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Troodons Tool using dinosaurs

I haven't submitted much dino art for a while, so I uploaded this depiction of theropod family life that I drew last year; however, I decided to color it this week. The picture portrays a mother troodonid dinosaur removing termites from a mound using a stick, meanwhile her hatchlings eagerly watch with the anticipation of a quick scrumptious snack. The use of a stick prevents soldier termites from attacking the dinosaurs as they chow down on worker nestmates. Since Troodontidae represent perhaps the smartest of cretaceous beasts, I like to believe that some troodons are akin to some clever birds we see today and learned to use tools for finding food.

Hope you like this pic, I experimented a little more with lighting effects.


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It's hard to see the stick, but I love seeing Troodon as the intelligent animal that it was.