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Nature's Kawaii, Baby sloth



Baby sloths must be nature's cutest critters. This little fellow is a Hoffman's two-toed sloth. His fur is just beginning to harbor algae, beetles, and other bugs are also making their homes in his fur. Even a few pseudoscorpions found a home on this baby sloth. A brown tree frog watches intently perhaps in the hope of nabbing a juicy pseudoscorpion. The frog must be thinking "Are you going to eat that"? I took a little artist license and exaggerated the size of the tiny arachnids. They are normally too small to see easily from a distance. I drew the picture in pencil and added color in Photoshop CS version 4. I tried something new; I scanned some steel wool to mimic the wirery coat of a sloth. I hope you like this little guys.

Species: Choloepus hoffmanni
Common name: Hoffman's two-toed sloth

Please enjoy,

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