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International Ice Hockey Federation
May 2014
“Where is Czech Republic?” Slovakia asked his older brother. “It’s not like her to be late to a World Conference.”
“How should I know?” Austria huffed. “I asked her if she could give me a ride and she brushed me off like she didn’t know me. For all I care, she can miss the whole meeting.”
“She’s not the only one who is late.” Hungary added. “Plenty of other countries haven’t arrived.”
“To be technical, the meeting doesn’t start in another 7 minutes.” Switzerland reported as he passed by the three countries.
“He’s right, we should just take our seats and wait.” Austria continued, stomping to his seat with enough gusto to show he was still upset with his little sister.
After two minutes, Russia arrived with his two sisters and the Baltics. During the next three minutes, the Nordics came in and took their seats. With half a minute to spare, both Amer
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PruHun: From Russia With Love
Hungary walked down the hall, staring at the red carpet as her worries about Austria intensified with each step. This was the first time she’d been separated from Austria since their marriage ended, and Hungary was certain that Austria could not survive on his own. Switzerland wouldn’t help him, not anymore, and Germany, poor little West, had his hands full with the occupation. Hungary’s clasped hands trembled from the stress. Just as she was imagining what France would be doing to Austria, Hungary ran into someone.
Czech stumbled to the side, clutching her left shoulder with a grimace. “Geez Hungary, watch where you’re going.” Czech grumbled, though her words didn’t match the slight grin on her face.
Hungary stared at the well spirited country, whose cheeks and nose were pink from the outside cold. The ghost of a smile still occupied Czech’s face, and Hungary wondered what could be making Czech so happy, especially considering that state
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Bohemia: Frohe Weihnachten
Austria shut the door to the kitchen and approached the table that was laden with an assortment of colorful dishes: turkey, potatoes, springerle, mashed ligonberries, weisswurst, and even a carp –something Bohemia had cooked with Hungary’s help- sat amongst the crowded dishes.
Treasuring the rare silence, which would disappear in a few moments, Austria lit the candelabra and inhaled the warm aromas that wafted off the dishes before him. The heat from the food seeped into his bones and dispelled all thoughts of winter while at the same time reinforcing it with their presence.
“Everything ready?” A voice behind him asked.
Austria didn’t need to turn around to know it was Hungary, so he replied without looking up from the napkins he was refolding.
“Just about, you can bring them in.”
“Alright,” she chirped, and she returned in such a short time that Austria suspected that the children had been waiting just outside the doors.
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Bohemia: Language Lessons
The air inside the schoolroom was heavy from the summer heat. Bohemia longingly stared out the window, wishing she could be climbing trees or picking flowers with Italy. She flopped onto her stomach, happy that the couch cushions were soft and comfortable. Lying as she was, she could stare out the wide window for hour-
“Bohemia, please read this sentence aloud.” Austria said, tapping the board on which he’d written a simple sentence.
Bohemia unhappily looked at the chalkboard with eyes still wide from staring outside. A few moments passed in silence as Bohemia’s eyes slowly narrowed in thought. Time stretched on and Bohemia twisted around so that she sat instead of lied on the couch.
“Chlapec běžel,” she concluded with a sure nod.
Austria stared at Bohemia with restrained annoyance. “Bohemia, that’s not what I wrote. Try again.”
“Ne, napsal jsi ‘chlapec běžel'.” Bohemia protested with a smile. P
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Czech Chapter 6: Summer 1939
Czech opened her eyes and sat up. She gazed around at the empty barracks –Germany didn’t have enough rooms in his house- and imagined it being filed with troops. Her troops.
She missed them terribly. From sharing meals and drinks to practicing drills and shooting; every moment she’d spent with them had meant a great deal. She’d taught them strategies, and they’d taught her how to play the trumpet. She’d taught them an old drinking game, and they’d taught her one of the newer drinking games. It had been a relationship closer than that of her own family, and she’d turned away from them.
“But for good reason,” she muttered to herself as she got out of bed and slipped her indoor shoes on. “If I weren’t here, they’d be here.” Czech didn’t want to say aloud that the actual truth was that they would be dead if she weren’t at Germany’s. Even if she would be the only one to hear the fact, she w
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Austria's Birthday
Czech exhaled, smoothed the front of her dress and mentally prepared for the day ahead of her. It only took half a minute, but the feat seemed monumental.
Austria looked up from his morning coffee at the sound of the front door opening. Czech stood in front of the closed door, staring at Austria with, not a smile, but a gentle face. She wore a long sleeved, sapphire dress that made her blue eyes seemed brighter by contrast, and the lace at her neck softened the angles of her face, making Austria forget –if just a bit- that she had been starving in the East a year ago.
“Alles Gute zum Geburtstag,” Czech greeted.
“Danke,” Austria thanked, moderately surprised that she knew the phrase.
Czech glided to the oven, graceful and certain in her steps. All these years, when she had protested to Austria that she did wear dresses from time to time, Austria had not believed her. But seeing her walk now, he knew he’d been wrong. The knowledge brought a faint smile
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FranceXReader- Strength to Fight
You refrained from grinning as he ran his hands through your hair. While that action ordinarily brightened your attitude, the only thing you could think about was how soft his hands were. How unready those hands were for fighting. How unready he was for fighting.
“Don’t go.” You repeated, but Francis only smiled in response, a sad smile that was more tragic than happy.
“I have to ma chérie.” He whispered as his hand traveled to your neck and he gently pulled you towards him for a quick kiss. It was far too innocent for the good-bye he was giving, but he had to consider the troops watching them on the wagon behind him.
“You can’t fight.” You exhaled, feeling warm salty tears run down your cheeks. “You don’t kill. That’s not in your nature.” You rested your head on his chest, which had no trace of fat, but was nowhere near muscular enough to be a soldier’s body.
“I have to, to protect the ones I love
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HongIce: Tourist Season
Emil watched the boats come into the harbor with a disdainful curl of his lip. While he would have given nearly anything for tourists years ago, now he would pay whatever price to keep them away. Their flashing cameras and gawking stares. Their loud screams and blatant disrespect for the wildlife. It made him physically ill.
He got to his feet and made his way down the rocky hill with the swift nimbleness of a mountain goat. Once his booted feet touched the leveled earth, Emil straightened his sweater and headed for his family shop. With the surge of tourists coming in, his parents would need his help to watch the curios shop –a small extension of their restaurant that was only open in the summer months.
Their shop was on the edge of the city, close to the docks, so by the time Emil arrived the tiny space was already crowded with shouting tourists. He heard a few mention his lopapeysa and he could see the flash of their cameras on the ground in front of him. Emil used to grin and
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Bohemia: Cherry Blossoms
Austria stomped across the emerald lawns, searching for a flash of dark hair and listening for a high pitched giggle. After circling around the house twice, Austria expanded his radius and quickly found the young girl underneath the bright pink cherry tree by the west wall of the estate.
“Bohemia!” Austria shouted. He broke out in an uncharacteristic run towards his sister so he could reach her before she could run away or climb the tree. In the half a minute it took him to reach his sister, though, she didn’t budge an inch. She didn’t even acknowledge Austria’s presence until he stopped in front of her and began to glare angrily.
“Yes, Big Brother?” Bohemia asked innocently, but the face she wore as she looked up from her wreath of flowers made Austria almost feel guilty for interrupting her.
“You’re late for your piano lessons.” Austria replied, forcing himself to remain angry at a little girl with fallen cherry blossom peta
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Czech Chapter 5: March 1939 (still)- Germany
After eating the pasta and drinking two glasses of beer, Germany asked Czech if she wanted a tour of the house, so that she could find her way around more easily. Czech agreed, if only because the reason was logical, and followed the German around his house with an uneasy silence.
“And here is the library.” Germany said, stopping at the last room in the house.
“May I read?” Czech asked before she could consider the question in her head properly.
“Ja, feel free.” Germany said, opening the door for Czech. Czech did her best to suppress her amazement. The library was not as large or ornate as her own, but the room was clean, orderly, lit by natural light coming in from wide windows, and –most importantly- filled to the brim with books. A few comfortable couches and sit alones sat on the floor and a round table with four chairs occupied a far corner near the leftmost window. The room was a small piece of heaven to Czech, but its status was diminish
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After spreading jam on his scone and adding milk to his tea, Britain settled down in a high-backed, wooden chair at the kitchen table. For once, the sky had allowed the sun to shine and the golden rays poured into the kitchen via the small window over the sink and the large window by the table. Quite ominously, one particular ray fell onto the unread morning newspaper. Britain nibbled on his scone, forcing himself to look at anything but the front page: the clock -7:13 AM- at the sink –which contained no dishes- at the fridge –on which hung a calendar. Friday, September 19th, 2014.
By the time half the scone was eaten, Britain’s will had relented and he turned to the paper. Britain read the cover and found the information he sought on the front page in the left column. He nearly spat out his mouthful of tea when the headline of the article caught his eye. He immediately, without reading further, dropped the paper and left his breakfast where it lied. Britain ran to th
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The Betrayal
Czech smoothed the front of her dress and continued to pace the room. Sunlight poured in from the tall windows that stretched down the long hall, and the uncharacteristic heat of early October provoked Czech to tug at the tight collar of her light blue dress. Though the heat wasn’t what brought the most discomfort. The prospect of meeting other countries made Czech sweat more than the hot, muggy air. Her palms were slimy from the moisture and she could feel the coarse fabric of her fitted dress stick to her back. Her frantic breathing was inhibited by the tightness of her white belt. Her boss, Tomáš Masaryk, had been so eager to slim Czech’s waist that he never considered how deeply the leather cut into her skin. Czech immediately loosened the belt without consideration to her boss and relished the new level of peace that could be accomplished with proper breathing. But inner tranquility could not be accomplished with so much hair on her head!
Czech untied a ribbo
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WWI Chronicles: Battle of Tannenberg
Prussia sat on the fallen log, clutching his tin cup of coffee as though it were a life line. His hands trembled as he brought the cup to his lips, though they shook not from the cold, but from fear.
A Russian transmission had been found and translated, and the numbers just reached his ears a minute ago.
135,000 of his men against 650,000 Russians.
Prussia drained the last drops of coffee and rested his feverish head in his sweaty hands. Well over four times his number. He could practically hear Russia’s chilling voice in his ear, telling him to surrender, and see the childish grin that only made Prussia shiver.
He needed something a bit stronger than coffee if he was to make it through the day. Prussia got to his feet and headed for the commanding officer’s tent, hesitating for a brief moment before he entered. He wasn’t much in the mood to hear the humans complain about the odds; it only made his own dread worse.
Though when he entered, Prussia was surprised to see
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Czech Chapter 4: March 1939- Germany
“Whose house is this?” Czech asked when she and Italy had reached the pristine kitchen.
“You don’t know? It’s Mr. Germany’s!” Italy said with a big grin. “He’s my friend and he lets me stay with him.”
“Germany,” Czech murmured to herself. She vaguely remembered the uniforms of her enemy and their accents, similar to those in Sudetenland. Then came the image of striking blue eyes and the powerful force they came with. Of course, Czech recalled. He threw the knife at me, that’s where the shoulder wound came from, and I surrendered. It makes sense that he brought me to his house.
Czech sat down on a barstool as she continued to think, reveling in her newfound memories. So why was I in a bed and not a cell? Why am I not being guarded? Where even is the guy who brought me here?
“So, where is Germany then?” Czech asked.
“I don’t know. He’s always gone when I wake up. I just wait around
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Czech Chapter 3: March 1939- Germany
Czech woke up, keeping her eyes half-closed to block out the bright light shining in from the window. After lying still for a few moments, she sat up and winced from a dull pain. The epicenter, of which, was her lower abdomen. As if reminded, her left shoulder began to sting as well, prompting Czech to close her eyes again and wait for the pain to subside. When the sensation became mere discomfort, Czech glanced at the alarm clock beside the bed.
9:42 am
She threw off the covers with her right hand; she had slept in far too much for a weekday. There was no excuse no matter how injured she was.
When her bare feet touched the wooden floor, chilled from the winter weather, Czech allowed a small grin to spread across her flushed face. The cold prickled her feet and numbed the soreness in her legs as though she was in an ice bath. She remained on the edge of her bed, waiting until she was sure there was enough strength in her legs to stand.
While waiting, Czech inspected the room she was in
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WWI Chronicles: Battle of Mons
Belgium was forced to duck as a mortar shell flew overhead and collided with an embankment just a dozen yards away. Dirt soared into the air and rained onto her with the ferocity of hail. Her ears rang from the explosion, but she’d grown so used to the handicap that she could still, in a sense, act and communicate without proper hearing.
She lifted her head up from the ground and brushed stray dirt from her hair and face. It was more of a reaction than actual grooming, which France was actively doing beside her. He was practically in tears over the state of his clothes and hair.
Belgium could see him open his mouth to complain about his ragged appearance, but he was silenced by another round of machine gun fire.
“I can’t take this!” France yelled once the firing paused, the Germans were reloading.
Belgium used this period of silence to fire a few shots from her rifle at the gunners. She saw one fall, only for another to take his place.
“At this rate, they&
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Handcuffed by SybLaTortue Handcuffed :iconsyblatortue:SybLaTortue 1,411 204 Vigil by SybLaTortue Vigil :iconsyblatortue:SybLaTortue 829 61 045 by wickedalucard 045 :iconwickedalucard:wickedalucard 946 9
Historical Hetalia
I decided to separate the historical videos from the rest. 
These are VERY well done! They are historically accurate and they still keep the Hetalia characters in character (with some funny moments. ^^)
They deal with the whole 19th and 20th century in a realistic, historically accurate, fun and entertaining way! And what I like the most about them is that they depict history in a very neutral way, and they mention many countries!

19th century

20th century
:iconashry42:Ashry42 63 58
The Order 1886 contest entry: Rail gun by DeVmarine The Order 1886 contest entry: Rail gun :icondevmarine:DeVmarine 649 32 Z - Cards by Wanini Z - Cards :iconwanini:Wanini 103 23 Isshukan Friends by kirimatsu Isshukan Friends :iconkirimatsu:kirimatsu 540 92 Nagito by Tabanei Nagito :icontabanei:Tabanei 1,342 97
Black Nothing
I wake up and open my eyes; nothing changes…everything is still dark. As I lie in bed, I can feel the sunlight come through my window and warm my face, but I cannot see its bright morning glow. I close my eyes and open them again; nothing changes. I repeat myself hoping that everything is just a nightmare. Hoping that I will be able to see something other than black nothing. Hoping that if I do this enough, I’ll open my eyes and the world will reveal itself to me again. I close my eyes and say a prayer to someone that I’m not even sure I believe in anymore…I open my eyes; nothing changes.
Salty tears start to burn as they flood my unseeing eyes and roll down my cheeks. Labored breaths leave my chest shaky and loud. Snot drains out of my nose and mixes with the tears on my face. I always thought I was an ugly crier, but I would give anything to see myself right now in this moment of painful realization.
I am blind and nothing can change that.
My hands reach up to
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Shinon by KarinaLoveDubai Shinon :iconkarinalovedubai:KarinaLoveDubai 447 67 Steampunk Warrior by doneplay Steampunk Warrior :icondoneplay:doneplay 112 10 Battousai by Star-di-Solipsia Battousai :iconstar-di-solipsia:Star-di-Solipsia 85 10 Copic Shirasu Kinjou: Donten ni Warau by Tiha90 Copic Shirasu Kinjou: Donten ni Warau :icontiha90:Tiha90 239 109 Feathers and berries by jolakotturinn Feathers and berries :iconjolakotturinn:jolakotturinn 92 5 Follow the Red Fox by ProphetQueen Follow the Red Fox :iconprophetqueen:ProphetQueen 2 2 Dark Robot by cha4os Dark Robot :iconcha4os:cha4os 236 36



Two out of my three exams are done, and my last exams is not for another 8 days, so now I have all the free time needed to catch up on reading fanfics, writing fanfics, and getting some legitimate novel writing done.
For those who gave a damn about anything Czech related, be prepared for more of her backstory! Including a small Christmas related story from when she was Bohemia!
And there will be more WWI Chronicles as well, the next one will in fact be told from the view of a certain blond hair, blue eyed soldier at the Battle of Marne....
So yes, be prepared for my submissions to clutter your message boxes!!! Mwahahahahahahahahahahahah!


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