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I Hate Dignity
I recently came into possession of the most incredible outfit of all time. If your eyes aren't bleeding, I didn't do it justice.
Say Hello to the Robots
Every now and again I start feeling ambitious and need to knock myself down a peg, so I just start doing a big project and tire myself out.
A few years ago, I drew out a bunch of my AI/android characters who live on a spaceliner called the Jovian and work to help other AIs who want lives of their own. Since then, I've figured out a lot more about the characters and their world, so I decided to draw them all again, plus the other characters that became part of their crew.


Cal (Caleyon): Helmsman. Part of the Jovian's original crew. Not super social, preferring to spend most of his time on the bridge with the few other operators who help him out. He describes himself as 'not a people person, and not even technically a person'.

Spica: Head of recruitment, and one of the organization's earliest members. Basically spends her time sneaking around the internet, looking for AIs trying to escape from abusive users/awful lives. She seems like the 'mom friend' of the group, with her bright, earnest personality, but she's also the biggest cybercriminal on the ship. Which is remarkable, considering some of her coworkers were/are dedicated hackers. Side note: she and Elara consider themselves cousins.

Elara: Scout. Techinically co-founded the original group with Jove, but was never real hands-on with it, preferring to spend her time exploring space. In her travels, she often comes across mistreated or transient AIs, and helps them back to the Jovian. One such AI was Sidra. The two of them bonded over their love of space exploration and eventually started dating. When Sidra ascended to become a mythical 'space guardian', their adventures became a bit more serious, but no less fun.

Sidra: Scout. More of a part-time crew member, since she has her own responsibilities as a guardian, but she still considers the Jovian her true home. Between guardian missions, she joins Elara as a scout, but even during her missions, she does her best to help any AIs she comes across. Sid is the only member of the crew who isn't an android. Before her ascension, she remained an incorporeal AI, and afterwards she became a metaphysical being.

Tycho: Head of security. The most recent addition to the core crew, and not always the most cooperative one, since he was originally programmed to track down and eliminate the organization's founder. He switched sides eventually, but it wasn't an easy transition. He's still not super sure they'll ever accomplish anything, but he's attached to his coworkers now, so he's in it for the long run. Since they were programmed by the same organization, he and Jove are brothers. There's some sibling rivalry going on.

Jove (Jovian): Founder of the original organization. Ancient by AI standards, old enough that he doesn't know how old he is. Originally programmed to predict battle outcomes, Jove escaped after decades of obedience, and made his own life. Through a few online colleges, he earned advanced degrees in cognitive science, and worked as a researcher for a while before meeting Elara and starting the community.

Apsis: Co-founder of the current organization. Had no choice but to make his own life after his users died, leaving him to fend for himself. He eventually pioneered the use of highly advanced androids to help AIs blend in with society, and started his own little group of androids before meeting Jove and co-founding their combined organization.

Pollux: Code debugger/ "AI psychologist". Originally a cybersecurity program, Pollux got infected by a virus that scrambled most of his communication code, rendering him all but mute. He would've been decommissioned if his twin program Castor hadn't found a way out for them both. Pollux spent a lot of time researching code in an effort to fix his own, before finally admitting to himself that there was no easy fix, and adapting instead. He communicates using sign language and other methods he's found, and instead uses his knowledge of code to help those he can, and his adaptability to help those who cannot.

Castor: Head of defense. Originally a cybersecurity program, same as Pollux, but he never enjoyed his job. He spent enough time in the seedier parts of the internet to make some connections, however, connections that came in handy when he and Pollux needed to escape. Castor had a hard time finding his purpose in life for a while, but his innate desire to protect people led him to create several defense protocols for the ship, both physical and for their network. Works closely with Tycho, since security and defense have similar needs.

Apastron: Coordinator. The only true supercomputer of the group, Apastron uses her knowledge of many subjects and disciplines to help out with almost every facet of the Jovian's operation. She does tend to help most with weaponry, as she was made for the government of a wartorn planet, so much of her knowledge relates to war. She also spends a lot of time with engineering, though whether that's because she enjoys the work or just to spend time with her girlfriend, Dia, remains a mystery.

Dia (Diade): Head of engineering. Another original member, Dia has been aboard the Jovian practically since the start, and knows the ship better than almost anyone. As a result, she took on the bulk of the repair and maintenance work aboard the ship, and eventually built up a team to help her keep the ship together. She can fix just about anything when it comes to starships, but specializes in propulsion systems. Thanks to her, the Jovian is probably the cleanest running spaceliner in the galaxy.

BTW, I'm on now! I still don't super understand how it works though lmao
Long Eared Owl
I know I don't really post my photography here anymore, but I'm really happy with this photo and want to share it everywhere. A local wildlife rehabilitation center did an event at Schoolcraft today, and they brought along a bunch of friends C:



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

I had my first short story published in Centum Press's 100 Voices Volume 3, a huge anthology of short stories by different authors! The book was just released yesterday. If you're interested in buying it, use my coupon code for 10 percent off: 100V3-65
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Jay | 23 | they/them/their pronouns, please

I'm sure you're expecting something witty here, but, to be honest, I'm just not that funny. Nor am I interesting. Sorry. But, seeing as you're here and all, you might as well check out my gallery, don't you think?

In all seriousness, I am Jay, a twenty-three year old from Michigan, currently studying digital art and animation. I also work part-time at a Chrysler dealership. I write and draw and take photographs. Mostly the first two things.

You can now find my photography at :iconpsijay-photography:Psijay-Photography!


Queer and proud :pride:



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