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Baby Balaur bondoc corrected deviation

I made some minor and one major revision to my last deviation, Baby feathered dinosaurs Balaur bondoc. See how many alterations you can find.

Sorry for my mistakes,

all the best,

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I mostly see changes in the wing-claws and one foot, and some changes in the lighting on the eyes. Also a change in the dragonfly mouth area.
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Beware, Meganeura! Cute death awaits!
I love how it looks similar to a peregrine- it's so cute!!!!
karsola's avatar
it's so amazing
Alpha-Squid's avatar
FAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >w<
Dracohawk96's avatar
So sweet! Very good to see curious, playful chicks. Very often it gets forgotten that life is like this, and likely was, even millions of years ago.
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Wonderful pic!
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Aww, cute big paws, and the fluffy belly :) It's cool!
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Awww, this is cute at wish!
Also, congrats for illustrating a rarely drawn critter!
The-Storm-Surge's avatar
Oh my goodness. I died from the cuteness
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<font><font class="">Aww so cute :3 </font></font>
TheARBL's avatar
Unbelievably cute. I want to hug them so badly.
PWNZ3R-Dragon's avatar
OH MY GOD! This is the cutest shit I've ever seen!!! I would fave this a billion times if I could. 8D
kingspacegodzilla94's avatar
carnival's avatar
so many wonderously cute things you have ^_________^ thanx for sharing~!
GilmourApatosaur's avatar
Adorable and amazing! Love the texture of the feathers!:thumbsup:
Bealmeister's avatar
Don't you wish these guys were still around so that we could hum em, and squeeze em and call em George?

Excellent Work!!
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Awww, look at this adorable little fluffy ball of cuteness that's going to attack and eat me alive when it grows up :heart:.

On a more serious note: this is amazing! It looks so real! You truly did a great job on this!
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Thanks so much :)
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this is great it reminds me of one of my favorite dinosaur books in the presence of dinosaurs
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