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[DAZ3D] - Couch

Have spontaneously decided not to post my current image yet, because I'm thinking about whether it does not require a predecessor image.Sweating a little... 

So again a handle into the archive ... :happybounce: 

In this one I was actually inspired by a black and white photo, but now decided to post a colored version.

I experimented with the lighting for quite a long time I think I've fainted. , but it never quite turned out the way I imagined it, so at some point I just clicked on render and opened it in Photoshop only after 3 months.

Other pictures with the twoHug 
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[DAZ3D] - Beach


Models & Assets by Daz3D etc.
Composing, render (Iray) & postwork by me

Tools: Daz3d Studio 4.15 & Photoshop CC
Instagram | ArtStation
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koshnika's avatar

Auch nicht schlecht. Schön minimalistisch. :D

mcbieghn's avatar

Wah! How did I miss this for the last week???? Beautiful

PSK-Photo's avatar

It's pretty dark, so what you overlook as a thumbnail quickly . :D Thank you!

mb109-da's avatar

Da wird aber entzückt... ;)

Kervala's avatar

Superb scene :love: I love when we can't see every part of the body because some of them are in shadows :love: It gives a yet more sensual aspect :love: A little like in horror movies when they don't show clearly the monster (like in Alien) :love:

PSK-Photo's avatar

It's like clothing, which is often more stimulating than bare skin. Then there is still something to discover, something is hidden, mysterious and unknown. People are explorers and like to fantasize...

Kervala's avatar

Ah yes, you're right :love:

Markkus3D's avatar

WOW :wow: Das ist sehr gut... tolles spiel mit das Licht und dem Schatten . :clap:

Gute Idee das zum Archiven heraus zu holen ;)

PSK-Photo's avatar
Edheldil3D's avatar

Schönes Lichtspiel, man sieht ne Menge aber nichts 'wichtiges'! :-)

PSK-Photo's avatar

War auch ein kleiner Akt... aber so "extrem" wäre es bei 2 Mädels ja eh nicht ... außer ... :faint:

JS-Cereal-Killer's avatar

love the lighting here ... good textures. well done

PSK-Photo's avatar

Thank you very much! :happybounce:

Mademoiselle3DArt's avatar

Oh my! The lighting is perfect. Incredibly evocative.

PSK-Photo's avatar

Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it.

Poses17's avatar

Excellent lighting and toning. It makes for an intense image.

PSK-Photo's avatar

Thank you very much! :)

Pizzaundbier's avatar

Great image! Sensual and tasteful with a really cool play of light and shadow.

PSK-Photo's avatar

Dankeschön! :)

Pizzaundbier's avatar

Gern geschehen! :)

maukzone's avatar
Isidorn's avatar

Very effectful lighting.

And images like this, with something highlighted against a black background is kind of as close to a black and white image you can come, but with colour. Not sure if that made any sense.

PSK-Photo's avatar

I understand what you mean, the picture consists almost only of ~3-4 color tones. Therefore it looks quite monochrome.

milo13200's avatar

Great lightning by the way, very subtle. Really like it.

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