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This is my first T. rex drawing. This scene is a request by and is based on a drawing by a good friend and paleoartist, Amin Khaleghparast. Both Amin and Mr. Brett Booth have provided many helpful hints about Trex anatomy. I had no idea tyrannosaurs where so complicated to draw, lots of textures. This is not the picture he requested, this is one of many versions that I kept during the scene's development. It is embellished with elements I wanted to include, especially the Dromaeosaurus. The original picture is still a work in progress.

Hope you all like it.


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Looks a bit outdated, now that it's said that T-rex must've had a covering of feathers like its other coelurosaur kin. Anyway it looks like as if the T-rex as adapted straight from Jurassic Park, but with a different colour scheme.