a few days ago to see if it's worth it for me. it looks really interesting. In the end I use dforce more often than I would like.

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Bitte nicht stören!😘

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Looks damned good to me, in any case. I would be seriously proud of this render. The hijinks never stop with these two, hey?

PSK-Projekt4D's avatar

Thank you! I'm glad you like it! Yes, especially since my "biggest fan" likes them so much. 🤣

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Absolutely stunning perfection, Everything is so gorgeous and so life like. the effort you must have made to get the draping to look so seamless is staggering. And what makes it so perfect is that it's so unnoticeable because it looks so realistic. The narrative of all the posing is a masterclass in posing and expression.

PSK-Projekt4D's avatar

Thank you very much, I'm glad you like it. Is always nice when others with the same hobby then can appreciate the effort that is necessary for such a picture. The image was really a challenge in some parts, I think I had 30 backup copies of the intermediate steps.

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