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PM-Maxi Pads

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Maxi pads -- with wings -- they fly...

What? I gotta have a reason for everything I do?
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oh shit I remember you from the VCL
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Fly my pretties! 
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I don't even know what to say. But it's awesome!! :) 

Kinda awkward...
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I... I really don't know what to say to this... I just.

I don't even know.
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that's awesome! ^__^ I love your style!
PostMortem's avatar
"Have a happy period!" gonna happen. Always love your style and colouring!
puddinginthesky's avatar
I was kinda afraid to favorite this, but it was too amusing not to. :)
pseudo-manitou's avatar
Hell, I've lived with women my entire life, so this subject doesn't make me uncomfortable. But I was afraid of how people would take this piece. So we're even :)
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Do they make you happy if you use them? If so I'll buy a box. :w00t:
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Thats scary... x.x
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LOL thats awesome XD
896's avatar
And don't forget those maxi-pads!
'cause they have wings...
lets all fly!
lets give it a try!
Feminine Hygeine~
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i wish they were really that cushy
EVERAWAKE-Lady-Doom's avatar
you ever see the comercal where they have the pads as a pinball machince?
khari-guardian's avatar
Unbelievably original concept xD
Love it :XD:
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