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Giant Turtle's Death

So, there I was searching the net for turtle images I might use for this contest and I stumbled upon this illo and I loved it.
So I started to develop my idea with that image as a reference.
Here are the main sources I used

The rest is all mine.

The idea here is a giant turtle that has been slaughtered by hunters and was able to escape in time to die in his cave beside his best friend.

I hope you like it as much as I did to create it. :-)

this image was created for a contest in and ended up in 3rd place. for more info please visit [link]
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First, I want to say that this almost made me cry. The whole mood conveys perfectly the gut-wrenching feeling of losing someone so close, and seeing the picture you based it on (where the giant turtle's friend was a little girl) added in the feel of a long-time companion.
The girl in this image seems to almost be begging, praying even, for her friend not to leave her. The turtle looks as if he may cry, not wanting his little friend so upset, but still wanting to be by her side.
My only complaint is that the spears look a bit fake, especially when compared to the rest of the picture. Other than that, it came out incredibly well.
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Ok..... First of all: I like it. However, I think there are two things that for me, personally, don't really look right.

First of all, the spears (sorry, I don't know the actual English word) in the head somehow don't seem right to me, their position doesn't fit the way a human could or would throw them; how should they get as high? It must have fallen down on them, but considering how deep they are inside.... I don't have the impression that this really accords to human killers.
Secondly, the turtle's friend.... To me, her gesturing doesn't really look like friendship to me, more like devoting something to a god, a gesture of honour, of bringing an.... uhm.... hell, I don't know how to talk english anymore -.- AH, remembered the word! It seems more like she's offering a sacrifice than saying goodbye to a dear friend.
What's more, the blood looks somewhat long-dried to me, not like fresh ones, without your text I wouldn't have associated her dying, to be honest....

ANyway, it does contain a lot of emotion and I still love it, simply due to the idea and all that *-*
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OMG, I am in love with your work... You are so talented... amazing gallery xD 
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Very emotional! Great work!
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wow...pretty cool!
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sad, but what a wonderful piece!
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quero ser que nem tu quando crescer ,mil parabéns :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
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hehehe...mto obrigado!
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:love:wow quelle scène magnifique!! ...magnifique dans la conception et par le travail effectué :clap:
(non pas dans la "douleur" de la tortue... ...quelle souffrance!)

:love: wow what beautiful scene! beautiful ... in the design and the work done :clap:
(not in the "pain" of the turtle ...... what suffering!)
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wow...tks so much for the feedback! i really appreciate it
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Very touching..
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i really appreciate it...tks
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You're most welcome, Dude. :D
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Dude this is amazing. You are one of the best photomanipulators I have seen on DA. Awesome work, so sad
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woohoo!! so nice of you <3
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I don't think I've been so close to tears over a picture before.
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