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A Sad Day - Plus .PSD File



In case you are interested on knowing how I created this image, you can download the .PSD in small resolution to know my step by steps. (please do not post this image in any

other place and claim it as your own. I only provide the .psd for those of you that want to know the whole process I used and learn something from it)

Main images used:

:iconvividlight: sun brush: [link]

Check out my other image with a .psd to download
Image size
700x525px 13.88 MB
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Impact

To start off, I like to say that I give critiques honestly and the best of my ability, and I mean no spite or malice when I write these. My only goal is that the artist is better able to understand issues with their work. However, I am no professional critic, I hope that you can appreciate my critique all the same. Now with that out of the way, let me begin!

Vision: I think that vision is how the viewer perceives the image, as well as the following: the artist takes his/her idea and carries it through to the end with a nice finish. I downloaded the process file to see how your work came along. Needless to say, I was impressed greatly! I loved seeing your work, and I could almost follow your thought process. I rated this 4 stars because of the fact that also when I see the image, as its viewer, I think that the horse kneeling on the right looks almost like he is... well, floating? This may just be my eyes, but it seems like it. But other than that, it is really lovely. I think you carried out your vision well, and the image is very pleasing to the eye.

Originality: I rate originality based on many things, but the main one would be the fact of if you pulled off the overall concept well. If it is a concept that is used a lot, or possibly is just a run of the mill concept, then I ask myself, “Did the artist put their own touches to make it unique and their own?” I got the following ideas/concepts from this piece: "Mourning," "Death," and "At Peace." I added the last one because the horse looked like even in death, the horse was not afraid. He looked rather peaceful, and wasn't afraid of dying. His fellow equine friends seem to mourn his death, but they look somewhat peaceful too. You picked amazing horse stock for this image, as their body language is wonderful and conveys everything perfectly. However, I cannot say that this is an extremely rare concept. I rated 4.5 stars because this concept is used often, and I think maybe could have added a few things to make it their own even more. What to add, sadly I am at a loss. But, I think that something could be added. This is just my opinion however.

Technique: I must give you an outstanding rating, 5 stars, because you deserve it for this image. As I went through the .PSD, I saw the processes and colors you used, as well I saw you left a horse out. I think that was a wise idea, otherwise it would have seemed too crowded in my opinion. I saw your maskings, and only an artist with technique could blend the horses into the image to make it look realistic. You did just that. You did an amazing job of having the image create a beautiful atmosphere.

Impact: This was rated 4.5 stars, because though the impact was not perfect, it was rather exceptional. The impact made me feel the emotion of those horses, and I almost felt like I had lost a friend as well.

Though there could be a few minor adjustments, the image was superior to many photo manipulations I have seen. It is in the higher leagues, but it is not at the top. However, I believe with some more practice, you will bring even greater images to the table. I also believe, that you will one day shock me with one of your pieces, and I will give it 5 stars overall. Keep up the good work! I hope that my critique will help you grow into an even better artist, and I look forward to critiquing even more of you work.

Samantha H. “German-Mutt”