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May 9, 2009
I really couldn’t resist featuring :beach: by =psivamp. The emoticon has been well put together with an extremely cute idea, a great background and brilliant water effects. The addition of the heart is a lovely touch, making this a breathtaking emoticon to share with someone special.
Featured by Synfull
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By psivamp

Of all the days we've spent together,
every one is my favorite.

You show me that when things go wrong
we can always start over.

You have always been the one to make me smile when nothing else in the world can.

And I love you, for these reasons and a million more.

Happy (month early) first anniversary (again) my love!


(and for specifics. It's only 160 frames (yay timing) and took me approximately 2 straight hours to do with absolutely no interruptions.)

The heart... not the one he draws but the one their shadows make. It's two halves of a heart and in the middle it's darker...

Because we make each other more whole. Aww! Ain't that just sweet?

The beach sand color was taken directly from a photograph of the beach we walked on together for his birthday, as was the color of the water.

I'm pink and purple because i LOVE pink and purple, and he's blue, because that's his favorite color.

My eyes are grey... they are actually colored grey in the emote too when she's pouting like that.

Reactions are as they actually would be with each of us, but i have a feeling it would suit a lot of other people.

I got this idea by drawing it on a post-it at work yesterday. I totally forgot about it but whoever was at my desk for second shift put it up on my wall by the picture of my kids... so i took a pic of it and sent it to ry. he asked me if it was an emote idea (id drawn them just like this too... but had only half considered it) then he told me he should be making a heart in the sand (he caught on that their shadows were a heart but he thought it was drawn in the sand as it was only an outline and not shaded)

Well long (sorry) story short... i came up with all of these reactions from him saying that...


Anyone who's ever been in a relationship can probably relate to this (oh i hope!) and I'd LOVE to hear any stories you have to tell about times like this.


Thank you so much to ^Synfull for this... my SIXTH DD!!!!!!
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will it work
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how do u use this emoji ??
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too adorabubble!
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This is so sweet! Heart 
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i love this love this
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lol yea I need to change it
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adorable and touching at the same time. :)
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aw it's so cute..
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This is so romantic :iconsomuchluffplz:
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Still love it, and I'm surprised I didn't congratulate you on your DD. :O

Great job. :)
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