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[DAZ3D] - Urban Ballerina

By PSK-Photo

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Currently, I'm still trying to complete images that I started before sitting without the GPU for 3 months. Not easy to come back to a picture after months. I think I've fainted. 

Here I had again so stupid angular shadows on the clothes in the rendered result, forgot again what the cause is and tried to correct it in Photoshop.:o (Eek) 


Speaking of Photoshop here is a little bit of petty complaining: Rage 

Adobe is the biggest sap after Microsoft. What am I paying 12-13€ a month for, when with every update new bugs are added, mostly in basic areas. Ask me how one can be so irresponsible, for many companies Photoshop and Co. is the most important tool in the work process.

The update a few weeks ago has led in Camera RAW that my system is completely crashed several times including all browsers, my second monitor, etc..I think I've fainted. 
Fortunately, there was probably another update in the meantime...


Here are some old pictures with her:………………


Models & Assets by Daz3D etc.
Composing, render (Iray) & postwork by me

Tools: Daz3d Studio 4.15 & Photoshop CC
Instagram | ArtStation | Facebook
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Really good scene. While its render, and good one on that, it has almost surrealistic mood. I like it. She's totally out of place and yet, for her, the rest of the world is out of place, while she is exactly where she belong. Thank you for creating and sharing.

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Thank you! That's exactly what I like about these urban ballerina photos that you see every now and then and thought I try something like that in 3D. There are a few well-known photos that were taken, for example, in New York in the middle of the street.

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401K Views! Oh my freaking word!

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That's more or less how I reacted... :faint:

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Ah, i just noticed something likely many here maybe even the many most. Did not. The text (the letter) is not in american. It is in asian. Which means this was taken in china town or in asia itself. Curious.

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That's because I used this product:

But maybe she's in Japan as a tourist and wanted a cool picture for Instagram or something?

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Thank you very much!

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Herzliche Glückwünsche fur dem DD... reichlichb verdient (olala mehr als 380 k view) :clap:

PSK-Photo's avatar

Vielen Dank!

Ja, die Zahl schockiert mich immer noch ein wenig...

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Congrats on the dd!

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Thank you very much!

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I love the attention to detail. I'm not sure if you planned it, but I like how the knee on the extended leg is slightly double jointed. This is a huge problem with ballerinas that haunts them decades after they stop dancing.

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Thank you for your comment. Honestly, it wasn't planned. The pose comes in large part even from a template that I found so cool that I have made the image. How realistic that is now or not was me then no matter. :D

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i'm pretty sure legs don't bend that way

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It's may be a bit over the top ^^;, but since it's not a photo, I don't really care. :happybounce: If Hollywood movies stuck to realism, they wouldn't be even half as cool and exciting. ;)

But roughly in the direction poses are quite possible:

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Excellent work with the texturing. I was about to ask how to work with the model.

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Thank you.

As a DAZ3D user, I have to admit that I primarily use premade models (character, outfits, hair, poses, environment, props) and "only" set them in scene like a photographer and take care of lighting and camera. In other words, the texture work has mostly been done by others.

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Fair enough. Does this renderer got a username?

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Renderer username? Do you mean the actual creators of the parts, like the character model? Since you pay for the 3D models in the store (primarily), there is no need to worry about keeping long list of all content used. This is very important to me, no desire to have to gather 10-20+ links under each image. Here are the character, freckles, the hair, location, outfit, shoes, jewelry, etc. all from different creators (PAs).

If someone has interest at a special part of the picture, I always look for that out. For example, this week someone asked me what the outfit is called in the store.

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Ooh, gargoyles, gunshot wounds and evil clowns?

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Yes, there are really new products and sales every day. It's a needle in a haystack to find the good products, the quality also varies. But there are a few content creators that are really good. Just as an example, as a character I used this one (slightly changed): with me, for example, she still has freckles and tattoos, even if you can't see them in the picture. :)

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Magnificent and spectacular

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