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  • Listening to: Gossip and La Roux
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Hi to all my watchers (if you're still there;),

Funny how your regular work can switch you off from doing personal stuff. I guess it can be counted in years since I've uploaded something that is worth looking here. I've decided to give it a fresh start. I hope it won't end like it ended here, but well - you never know until you try :)

Actually it's kinda funny, cause obviously lots of people come here to exhibit their works in hope that they'll find someone who will pay them for doing what they like. Then, after being hired for some time you realise that you're well paid but you don't have a second for your own work. When you're coming back home at 6-7pm everyday, designing its the last thing that comes to your mind, really.

In addition, I've studied graphic design for 4 years already. I hope to finish 5th and get masters degree next year, so basically half of all weekends for last 4 years I've been studying. Imagine that you work as hell all week long and after that during friday evening you can't really rest but you have to catch a train ride 120km from home and well, study all weekend.

Oddly enough, I still love design. I love that feeling when you're doing something that looks like crap and finally you get to the point when it is finally looking good. Because don't get me wrong - doing graphics stuff for a living and studying it at the same time can REALLY make you hate your computer, tablet and so on and it's really easy to make your hobby something you hate the most, but if you really love it I guess you're gonna get over it somehow and come back to the point where its pure fun :) Well, at least I did :)

So anyway, from now on will be my main account. I hope I'll give you something to look at there :)