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My Cute Little Niece by psikotikblade My Cute Little Niece :iconpsikotikblade:psikotikblade 0 0
Missing You
I long for you deep in my heart
Feeling as I did from the very start
So many memories of our past
I always thought that we would last
You were my best friend and my lover
And never did I want any other
So many years we were together
It seems you were in my life forever
There are so many things that I miss
Like the warmth of your touch or a simple kiss
I close my eyes and I can see your face
It's a memory that time cannot erase
So much to say, not knowing where to begin
It's hard knowing that I'll never see you again
I sometime think of how I wish things could be
And I wonder if you spend time thinking of me
I hope you look back on our love and smile
We were good together though it's been a while
Please don't remember just the bad
Think of the better moments I know we had
You're truly special I hope you know
If you weren't I wouldn't love you so
I wish soehow I could win back your love
I even pray to the Heavens above
One thing that I can say is true
I'll never love anyone as much as yo
:iconpsikotikblade:psikotikblade 0 0
Psikotikblade Screenshot 2 by psikotikblade Psikotikblade Screenshot 2 :iconpsikotikblade:psikotikblade 0 4
My sense are in an uproar,
My mind is fully ablaze,
I can\'t take this mental assualt anymore.
Constant through all my days,
Images flashing before me unbidden.
Sights I can\'t bear to view,
Ghosts returning from my past,
Horrible, but all true.
How long can this torture last?
Why can\'t these memories stay hidden?
It\'s part guilt, part insanity,
Acid dissolving my soul,
Everyday losing more humanity,
Having to accept that I\'m less than whole,
Less of myself good enough to share.
How can I survive the present,
When I\'m stalked by long ago?
Will the future be more pleasant,
Or will my decay continue so slow,
With this mental assault always there.
I long for a day when the assault has ended,
My mind and soul rejuvenated and mended.
:iconpsikotikblade:psikotikblade 2 4
-One More Chance-
I know that you\'re haunted by your past,
And it\'s hard to trust that anything will last,
But I truly love you with all of my heart.
And if you can believe that, then it\'s a start.
I know things have been rocky, quite a mess,
I promised you the stars, but have delivered far less.
I\'d give you the world if I could,
But I haven\'t done as well as I should.
You\'re a special person, more than you know,
My greatest fear is that you will go.
I want you around for the rest of my life,
Though it\'s not official, you\'re like my wife.
Things will work out, we can find a way,
We just need to hold on until that day.
I just pray you don\'t turn away from me,
Giving up on what we\'ve always wanted to be.
I know there\'s more to love than just romance,
I beg of you, please, just one more chance.
:iconpsikotikblade:psikotikblade 0 6
Black Orchids
On my hands and knees,
A black orchid by my side,
I tend to my garden memorial.
A celebration of life
and a mourning of loss,
I plant the orchid with care.
Friends, relatives that have passed
And loves that have been lost,
There is a flower here for each one.
I tend to my garden dutifully,
Lest any of the memories fade,
Each blossom special in it\'s own way.
While some don\'t understand
And think my garden a burden,
My pains are eased by it\'s beauty.
:iconpsikotikblade:psikotikblade 0 5
Buddha - In Memorium by psikotikblade Buddha - In Memorium :iconpsikotikblade:psikotikblade 0 3 Playtime for Puppy by psikotikblade Playtime for Puppy :iconpsikotikblade:psikotikblade 0 4
7 Haiku Repost
1) Shedding my old skin
Reborn into a new life
But it\'s no better
2) Ignoring the world
I watch television
Becoming mindless
3) The death of a pet
Years of companionship gone
I miss my ferret
4) Wrestling with demons
My brain boils over with pain
Please give me my drugs
5) Broken mirrors fall
Reflected back in the shards
My true self appears
6) Using your mind\'s eye
Can you see inside of me?
Do I have a soul?
7) I pray to no God
Religion is a false hope
The world is the proof
:iconpsikotikblade:psikotikblade 0 13
psikotikblade screenshot by psikotikblade psikotikblade screenshot :iconpsikotikblade:psikotikblade 0 1 My new puppy Sai by psikotikblade My new puppy Sai :iconpsikotikblade:psikotikblade 0 6 Moms New Cat by psikotikblade Moms New Cat :iconpsikotikblade:psikotikblade 0 1
Tears on the Page
:iconpsikotikblade:psikotikblade 0 4
Hurt by the world and my own self-hate
IScrambled to build an impregnable emotional gate
I took my anger made it viscous and thick
And then fired it into a jet-black brick
I laid a foundation of steely resolve
To be an enigma no one would want to solve
I began to to lay the bricks using sorrow as mortar
Trying desperately to bring my chaos to order
I worked on the wall as fast as I could
Rationalizing it was being built for my own good
The pain never stopped, raw material overflowing
Firing more bricks, the process ongoing
There were warnings and signs to keep others away
Desperately trying to keep the world at bay
Now it\'s complete, a forboding obsidian wall
Not a crack to be seen and immeasurably tall
For a while I felt safe, able to hide
But then too late I found out the enemy was what\'s inside
So now I\'m trapped in a prison of my own construction
My desire for protection, my own self-destruction
Though I don\'t want to be here any more
I didn\'t think ahead - there is no door
:iconpsikotikblade:psikotikblade 0 4
Bullet in the Chamber
The bullets in the chamber - the guns to my head
The question is am I already dead
My life\'s already over , so I say
I can\'t bear the thought of another day
The demons inside, they eat at my core
I don\'t know if I can take this any more
I try not to think of others, the grief they\'ll feel
I\'m just not thinking right, it doesn\'t seem real
My brain tells me to end it, it\'s time to go
But my heart and soul cry out a thunderous \"NO\"
I put my finger on the trigger strengthen my resolve
But my heart asks \"What will this solve?\"
Conflicting emotions within my head
What\'s to be accomplished by me being dead
The thing about hope is that it is always there
You just have to search for it, for a reason to care
The darkness cries out in all of its fury
Times running out, you must hurry
But the lights not gone it\'s still in sight
Showing that life is the choice that is truly right
The fight was fierce, but the battles won
The bullets in the chamber - but I put down the gun
:iconpsikotikblade:psikotikblade 0 3
I HateYou
:iconpsikotikblade:psikotikblade 2 3


Fractal Rays of Light by deloulark Fractal Rays of Light :icondeloulark:deloulark 12 11
---Black Tears---
Black Tears
Black tears fall
Like mascara stains
Dark as ebony
Her face rains
All too real
Too frail to touch
Her face in ruins
What remains, isn\'t much
Billions of scars
Engraved deep in her skin
Imperfect stitches
Signs of sin
Her desires ignored
Confidence stolen
Emptiness plagues her
Left again, broken
Those black tears
Leaving their mark
The hurt never ends
Hanging in the dark
I know her well
Looking her in the eye
The mirror speaks
For it is I
:iconsweetflower:sweetflower 6 26
A bomb dropped
A beginning of the end
Grab your loved ones
Find a friend
Fight for the right
Or hide from the truth
Bring out the man
And lose the youth
Uncover the bravery
Buried deep inside
Find your strength
From ones left behind
Beautiful worlds
Showered with blood
No motive for this
How absurd!
Cries of war
Filled with terror
A call for peace
Remains forever
Far from reach
Importance of peace
Hard to preach
Broken truths
Fed to troops
As worlds are divided
In tiny groups
More rivers
Flowing with blood
Mixed with tears
And bodies in doubt
As lives are wasted
Hearts erupt in flames
War goes on
Leaving forgotten names
:iconsweetflower:sweetflower 1 22
In the dark dreams become real by fearful-toxicin In the dark dreams become real :iconfearful-toxicin:fearful-toxicin 4 10 angelical - created not born by amorpheous angelical - created not born :iconamorpheous:amorpheous 4 12 Ninja Templar Colour by antisleeper Ninja Templar Colour :iconantisleeper:antisleeper 216 166 Preserved agony by zzaga Preserved agony :iconzzaga:zzaga 386 297 no title yet by scissors-hands no title yet :iconscissors-hands:scissors-hands 4 19 3rd Day by scissors-hands 3rd Day :iconscissors-hands:scissors-hands 151 150 joker by zzaga joker :iconzzaga:zzaga 399 249 Let me be your magician by scissors-hands Let me be your magician :iconscissors-hands:scissors-hands 57 92 in utero wp edition by scissors-hands in utero wp edition :iconscissors-hands:scissors-hands 33 42 OMG by scissors-hands OMG :iconscissors-hands:scissors-hands 133 132 Nazgul coloured by zoanoid Nazgul coloured :iconzoanoid:zoanoid 61 51 and the krizew in almost full by sparkpenguin and the krizew in almost full :iconsparkpenguin:sparkpenguin 3 18


Just wanted to move last entry off my page, I was feeling sorry for myself...


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