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[DAZ3D] - Life is ...

By PSK-Photo
Today a super kitchy pictureSweating a little... , especially because of the hands, of course it would have made more sense if they were holding each other.
After I saw the pose in a set, I had to think directly of a very similar scene from Life is Strange: Love 

The railroad tracks are of course long since shut down! Do not imitate! No, I disagree! 

Other pictures with the twoHug………………………


Models & Assets by Daz3D etc.
Composing, render (Iray) & postwork by me

Tools: Daz3d Studio 4.15 & Photoshop CC
Instagram | ArtStation
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© 2021 PSK-Photo
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Slofkosky's avatar

At first I was like... do I fill in my own meaning to life and then.. DOH! I see it now. :) Awesome work PSK-Photo!

uawa's avatar

Awesome ;) very iconic!!

Very nice picture

PSK-Photo's avatar

Thank you very much!

Markkus3D's avatar

Nür ein Wort : Wunderbar :clap:

PSK-Photo's avatar

Dankeschön ;)

Candy-L-Lan's avatar

What a glorious feeling to this one.

You make this feel so special and innocent and fun, and it evokes the best parts of my childhood. Thank you!

PSK-Photo's avatar

Oh, thank you so much for your kind words, I am very happy that it reminds you of your childhood. :happybounce:

Thumper20's avatar

Nice series of pics there. I may be 70, but it doesn't stop me from being a rabid anime fan. I do admit though, the yuri scenes are a wee bit "edgy" for me.

PSK-Photo's avatar

And I thought I'm in my late 30s already old for an anime fan.:faint:

But I understand you, is also all a matter of taste. There are also enough topics that I can not quite understand. For example, why "boy loves boy" mangas are consumed by an almost exclusively female target audience. I would not have thought from a Western perspective. :o

Thumper20's avatar

I can't stand the boys love stuff myself. I had no idea it is mostly read by girls. Who knew?

Thumper20's avatar

Love the scene! It doesn't really look that lesbian to me. Girls just behave like that and interact in ways guys never would...not straight guys anyway. Ha!

PSK-Photo's avatar

Thank you!

I know what you mean and you're actually right about this image.:nod:

This has historical reasons, the inspiration for this incoherent series with the two girls came from 2 anime that actually had lesbian love "Yuri" as a theme. A few motifs from the list above are therefore also a bit clearer. That's why I kept the keywords, because I consider it a "series".

[DAZ3D] - Kiss  (Bloom into you)
[DAZ3D] - The first overnight stay
[DAZ3D] - Sakura
Edheldil3D's avatar

Warum 'Mature-Content'? Ist doch nix schlimmes zu sehen.

PSK-Photo's avatar

Ach ja, in der heutigen Zeit hat ja immer jemand was zu meckern und hier hätte ich nur darauf gewartet, bis jemand rumzickt, dass die ja etwas gefährliches tun und kein gutes Vorbild für Kinder ist etc. => daher stelle ich öfters auf "mature" auch wenn es eig. kein Sinn ergibt => z.B. wenn eine Zigarette im Bild ist etc.

ad2420's avatar
Life is Strange - Max and Chloe

..have seen the full cutscenemovie 5 times RP Face: Super blush

Isidorn's avatar

True that it would have made more sense if they held hands, but the fact that this doesn't make much sense makes it even more cute. After all, people in love tend to do a lot of things that don't make sense. :)

And I should probably play Life is strange sometime. Bought it on a Steam sale but never got around to play it.

PSK-Photo's avatar

Thank you! Glad you like it.

I loved the game, but I could also identify well with the main character, introvert and photographer. :) The music was also just fantastically chosen.

You just have to get along with the cliché school situation and the quiet gameplay. Many people I know fail at that. The story takes time to develop, but deals with pretty tough and adult themes.

Played it a second time last year in VR (only possible with a tool like vorpX).

I can also recommend the prequel "Before the storm".

LiS 2, on the other hand, is independent, new characters and story and I couldn't do anything with it, I finally started only a few weeks ago and already paused again.

Hope therefore the recently announced third part will be better again.:)

Poses17's avatar

That's adorable.

mcbieghn's avatar

I just adore all the little vignettes with these two. Kitchy maybe... Cute definitely

PSK-Photo's avatar

Thank you, glad you like them.

maukzone's avatar
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