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Rylee - Beach by PsiDeschain Rylee - Beach :iconpsideschain:PsiDeschain 8 2
Of Art and Reality
Of Art and Reality
Original Fiction
Prompt: Express What Being an Artist Means to You
Story Word Count: 470
Ryen woke. His first action was to see if Ellie was awake. It had been a long week, and they had worked hard on the house and the garden. Both had agreed they would sleep in today and only do what had to be done. But Ryen’s internal clock was not going to let him sleep in.
Ryen slid out of bed, making sure not to wake Ellie, and tiptoed into the bathroom. When he came back out, Ryen didn’t want to risk sliding back into bed. He knew letting Ellie sleep while he was awake would get him in trouble. But she needed the rest. So, Ryen grabbed his drawing tablet off the dresser and went downstairs.
Sitting on the wooden loveseat on the porch, Ryen surveyed the place that was now home. The garden was too the left. In front of him, the sun was peaking of the horizon, starting to light their world. To the right were trees. Ryen could have drawn any of them or all of them. But
:iconpsideschain:PsiDeschain 0 0
Cryptic Part 2 - The Abbey
Cryptic Part 2 – The Abby
Genre: Space Fantasy
Characters: Tantriss (Maid Machine OC) and Michael Marlowe
A/N: I would recommend checking the description before reading this.
Story Word Count: 1282
“We need to hurry,” I told Tantriss.
“What’s de rush?” Tantriss asked. When you’ve lived as long as Tantriss has, I don’t suppose there’s much you hurry for anymore. Though I’ll admit, there’s at least one activity she shows a distinct lack of patience toward.
“I want to get to the abbey before the Professors go home for the night.”
“Can’t we jus’ talk to dem tomorrow?” Tantriss asked, and I grimaced. “I’m not gonna kill you tonight, Michael.”
“Are you sure?” I asked in reply. I took Tantriss’ hesitation as “No, I’m not sure.” “I need you to do something for me.”
“What?” Tantriss said. Tantriss had thought the show
:iconpsideschain:PsiDeschain 1 7
Ellie Shepard - Armor by PsiDeschain Ellie Shepard - Armor :iconpsideschain:PsiDeschain 18 3 Shepard - Mourning by PsiDeschain Shepard - Mourning :iconpsideschain:PsiDeschain 11 3
Mature content
Cryptic Part 1 - The Vision :iconpsideschain:PsiDeschain 2 3
LOA Year XXX - Christina and Tony by PsiDeschain LOA Year XXX - Christina and Tony :iconpsideschain:PsiDeschain 7 7 Marika Black and Red by PsiDeschain Marika Black and Red :iconpsideschain:PsiDeschain 11 9 LOA iRaNT Station - Day 5 by PsiDeschain LOA iRaNT Station - Day 5 :iconpsideschain:PsiDeschain 7 4
Mature content
Long Black Train :iconpsideschain:PsiDeschain 2 0
Shepard and Edwards - Trust by PsiDeschain Shepard and Edwards - Trust :iconpsideschain:PsiDeschain 42 15 Rei - Fair Warning by PsiDeschain Rei - Fair Warning :iconpsideschain:PsiDeschain 8 2
Monsters on Maple Street
Monsters on Maple Street
Flash Fan Fiction for Mass Effect
Prompt: Monsters
Setting: New York, 2186 – days after the Reaper invasion begins
Characters: Commander Robert Edwards (OC)
Story Word Count: 416
Bobby Edwards pulled the boy into the branch of the Brooklyn Library and put a hand over his mouth. The boy couldn’t have been over seven and was in a mild state of shock. Bobby waited until he was sure the coast was clear then said, “I’m going to remove my hand, don’t scream, okay?” The boy nodded.
Bobby removed his hand, and the boy whimpered. Then the boy turned, looked at Bobby, and pointed outside. “That was a monster,” the boy said, tears welling up in his eyes.
Bobby crouched down and hugged the child. “Yes, it was,” Bobby said.
Once, the monster had been a Batarian. And once, Bobby had thought the Batarians were about the worst monsters the Milky Way had to offer. But that was no longer the case. The Milky Way’s
:iconpsideschain:PsiDeschain 2 0
Tantriss - Queen of the Djinn by PsiDeschain Tantriss - Queen of the Djinn :iconpsideschain:PsiDeschain 13 11 Gina - Jersey by PsiDeschain Gina - Jersey :iconpsideschain:PsiDeschain 16 10 Those Black Boots He Adored by PsiDeschain Those Black Boots He Adored :iconpsideschain:PsiDeschain 15 12


Ritratto 11 by pulpone Ritratto 11 :iconpulpone:pulpone 7 0 Bike Ride by jerry001 Bike Ride :iconjerry001:jerry001 11 15 Ciri and The Werewolf by nDelphi Ciri and The Werewolf :iconndelphi:nDelphi 7 2 Friends Forver: Christmas Edition by BornAngelAuthor Friends Forver: Christmas Edition :iconbornangelauthor:BornAngelAuthor 10 4 Kalista Blake by BornAngelAuthor Kalista Blake :iconbornangelauthor:BornAngelAuthor 19 9 New Character: Nakatao by BornAngelAuthor New Character: Nakatao :iconbornangelauthor:BornAngelAuthor 13 6 Foreshadowing or Foreboding by BornAngelAuthor Foreshadowing or Foreboding :iconbornangelauthor:BornAngelAuthor 4 2 Inktober Day 20: Fear by BornAngelAuthor Inktober Day 20: Fear :iconbornangelauthor:BornAngelAuthor 2 0 And Hell Rode With Him by RobF4 And Hell Rode With Him :iconrobf4:RobF4 13 8 Sci Fi Museum by beachlegs Sci Fi Museum :iconbeachlegs:beachlegs 11 6 The Farmer's Daughter by Silvinx The Farmer's Daughter :iconsilvinx:Silvinx 13 5 The Woman in Red by Silvinx The Woman in Red :iconsilvinx:Silvinx 6 2 TNT Girls 2018 (happy birthday RodS by oldeekdog
Mature content
TNT Girls 2018 (happy birthday RodS :iconoldeekdog:oldeekdog 9 17
SmidA - Ornamental Scars by SmidA460 SmidA - Ornamental Scars :iconsmida460:SmidA460 22 10 Heroine by pulpone Heroine :iconpulpone:pulpone 10 2 Urban scout 01 by Echidnaean Urban scout 01 :iconechidnaean:Echidnaean 5 0

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Thinking about long term goals with 3D art has made me curious. So, what's your plan for your art? 

4 deviants said Art for art's sake
4 deviants said I'd like to get good enough to make some money (either supplemental income or full-time).
4 deviants said Doing a comic/story (either totally with art or as a supplement to writing).
3 deviants said "I ain't here on business, baby, I'm only here for fun."
1 deviant said I really haven't thought about it.
1 deviant said That's an interesting question; let me tell you why ...


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United States
I'm having one of my bi-annual chemo treatments on Tuesday (not cancer-related). My posting will likely be sporadic over the next week or so, and current projects will probably be on hold.

Assuming I follow the normal pattern with this treatment: It's a quick ;) five-to-six-hour process, and the Benadryl they give me will make me sleepy. So, even after I get out the treatment I'll be (more) incoherent (than usual). Sometime late Tuesday night or early Wednesday, the Benadryl will wear off and the steroids will dominate. This often means a 24 hour period or more without sleep. I may post during that time. I probably will not work on anything that needs me to be focused, however. Thursday and Friday are the days I will feel the full effect of the chemo (unfelt effects will last for months). That's the basic pattern, but I do see variations. Hopefully, by next weekend I can resume a normal routine. I should, via my tablet, be able to check messages and keep up with favorites.

Long story short, in 2015 after a routine blood test, I was put in the hospital for kidney failure. All the tests came back negative except one. Turns out I won the lottery and have a rare (1 in 50,000) autoimmune disease. My body produces antibodies that cause my white blood cells to attack my vascular system. This can happen almost anywhere in the body, but is most common in the kidneys (check), lungs (check), and skin (check). The only treatment is chemotherapy. Between 40 and 50% of people with the disease don't see a recurrence after the first treatment (which is four of the doses I will take on Tuesday, usually done as two double doses two-weeks apart). I was not part of that group. The antibody count will go down after I've had a treatment, but then comes back up. The disease is dormant, but that could change at any time (and did - when it attacked my lungs). So, I have to have these maintenance doses of the chemo to knock the antibody count back down again.

(PSA) So, if your doctor recommends a blood test, I suggest you get one. I did not have any physical symptoms when I had mine done. So don't think, "I feel okay; I don't need it." You're not likely to get what I have (FYI, they don't know what causes this - rates are too low to determine cause), and I hope you don't get something else. But if you do, it's better if they can find it early. 


Halloween's just around the corner. Time for suitable music.

PS: Don't stare at the screen if you listen to this. It'll make your head spin. Hippies, man. ;)

There's a poll at DAZaholic's. It's running close now, so I'd encourage you to vote. I don't want to influence anyone, but being a lover of folk music I like trains (and I'm sure BornAngelAuthor would appreciate the votes).
This song seems like a good follow up to yesterday's journal. Perhaps my favorite John Gorka song.

I was going to post this yesterday, then I posted The Medicine instead (give priority to the title track, I guess). Like The Medicine, this will sound better with the volume just below ear-damaging levels. :)

A little more of a rocker than the folk stuff I generally share (so if you listen, crank it up).


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