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Russian Saint by Psi-Baka-Onna Russian Saint by Psi-Baka-Onna
I found some old colour pencils and decided to mess around with them and a sharpie. I don't usually ink by pen so I think it turned out pretty well all things considered.

This character has a bit of a story to it. It starts with a game called Saints Row the Third. It's a sandbox game similar to Grand Theft Auto only balls-to-the-wall insane, for those that aren't in the know. In it you customise the main character to look however you want. :iconthe-russian-gestapo: has a habit of playing as Mr Pain whenever he plays, one of the three male voice options being a cockney voice. It's oddly fitting.

When I played Saints Row 2, I tried playing as Samara [link] and thought I'd do the same in the third installment. This didn't work out very well as there's only 3 voices for each gender, the female options being American, generic "black" voice and Russian. The american voice also happened to be exactly the same as one of the main female characters in the game, which made it very difficult to work out who was talking half the time.

Sean complained about the use of the american voice so I decided to create a new character based on the Russian voice. What I ended up with was the above character and she was bloody magical. She was endearing, enthusiastic, funny and had a thing for riding around on a tricked out super bike.

Sean and I played through the game a second time via the online co-op using Pain and my Russian chick. We enjoyed it so much, Sean decided to turn her into a character he'd wanted to introduce to Detulux. I then dubbed her Kapitolina. Because it's an actual Russian name that sounds kinda like capitalism. Funny.

As for who she is in terms of Detulux, you'll have to wait. There is a hint coming up in one of the World Tour collabs but I'm not spoiling anything. Whether or not she turns up in the World Tour herself is up to Sean, although I have suggested a story idea for her. We'll see.

Kap in Saints Row, name misspelled as Sean was the one to upload her (I'm sure she's used to it): [link]

Pain in Saint's Row: [link]
DarkeAngel Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2013   General Artist
ha ha, Russians everywhere. she looks like a no nonsense sorta lass.
Psi-Baka-Onna Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think she's actually pretty mellow for someone who gets into a lot of fights. She's a lot like a certain other Russian personality wise. If you re-read the script for the collab you're working on, I'm sure you could figure out why. =P
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July 1, 2013
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