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Metallurgist Force Declaration
Super Dreadnoughts:
Each Superior possesses and commands their own personal Super Dreadnought:
Core of the Idyll
Body of the Idyll
Sight of the Idyll
Strength of the Idyll
Balance of the Idyll

These names, while describing each Superior who commands them, are otherwise unimportant. Every Super Dreadnought is exactly the same in make.
5 deployed.
All Dreadnoughts are personally commanded by an Inferior, though that is not to say that all inferiors command a Dreadnought.
12 deployed.
Battle Ships:
50 deployed.
Battle Cruisers:
30 deployed.
Carriers are among the most numerous class of starship in the Metallurgist navy, carrying and deploying what is considered most useful to the Idyll: individual soldiers and fighters.
100 deployed.
Heavy Cruisers:
10 deployed.
30 deployed.
Light Cruisers:
90 deployed.
40 deployed.
5 deployed.
15 deployed.
30 deployed.
:iconpseudocompsognathus:Pseudocompsognathus 1 0
Metallurgist by Pseudocompsognathus Metallurgist :iconpseudocompsognathus:Pseudocompsognathus 3 0 Banner of the Metallurgists' Idyll by Pseudocompsognathus Banner of the Metallurgists' Idyll :iconpseudocompsognathus:Pseudocompsognathus 1 0
The Metallurgists' Idyll (Ancerious Galactic form)
NAME: The Metallurgists’ Idyll; oft referred to simply as “the Idyll.”
DATE OF FOUNDING: As the Idyll uses no calendar, the question is irrelevant. The oldest of the Metallurgists, however, would likely know for certain.
MAJORITY SPECIES: The Idyll consists almost entirely of Metallurgists.
SIGNIFICANT RACES: While it is technically possible for a member of a foreign species to join the Metallurgists’ ranks in the Idyll, these aliens are typically seen as unwelcome or otherwise undesirable. Subsequently, the number of foreign species living within the Idyll’s jurisdiction is very low.
CULTURE: The Idyll can be and is often described as a singular force, rather than a nation, or a collection of individuals. To the casual observer, this would indeed seem to be true; the average Metallurgist always acts with the wellbeings of their fellow Metallurgists, as well as the Idyll itself, as a top priority - to s
:iconpseudocompsognathus:Pseudocompsognathus 1 0
Metallurgist Biology (Ancerious-Galactic form)
For now, this bio sheet is short. I will add more as needed.
Basic Overview: The Metallurgists, simply put, are a rather peculiar race. Their bodies consist of separate pieces of a strong metallic alloy whose composition has yet to be factually determined, floating adjacent to one another to create a functioning Metallurgist body. These bodies are forged from the very worlds they colonize, hence the name of their species.
As such, Metallurgists are produced, not born.
Individual Metallurgists posses minor differences from their siblings - slightly different height, eye color, etc. Most notably, every metallurgist possesses an entirely uniquely-shaped headpiece - that is, a head.
Extra abilities:  Metallurgists are extraordinarily light, usually gliding across surfaces as opposed to walking - as having empty space for joints is not structurally sound, they do not carry much body we
:iconpseudocompsognathus:Pseudocompsognathus 1 0
Moose by Pseudocompsognathus Moose :iconpseudocompsognathus:Pseudocompsognathus 0 0 Leal Knight by Pseudocompsognathus Leal Knight :iconpseudocompsognathus:Pseudocompsognathus 2 0 Banner of the Nations of the Xikarian Amalgamate by Pseudocompsognathus Banner of the Nations of the Xikarian Amalgamate :iconpseudocompsognathus:Pseudocompsognathus 0 0 Sketch of a Proud Knight by Pseudocompsognathus Sketch of a Proud Knight :iconpseudocompsognathus:Pseudocompsognathus 2 0 Space Garden application: now with more armor! by Pseudocompsognathus Space Garden application: now with more armor! :iconpseudocompsognathus:Pseudocompsognathus 2 0


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I am the result of a laboratory experiment which caused me to be cloned from my separate account, Prussian, who currently resides in a far off website.

Take a look around, whydontcha?


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