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The Thoughts of a Baby Alligator

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When I heard his thoughts on Slice Of Life, I was like "Whoa, Gummy's real deep"
WerewolfConfess's avatar
Lol that was awesome. By far the funniest comic I've seen.
Animatorsnake's avatar
Wise and Great Gummy *bows down*
joltster109's avatar
GUMMY! You and your philosophical ways! xD
UltraTheHedgetoaster's avatar
Somepony should totally do an "Ask existential Gummy"-tumblr. :XD:

Or a re-telling / dub of his previous appearances in the show. =P
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AuraDrak's avatar
OMG!  Great work!  Saw it on you-tube!
MLPmichael's avatar
im pretty sure they took inspiration from the paralyzed horse of bravest warriors.
JoeWu2012Blue's avatar
philosophic Gummy... You're just the BEST of the show...
Rexlare's avatar
For a Moment I thought he was the heart of darkness.
Alright, Gummy, good gator. You may eat the tart now.
rantam11's avatar
,,, I think he's asking for a high five.
Yapity's avatar
yes! My favorite quote from adventure time!

It was that episode that made me watch the rest of the series.
superwaffle350's avatar
Gummy is the new Philosoraptor.
CMC--Scootaloo's avatar
I have no idea, but I'm sure Pinkie understands, Gummy.
Were this most jovial of implantations upon the mind ever to grace my eyes, I would dance the jig of the beamish boy. For I, one of man, had seen the solace to be found in the thoughts of the baby alligator.

Wisdom-Thumbs's avatar
"So you're saying you like pie?" - Pinkie, probably

I'm guessing Gummy's lines here are in reference to something, but no matter and whatever, STILL great. Perfect use of close-ups and breaking up the dialogue.
FlyingBrickAnimation's avatar
Gummy: "Like it says in the good book of Paul, in times of darkness, Mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom, let it be. Can ya dig what I'm laying on ya, baby?"

This results in a horrified  scream from Pinkie.
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Gummy's speech is still ringing in my head
jyroman53's avatar
Gummy for best philosopher !!!!
Kerafym's avatar
That scene made me think of this.…
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