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Here's to those who use their minds and wealth of useless knowledge to create a better world for us all. Here's to those who know how to open world's of imagination up to the rest of us through displays of memorized cultural material. Here's to those who know what is cool, and know how to make it even cooler, even if they are actually the furthest thing from cool in real life. Here's to those who can see a person eating a hamburger and think, "hey, I can make a video-game out of that". And most importantly, here's to those who wear the mark 'nerd' proudly, though it subdues their ego, for nothing is more dangerous than a nerd who feels they stand above us all... know who I mean; you fools that created investment derivative formulas to hide banker scamming from regulators -- you did, and, didn't know what you were doing at the same time! May your punishment make Boba Fett's slow death in the belly of Sarlacc seem like a short vacation at a day-spa. (Yes, I know Boba Fett escaped Sarlacc in the DarkHorse comics; DarkHorse plot-lines don't count -- they brought Newt from Aliens back, okay? They're garbage!.)
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I have Fawfulness,which has sameness with ingeniousityness...
Let the pride grow,until it has hugeness of a deathstar.
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*Death star.
The one that has ingeniousityness has to keep his Know-it-all-ness.
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Dark Horse brought Newt back in the comics? :disbelief:

Aside from Calvin and Hobbes I admit I'm not very familiar with printed comics.
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Calvin and Hobbes.
Calvin and Hobbes made me a nerd,it once let me understand how good it is to be smart.
Be proud you know Calvin and Hobbes and carry on your intelligence. This weapon,err I mean wit,is your life.
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Yeah... Dark Horse has pretty much carried the Alien story line everywhere:

...I can't say I approve of all of it, but some of it was interesting.
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good concept..awesome execution!
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Congratulation. I always believed in the power of inteligence. xD Favorited
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Fett also escaped[was rescued, ahem :paranoid:] from the Sarlacc in The Mandalorian Armor ;}
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Too cool to not fav.
Never thought that the brain looked like a boxing glove, that's genius.
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I've always admired you're bold line work and seamless use of color. Fav'd, because this one represents both of those qualities, and is graphically delicious.
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ha ha! I love your rants,
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