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Pokemon Bubble Tutorial - Photoshop

By PSHoudini

Learn How to create your own personalized real life pokeball. In this tutorial I will teach you how to create the pokeball out of a bubble and water filling.
Here is one pokeball image I created previously and I received many petitions to create a tutorial on how to create it.

For now I will only teach how to create the bubble pokeball, on my next tutorial I will teach how to create the Pokémon out of one single bubble source as in my latest pokeball creation(the bunny).

This entire tutorial was created with Photoshop CS5. I do not know if all the other Photoshop versions have all the necessary tools to accomplish the tutorial completely.

Here are the source images and brushed I used:
:iconlieveheersbeestje: Bubble [link]
:iconjinxmim: Fish [link]
:iconmasteraar: Pokéball [link]
:iconrosalinestock: Water [link]
Sun Brush [link]
Water Brush [link]

If you liked this tutorial I’m sure you’ll love these other ones I created.
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Thank you so much for this amazing tutorial, I have seen it a couple times and always looked it over, finally decided to give it a shot ^_^…
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Thanks for the tutorial!
It was great for my first time doing something like this.
I used actual pokemon in the ball. :)…

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Have you made a video for this???
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Hi, I used it here :…
Thanks for sharing !
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I don't have paint brush 625!
Please send me a link when you can

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Cause Yugioh cards were already taken
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Thank you ! I will work more Photoshop ! :)
woutiou's avatar
Thank you ! I will work more Photoshop ! :3
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Thank you so much, here my work
Hi. How can I get those brushes (sun & watersplash brush)?

I'm working with Photoshop CC 2014.

Contact me

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The owner of this tutorial confirmed the links for the brushes

Sun Brush-…
Water Brush-…
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The Fish's link isn't working...Just saying!
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thank you so much for your tutorial :)

here's my work ^^
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gave it a try. here`s my result..
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I made this tuto, and it was really fun!
Thank you ! :hug:

here my work: Water ball by Adutelluma   and  Mermaid in a pokeball by Adutelluma  
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Used here:
Thank you very much! Hug 
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