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Survival of the Cuddliest, Smilodon fatalis family

By Psithyrus
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Wooo, this is perhaps the most detail I have ever rendered in a picture. It's a sequel to my first smilodon picture "survival of the cuddliest". A mother Smilodon fatalis is helping groom her cub, just to be sure he cleans behind his ears. I hope you like this cute arctic saber tooth cat family.


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Lovely, peaceful scene.
Yu-Gi-Nos's avatar
This is the BEST Smilodon image ever! and Love the 'Survival of the Cuddliest'
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RavensPassion's avatar
Amazing detail! I love it
Fractaldragon's avatar
Lovely artwork, and just a bit too cute! :)
Dragon1234567788's avatar
Excellent artwork of nature and her beauty
skorpione10's avatar
Wow! I first saw this pic on google search way back in 2009. After all these years I find out that the artist of that image has been here on DevianArt. Keep up the good work Sir/Ma'am. 
Painterlyphotobomer's avatar
 Amazing such a surreal scene.
DrPhoenixJKZ's avatar
Wow! I like it! Or, I should say, I love this! Big cats are extremely cool!
shazzz999's avatar
Delightful. Cats rule. S
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How cute! Beautiful work and amazing detail.

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Amazing! Can anyone visit my Profile? I'm searching new watchers
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I love the detail in this! It's easy to forget that these animals were cuddly cats as well.
LunaTheCat1217's avatar
Its amazing all the detail you did on such big animals and its so adorableHeart  
AimForrest's avatar
That is just so precious! I love the detail put into this, it looks lovely!
Ringofboss's avatar
This is fucking adoranle 
PeteDRaptor's avatar
Well, aren't they such a cutest things.
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