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Quantum Chromodynamics

Apophysis 2.05beta2 Z+ & Photoshop CS2

Fullview for nice details :sherlock:

"Quantum chromodynamics (abbreviated as QCD) is the theory of the strong interaction (colour force), a fundamental force describing the interactions of the quarks and gluons found in hadrons (such as the proton, neutron or pion). QCD is a quantum field theory of a special kind called a non-abelian gauge theory. It is an important part of the Standard Model of particle physics." ...Wikipedia

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This is great! I was wondering if I could use this picture as a cover photo for a Soundcloud Music Post? =3
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Holy crap this is amazing!
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thank u :)

Beautiful. Awesome!
What symmetrical concept,
an amazing vision of that
which can never be seen,
except in the mind!
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thank you :)

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With out fractals, cellphones, and computers wouldn't be possible.
Science can be art.
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That's Quantum all right! :w00t:
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ooooh... beautiful....
Your work definitely does the beauty of QCD justice...
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Nice fractal! I especially love the fact there's no annoying watermark anywhere in sight! Bless you! :+fav:
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Sacred Geometrics for sure ...Quantum-Metaphysics!
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Fisica cuantica hehe
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:D thank u

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Another cool design, the color scheme rocks!
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Blisteringly nuclear! I feel the (strong) force :D
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I think you won with this one.
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Such a beautiful render, a clean one. Great choice of gradient :+fav:
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