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[DAZ3D] - Urban Ballerina

By PSK-Photo
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Currently, I'm still trying to complete images that I started before sitting without the GPU for 3 months. Not easy to come back to a picture after months. I think I've fainted. 

Here I had again so stupid angular shadows on the clothes in the rendered result, forgot again what the cause is and tried to correct it in Photoshop.:o (Eek) 


Speaking of Photoshop here is a little bit of petty complaining: Rage 

Adobe is the biggest sap after Microsoft. What am I paying 12-13€ a month for, when with every update new bugs are added, mostly in basic areas. Ask me how one can be so irresponsible, for many companies Photoshop and Co. is the most important tool in the work process.

The update a few weeks ago has led in Camera RAW that my system is completely crashed several times including all browsers, my second monitor, etc..I think I've fainted. 
Fortunately, there was probably another update in the meantime...


Here are some old pictures with her:………………


Models & Assets by Daz3D etc.
Composing, render (Iray) & postwork by me

Tools: Daz3d Studio 4.15 & Photoshop CC
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Nice one. Great pose and awesome lights

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Wow this is GORGEOUS!


I am so glad you got your graphics card back

Those jagged/faceted shadows... I forget what causes them too. I don't see any evidence of them here, so your work to remove it was excellent

Ah yes... Photoshop... I love and hate it. There are things I can do with it that I just don't know how to get with anything else. That's a "me" / skill problem, probably, and I just don't want to spend more money on another toolset to learn while in the middle of a project. But when I get my comic done, I may go to something else.

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Beautifully done!

R--U--B--I--N--A's avatar

Ich liebe Ballett :-)Sehr schöne Szene!

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Dankeschön! Ich hab zwar keine Ahnung von Ballett, liebe aber die Ästhetik dahinter und hatte früher auch ~2 Foto-Shootings in der Richtung.

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I know some enthuse about it, but the switch would be too much effort for me.

After almost 15 years of using Photoshop, including many plugins, techniques used thousands of times, individualized keyboard shortcuts, etc.. Besides, my whole photo library is on Lightrooom.

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ja... Adobe war noch nie der tollste Laden... vor allem wenn man bedenkt, dass sie ja in einer viel komfortableren Situation als MS sind, die teilweise schnell auf Bedürfnisse von Großkunden und Sicherheitsprobleme reagieren müssen und manchmal mehr kaputt machen als heile...

Aber das Bild und die Pose finde ich richtig gut! :clap: Ich dachte du hast deine Karte jetzt wieder?

PSK-Photo's avatar

Trotzdem sind ja unzählige Agenturen und so weiter darauf angewiesen dass die Adobe Suite auch nach einem Update läuft. Was ich im Lauf der Jahre an Bugs hatte und früher teils Monate auf ne Lösung warten musste ist einfach grenzwertig. Weil ja teils echt grundlegende Dinge verbuggt sind und nicht irgend eine fast nutzloser Filter.

Dankeschön! Ja, Karte ist wieder da, auch wenn angeblich nichts gefunden wurde. Habe aber erst mal angefangen, die ganzen im Herbst begonnen Bilder fertigzustellen.

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Wunderbare Komposition, sehr fotorealistisch :clap: Das Muskel effort in dem armen, hast du es selber gemacht mit morph Änderung ? Tolle Arbeit

PSK-Photo's avatar

Dankeschön! Ich habe nichts an den Armen gemacht. Die sind bei dem Model generell etwas detaillierter als bei den meisten und die Schatten geben den Eindruck das Muskeln angespannt sind.

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Der Morph von G8 ist dann echt realistich. Aber sagt es nicht zu laut ;)

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Das sieht sehr gut aus, vor allem die Arme, da sieht man die Kraftanstrengung.

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Dankeschön! Und das Beste, ich hab nix mit den Armen gemacht, liegt an der generellen detaillierten Form und wie die Schatten fallen.

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Well this turned out incredible! I believe you must have corrected all of the "stupid angular shadows" as I am not seeing any when I zoom in. Kudos!


As for Photoshop, I just switched away to Affinity Photo since it uses all of the brushes that PS does and possibly all plug-ins work too. It cost $25 US dollars when it was on sale, which it might still be. Things are mostly in the same places as PS but you might have to do some quick searches on where to find things like Liquify and the RAW camera filter.

The AI tricks PS is doing just doesn't hold any value to me so I didn't mind switching away. It's not all rosy as the brushes portion of Affinity Photo leaves A TON to be desired. They are always updating it so I'm hopeful that they fix it soon.

A 30 day trial could be installed just to see if it does everything you need.

PSK-Photo's avatar

Thank you! Glad you like it!

I've been using Photoshop for over 15 years now, so it's hard for me to try and learn something new (habit). Have heavily customized everything, menus, keyboard shortcuts, programmable keyboard, use some plugins, actions etc.

Another point in Adobe's favor, unfortunately, is that my entire photo database (from my photographer days) is based on Lightroom, so I need the photographer subscription anyway. Getting away from that would be a pretty big hassle.

However, if Adobe continues to frustrate me like this on a regular basis, I may actually install the trial version of Affinity. I've been hearing about it for years and what I basically do with my images is no magic, I use more basic functions.

Thanks for the tip with the 30 day trial.

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Well, hello balance!

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This blonde seems to be a girl with many talents! :) This looks great. I agree with other comments that you're too harsch on yourself. But I think that comes with being an artist. We're always our own worst critic.

I've never used Photoshop myself and reading what you say does not make me more likely to try it. I've had some crashing problems with DAZ studio lately and don't need another program crashing. Crashes sure are annoying.

PSK-Photo's avatar

Thank you for your kind words, I'm glad you like it. Yes, the lady has many talents, although there are also some motifs where she then probably really does not fit so well.

I love what you can do with Photoshop. But Adobe is a sap, almost as bad as Microsoft. There have always been updates that put bugs in basic places. The subscription model doesn't make it easier because like Windows 10, updates just come much more often, much less tested. But the bug fixes usually come faster.

But it annoys me mega. For newcomers, there are also alternatives. But I use it for over 15 years and have no desire to learn something else laborious.

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You're so hard on yourself! Ease up, mate! Your render is beautiful. I don't know about ballet, but this lady has some rhythmic gymnastics skills and flexibility. Better sign her up for the Tokyo Olympics this summer.

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Thank you! Glad you like it!

I don't know anything about it either.

One of my photo models did ballet for a long time, but I'd rather not ask her. :)

But for me it's actually enough that it looks cool, think the fewest viewers are experts. :)

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Wow, klasse Licht und Unschärfe!

Das hat fast Fotoqualität.

Hast dich bestimmt gefreut wie ein Schnitzel, als der Render langsam Gestalt annahm. ;)

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Dankeschön! Ja, es lag auch lang genug rum. Hatte ich Anfang Dezember erstellt und erst jetzt gerendert, als ich meine Grafikkarte zurück hatte.

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so nice and real

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