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Contemplation by PsiDeschain Contemplation :iconpsideschain:PsiDeschain 6 5 Last Ones Alive - Day 1 by PsiDeschain Last Ones Alive - Day 1 :iconpsideschain:PsiDeschain 3 0 Jackie - Portrait by PsiDeschain Jackie - Portrait :iconpsideschain:PsiDeschain 4 0 Last Ones Alive - First Night by PsiDeschain
Mature content
Last Ones Alive - First Night :iconpsideschain:PsiDeschain 5 2
Not Too Late
Not Too Late
Fan Fiction for Mass Effect
Characters: Christina Shepard, Miranda Lawson, Eric Gilmoore (OC), Robert Edwards (OC)
Setting: A couple of months after the end of the Reaper War
Prompts: Losing Track of Time
Story Word Count: 738
“Shepard, I am so sorry. Oriana and I were talking, and I lost track of time.”
“It’s okay, Miranda. The party is still in the boring phase where everyone is sober. All you’ve missed is Bobby, Eric, and Garrus sharing stories about me,” Chrissy Shepard said.
“I loved those stories,” Tali said. “I learned some interesting things about Shepard. Of course, Liara probably knew them all already and wasn’t sharing.”
“I knew most of them,” Liara said.
“I knew having Bobby and Eric here was a bad idea,” Chrissy said. “Miranda, I think you’ve met everyone except Eric. Eric Gilmoore, this is Miranda Lawson. Miranda, Captain Eric Gilmoore. Eric and I go back to
:iconpsideschain:PsiDeschain 1 0
Last Ones Alive - Krystal by PsiDeschain Last Ones Alive - Krystal :iconpsideschain:PsiDeschain 6 0 Last Ones Alive - Rada by PsiDeschain Last Ones Alive - Rada :iconpsideschain:PsiDeschain 4 0 Last Ones Alive - Laine by PsiDeschain Last Ones Alive - Laine :iconpsideschain:PsiDeschain 3 0 Shepard and Edwards - Trekking by PsiDeschain Shepard and Edwards - Trekking :iconpsideschain:PsiDeschain 6 2 Hannah - Intimate Portrait by PsiDeschain Hannah - Intimate Portrait :iconpsideschain:PsiDeschain 12 0 Shepard - Blocks by PsiDeschain Shepard - Blocks :iconpsideschain:PsiDeschain 10 0
The Revolution
Revolution 12: The Revolution
Fan Fiction for Mass Effect
Characters: Hannah Shepard (OC), Scott Worth (OC), Joseph Tempest (OC), Kris Vakarian (OC), et. al.
Setting: Approximately 35 years after the Reaper War
Story Word Count: 2651
“Be careful, Hannah,” Tina Shepard said.
“I will, Mom. I love you,” Hannah said.
“I love you, too, dear,” Tina said, then Hannah ended the connection.
Dru had stood a respectful distance back. Now Dru approached and asked, “Are you ready?”
“Sure. I can’t wait to kill you,” Hannah said.
“Funny. Your brother’s not going to be happy if I die before the wedding.”
“He’ll get over it. Guess I should go interrogate Rodgers.”
In the room, Hannah turned off the monitoring equipment. Then, head down in submission, Hannah approached Rodgers. “Are you going to take me to Joseph?” Hannah asked.
“I’m surprised Commander Worth didn’t demand
:iconpsideschain:PsiDeschain 1 0
Fan Fiction for Mass Effect
Characters: Maria Perez, Hannah Shepard, Dru Miller (all OCs)
Setting: Omega, 26 years after the end of the Reaper War
Prompts: Christmas in July
Story Word Count: 924
Omega was busy. But Omega was always busy. Maria Perez stood in the crowd trying to decide if she would go home or if she would stop and get something to eat. Going home was the better choice, Maria knew, but Maria was tired. Stopping to eat would mean Maria didn’t have to cook or clean up after.
Maria had been on Omega for a couple of years now, but Maria was longing to see her family today. Maria’s mom, the now famous Dr. Jill Perez, was off somewhere studying a Reaper with Maria’s cousin David Shepard. Maria wondered how her mom was doing today. Maria would call when she got home. Rafi, Maria's brother, was living on the Citadel. Of the three of them, Rafi might be the one having the toughest time. Rafi’s artwork was beautiful, but had taken on darker tones s
:iconpsideschain:PsiDeschain 1 0
Shepard - Abandoned Building by PsiDeschain Shepard - Abandoned Building :iconpsideschain:PsiDeschain 8 2 Aurore - Shore by PsiDeschain Aurore - Shore :iconpsideschain:PsiDeschain 17 6 Laine - Full Body by PsiDeschain Laine - Full Body :iconpsideschain:PsiDeschain 5 0


Devon by Ariel-X Devon :iconariel-x:Ariel-X 28 36 Eyes on the Prize, Heroes! by MayaMiarka Eyes on the Prize, Heroes! :iconmayamiarka:MayaMiarka 22 11 Kiss On The Bridge 2 by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov Kiss On The Bridge 2 by Leonid Afremov :iconleonidafremov:Leonidafremov 72 0 Jane Shepard Kestrel Navy and All Red by BBMacToma Jane Shepard Kestrel Navy and All Red :iconbbmactoma:BBMacToma 4 0 Jane Shepard Kestrel Navy and Red by BBMacToma Jane Shepard Kestrel Navy and Red :iconbbmactoma:BBMacToma 2 0 The Lighthouse by CrownDigitalArt The Lighthouse :iconcrowndigitalart:CrownDigitalArt 5 3 Battle Plans by CrownDigitalArt Battle Plans :iconcrowndigitalart:CrownDigitalArt 13 6 Without words by Grummel83 Without words :icongrummel83:Grummel83 10 4 Vamptriss, Mistress of the Bayou (By Curtsibling) by MaidMachine Vamptriss, Mistress of the Bayou (By Curtsibling) :iconmaidmachine:MaidMachine 11 6 Shep n little dude by fishbone76 Shep n little dude :iconfishbone76:fishbone76 31 3 Colors In A Grey World by SilentLadyGTA
Mature content
Colors In A Grey World :iconsilentladygta:SilentLadyGTA 16 19
Desert Dance, Blonde Fantasy Woman Art, DS Iray by shibashake Desert Dance, Blonde Fantasy Woman Art, DS Iray :iconshibashake:shibashake 243 21 Breath of the Dragon by JoePingleton Breath of the Dragon :iconjoepingleton:JoePingleton 107 21 Icarus by Rookie425 Icarus :iconrookie425:Rookie425 53 3 Hannah Shepard Concept by BBMacToma Hannah Shepard Concept :iconbbmactoma:BBMacToma 11 0 Jane Shepard Concept by BBMacToma Jane Shepard Concept :iconbbmactoma:BBMacToma 8 0

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Another lighting experiment. I wanted something close to low key lighting, but I wanted to light the figure well. This uses a four-light setup. The main light on the right; two rim lights, one high to pointing down to highlight the hair and shoulders and one low from behind to highlight the legs. The fourth light illuminates the background but not too much; I still wanted this to have that dark, low-key tone.

Rendered in Daz Studio with Iray and no post-work. I used:

Mousso's Trinity
Out of Touch's Zola Hair
Dx30's Sandals
Backdrop and Art are from DM's Art Infinity
Pose is from DM's Flirtylicious
As in most of my renders, I used Riversoft Art's Expression Mixer
Last Ones Alive - Day 1

The next morning, Krystal was up early. When Laine and Rada were up, the three found something to eat. All agreed to eat the perishables first. They also agreed to shut down all non-essential equipment, including the air conditioning. They kept certain places operational, especially a small area that had internet kiosks.

Unfortunately, the connections were down. The problem seemed to be outside of the mall. Rada wanted to go outside and see if they could learn anything. Laine argued that the risk of attracting the wrong kind of attention was too high. Both appealed to Krystal to support their side. Krystal agreed with Laine that, for now, they should stay safe. Krystal hoped that help was coming. But if it didn’t come, Krystal said, they would have to explore outside the mall at some point.


Rendered in Daz Studio with Iray with no post-work.
Jackie - Portrait
Renderosity is running a sale for their anniversary, so I picked up a few things. This is Freja's Jackie, presented here with the loop portrait lighting style.

This was rendered in Daz Studio with Iray and no post-work.
Last Ones Alive - First Night

Laine: “I’m going to turn the lights off except for this area. We need to conserve as much energy as we can. We keep the fuel tanks for the emergency generators full but getting more will be hard.”

Rada: “I’m not sure I want to stay in here.”

Laine: “It’s your decision. But if you decide to leave, don’t expect me to let you back in.”

Krystal: “We need to leave at some point to see if anyone else is out there.”

Laine: “We can survive for weeks, maybe months, in here. I say if there are people still alive, let them find us. We can try TV or radio, but all the radio stations went off the air while I was driving here.”

Rada: “Why do you get to make all the decisions? There’s three of us, so we should vote on what we’re going to do.”

Laine: “Vote if you want, but this is my mall. I’m the one who can get us into every shop and I know where things are and how they work.”

Krystal: “For now, I’m with Laine. Though I hope we are not stuck in here for weeks. Hopefully this is localized, and the government will send in troops to clear those things out.”

Laine: “We’ll check the satellite and the internet tomorrow. But after seeing what I saw, I need something to drink. If this turns out to be my last night, I’m not going to spend it worrying.”

Rada: “That idea I can support.”

Krystal: “We’d be more likely to see another night if we started preparing now.”

Laine: “Drink tonight, prepare tomorrow. I need sleep. After seeing those things eat my boyfriend, I’m not going to sleep unless I’m drunk.”

Later, after Laine and Rada have polished off a couple of bottles of wine, Laine convinces them to try on things from a local store. Then:

Laine: “Come on, ladies. Let’s dance.”

Rada: “I can barely walk in these things. There is no way I’m dancing in them.”

Krystal (shaking her head): “I think I’m calling it a night. I want to get an early start tomorrow.”

Laine: “No, you’re right. Let’s crash for tonight. Tomorrow, we get to work.”


Initial image: Last Ones Alive by PsiDeschain

Character backgrounds:

Laine Last Ones Alive - Laine by PsiDeschain

Rada Last Ones Alive - Rada by PsiDeschain

Krystal Last Ones Alive - Krystal by PsiDeschain

Rendered in Daz Studio with Iray and dForce (no post-work). The background is an HDRI from HDRI Haven.

I'm sticking this here for reference. Lists like these are by their nature subjective. In a game like Mass Effect, the choices you make (like who to take on a mission) is going to affect your views on the characters. My first playthrough of ME1 I used Liara or Ashley and Tali a lot (Liara for biotics, Ashley for weapons, and Tali so I could hack into things). Consequently, Liara and Tali became my two favorite characters (there was that incident on Horizon that tainted my view of Ashley; followed by an incident on Mars). Which is to say that I don't expect people to agree with my list.

Favorite character: Fem Shep (Runner-up: Male Shep) – Seldom in a game is the player character not my favorite character. It’s the character you spend the most time with and come to know the best. There have been exceptions. Most notably in Far Cry 2, I had developed a dislike for my character at the end. What makes that a great game is that you were supposed to dislike that character.

Despised character: Kai Lang – He’s a gloating SOB even though you kick his ass every time you see him. But he’s got the mystical video game protection that doesn’t allow you to finish him off. In the end, he’s more annoying than anything. At least we had the satisfaction of stabbing him to death.

Favorite Party Member: Liara (Runner-up: Tali) – Yes, I believe the devs wanted her to be a favorite. But the same is true with Garrus, and I never hear anyone complain about that. I can ignore Garrus for three games, and Shepard still says there is no Shepard with Vakarian. Really? He hasn’t contributed at all. (I like Garrus, but I find that line odd in a playthrough where he’s not used).

Despised Party Member:</b> Kaidan – Ashley’s actions on Horizon are bad, but Kaidan’s are worse. Then, in the letters, they send Shepard, Ashley seems to have given some consideration to how Shepard feels. Kaidan doesn’t appear to have thought about anyone but himself. They’re roughly equal in their actions at the start of ME3 and during the coup attempt. But in the conversation at the airlock, Kaidan is an insufferable ass. “Yes, Kaidan, you’re right. It does matter how things went down. You had to think about whether or not you believed Udina or me even though I’ve saved your life multiple times and Udina has repeatedly tried to screw us over.” (I have a little bit of dislike for Kaidan’s attitude.)

Overrated character: See despised party member. I’m okay with the rest.

Underrated character: Samara – I don’t want to romance Samara, but she’s an interesting character that gets overlooked.

Favorite villain: The Illusive Man – He’s a villain. I don’t have any sympathy for the Illusive Man. But the character is well written and fulfills his role well.

Despised villain: Kai Lang – See Despised character

Favorite Species: Asari – Between Liara, Samara, Aria, and Matriarch Aethyta, I enjoy the Asari conversations the best. Plus, they’re more complex than most of the species. They are the oldest and wisest, supposedly, yet their secrecy almost loses the war. They are willing to allow slavery on Illium, but the Justicars have a code that punishes misdeeds. They are a walking contradiction but in a good, believable way. As with all sci-fi, you have to see them as reflecting something of human culture, and they do. Sometimes those who claim to be best will justify the worst behavior.

Despised Species: Batarians

Favorite Location: The Apartment (For battles: Ilos) - I love the simple things, and there are some great scenes that happen in that apartment.

Despised Location: The Citadel in ME1 – Things were far apart, and you spent way too much time in elevators. The Mako gets a lot of heat, but The Citadel was what turned me off in ME1 for a long time until I eventually just powered through it.

Favorite Armor: N/A – I generally have not used complete sets in ME. I piecemeal what works best for the class I’m playing. If I had to pick I’d go with the Phoenix armor from FemShep’s Closet mod.

Despised Armor: Quarian armor in ME1 – The never-ending quest to get Tali some armor that keeps her from dying right away was horrible. I get that it should be rare, but it’s almost non-existent.

Favorite Weapon: Black Widow (Runner-up: Geth Pulse Rifle)


Working on the next render for the Last Ones Alive has me thinking about what I do in that situation. It also makes me wonder what other people would do. So, it's after midnight and you find yourself safely locked in a mall the first night a zombie apocal 

4 deviants said Gather weapons.
2 deviants said Get a good nights sleep.
1 deviant said Build a safe room.
1 deviant said Other (tell me).
No deviants said Get plastered.


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