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  • Listening to: do it alone - sugarcult
  • Reading: your mind
  • Watching: my faith to deceive
  • Playing: the keyboard
  • Eating: my thoughts
  • Drinking: your soul
Hey guys,

I've been here on deviantart for about 3 years now, but never used it beyond being a great research tool of cool photos and resources, like brushes, patterns and textures for photoshop. But now, i'm finally coming out of the cage and will start uploading some of my art (if you can call them art, of course) since i'm going to graphic design's college soon. So.. i think it's very convenient for me to start making good use of deviantart. And i'll try my best to make nice resources to entertain all of you guys, so you can enjoy the most of my deviations. I'm also seriously thinking about posting my non-poetic writings here, but i gotta translate them first, since they're all in portuguese and the majority of the users here speak english. Enough being a non-typical noob now, hope it really works this time..

Mandy (or psicodelica, if you want to ;))