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I've been reading Fallout Equestria and just couldn't refrain myself from drawing this scene of ch 19 (/45+). It's such a good plot point it had me smiling the whole day.
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I think it was after this Velvet fell off my favorite FoE character list
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The betrayal of trust between Littlepip and Velvet Remedy. Littlepip, roughly a month earlier was captured by Old Appleloosa Slavers along with another Unicorn named Monterey Jack, after the slavers were unintentionally slain by Raiders, Littlepip freed both of them only for Monterey to try and steal from Littlepip. Littlepip managed to persuade Monterey to just walk away and held a grudge for his actions when she just helped him out. She would meet Monterey Jack again at Tenpony Tower in Manehattan, where she would chew him out at the local security for this... only to discover that any citizens of Tenpony Tower that part-took in Raider-like activities would be punished by execution, and that Monterey was a widowed father of three. Littlepip planned to stage a rescue from Tenpony to save Monterey Jack; building a Dart Gun to tranquilize the guards and free the doomed Unicorn... only to have Velvet turn it against her. At the time, Littlepip was suffering from addiction to Party Time Mint-Als, and the closest known drug cure center was in Tenpony Tower, knowing how Party Time Mint-Als drove a wedge between Pinkie Pie and Twilight long ago; Velvet didn't want this to happen with her fellow Stable Dweller, and if Littlepip was caught going behind the backs of Tenpony Tower; all three of them would be banned from the place: the only (at the time) safe haven in all of the Manehattan Ruins they knew about. While Littlepip was unconscious, Monterey Jack was hanged to death and Littlepip was left in possession of his Cheese Shop and all of Montereys' possessions. Having been aware that such a scenario of being unable to save Monterey was likely, Littlepip early-on cashed in on a favor that she owed some Griffins to take Monterey's children to safety in Shattered Hoof.
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amazing kinda gets me to want to read fallout equestria, you have a link>
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thanks, you saved me some time
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Oh dear... This looks bad...
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So, I see you've played Fallout and made the dart gun before, because you did a damned good job with it. This is a great scene of weakness in LittlePip, and I have those same feelings with certain scenes of fanfics, that I just HAVE to draw them! Great job!
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I believe it was some kind of pink, but I don't remember for sure. It wasn't green though! :3
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Thanks for the input.
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Message from Kkat:

This is amazing! :wow:

I'm deeply honored. :hug:

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I'm still a bit shellshocked over the reception, but I give my thanks to all of you.
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I like how scruffy Pip looks - just right.
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very well done thank you for shearing it
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Like the look on Pips face; kind of a mix between WTF Velvet and I've had too many PTM's
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agree whit that XD
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