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New Members June

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 22, 2019, 2:30 AM

Hello everyone!


We would like to welcome and feature new members who joined in June. We are glad that you are with us.

Thank you for your support. Heart

'Candy' Glitter Divider Bar by Momma--G'Candy' Glitter Divider Bar by Momma--G

After The end by Energiaelca1
Away from the city by JUSTMEPEACE
Live nature by AguraNata
Dimension Traveler by RamsesMont
See you in space by JeromeBrack
Fuga do Zoo - Zoo Escape by premierluis
Nirvana by Pendragon-Arts
Moonlight Fields by mumu0909
Around the World in 580 Days ~ Fortunate Son by sirenabonita
Asleep in the Deep by jim373
Bobcat by allison731
background design IV by Vianto
Schmetterling Orange by dona-harry
OutOf Space by Stampvoetje
Lost in Space - AMA 12 by rjcalvente
Dawn with tree by Lightheadfox
Magical Night by LanaTustich
The monster by zyavera
Untitled by stalker034
Watering Can and Grapes by justanothercreator
The house is by the road. Welcome by veravik
Going Green by charmedy
In the jungles by FlashW
Rain Can't Stop Me 5 by BBstar7
Girl on the bridge by 4LadyLilian
The Spirit Guide by Eithnne
The companions by Aries38
Contrasts by fearless-frog
Chatsworth rock formation  ( #1 In series ) by awesome43
Saber vs Salter by ErikShoemaker
Winged Vengeance by Echoes-Of-Aimee
Ghost Hunt by Gejda
Dragon's Bride - Ebook ***SOLD*** by FrostAlexis
Mirena by Amaranta-G
Meet Me in the Moonlight Wallpaper by amethystmoonsong
OPEN YCH Valley of the End Update 35 USD both by Vhitany
The Hills of Emotion (TUTORIAL) by ImaginaryRosseArt
The Awakening: Dancing with fireflies by Jmyth
Fairy Queen by Eithen
Something Fishy by Hypersonge
Freyja by Carlos-Quevedo
Walking In the Park by umbatman
Angel of Music by KarinClaessonArt
Coast Defender by Softyrider62
Dreamscape 01 March 2019.. by AledJonesDigitalArt
Sunset by galidor
Inquisition by Ninjaboladao
Fiery by Grim-Red
Creature Design - Scaly Omnivore by DeivCalviz
Mariposa by dreamswoman
A Winter Tale ( Animated ) by Lacerem

CSS by UszatyArbuz

We need your help:)

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 14, 2019, 9:57 AM
Hello everyone!


PSD Box is back and we would like to open contests, PSD Box Deviation and etc to feature wonderful and talented artists.

But we need your help. Any points donations or exclusive stock are welcome. 

We open new folder in our galley "Featured donators" where arts of our donators will be featured and there also will be a slide show on the main page. Each time when you donate then we add your artwork in the folder. You can choose what art you want to be featured. Just send a note to :iconladesire:

All points you can donate to 
:iconladesire: and please, mention in the note that it is for :iconpsd-box:

We hope for you support. Heart

Now we would like to feature some amazing artworks))

The Transformation of Life - FULL VIEW by lauraypablo
Alone in the Crowd by Secretadmires
Gates to Death by Dani-Owergoor
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not... by Lora-Vysotskaya
Vlada by Helga-Helleborus
Wings of night by TatyanaChe

Nature's wonder II by Ellysiumn
Build That Wall! by Pendragon-Arts
Jump by Fiendcute
Something Fishy by Hypersonge
Preserving the last human being by SoulcolorsArt
Anxiety by TheBakaArts
My Universe. by IgnisFatuusII
Temple of the Samurai (Collaboration) by mumu0909
One Who Knows No Mercy by Rowye
Magic shoes by AdriaticaCreation
Moon Angel (Commission) by Nikulina-Helena
Viagem dos Bichos by premierluis
Lana Solaris by Domeano by DrewDiddy1996
Fire Eagle Attack by yferdianto
The beginning by NaouriRedouane1998
Geros ilas muna (Goodbye Mother) by Inna-Vjuzhanina
Requiem For A Nation by KarimDesignerX
the path by Butterkuegelchen
D-I-S-I-L-L-U-S-I-O-N by WhimsicalBlue
shapeShifters-panda1 by JeromeBrack
Pest Control in the High Garden by Hypersonge
System collapse by Aramisdream
The God's anger by Amaranta-G
Proelium by SireneArcana
Angel of Fire by KarinClaessonArt
bridge by Darnok9
Blue moon night by sasha-fantom
The Forest Nymph (Premade Book Cover) by charmedy
Hidden Swamp-by-GothLyllyOn-JulyMMXIX by GothLyllyOn
Angel of Music by KarinClaessonArt
Time in the glass... by BillyNikoll
Proteccin by PaquiFg
l'Hippocampe dore by cflonflon
Nostalgia by S-Lana
Berserker by AmiraAshraf
The power of fire by Amedeya
Priestess Collectorsroom by Lollipop-Stock
Guardian of the time by AguraNata
Mystical Damsel by Secretadmires
Gold by ImaginaryRosseArt
StarGazerArtworkBySoulMover by Soul-Mover
Moon dance by sasha-fantom
Firestorm by Consuelo-Parra
Odette: Transformation by LadyEvilArts
Trapped Love by Echoes-Of-Aimee
Faith by panjoool
After by Softyrider62
Dream about the future by Fiendcute
Love from the Stars by Shirokibo
To Be Free by JayGraphixx
The last trip by ElenaDudina
Here and now by FlashW
Mother's Lullaby by ZAKUGA
Mystic Forest by SeventhFairy
Vio by Scharle
Freesia by AnnaZLove
Premade Cosmo by Le-Meridian
Jadein and Elektra [C] by SUOMAR
Luke by justanothercreator
In My Dreams I Have Another Life by JUSTMEPEACE
A Song Of Ice and FIRE: Daenerys by Dyewind
Peace and love by untuox
Sunset (Junicorn) by Daydream-Dragoness
High Hopes by Sara-Arasteh
Underwater ray of sunlight by DreamyNaria
Le Chateau des Clees sur la toile by LePtitSuisse1912
Untitled by stalker034
Vacation....boating on the Tennessee river (22) by knighttemplar1
Peacock by BillyNikoll
Happiness by KarinClaessonArt
Crab-Claw in Bloom by vanndra
Durham Town Hall The Great Hall Window by michael-d-beckwith
fractal by lagrimadejarjayes
Dragon Valley Premade Book Cover by charmedy
Fly Away by world-light
Classy Party Flyer by n2n44
Book covers available for sale by Wesley-Souza
Free Retro Fonts (80s) by PsdDude

New Members May

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 19, 2019, 4:21 PM

Hello everyone!


We would like to welcome and feature new members who joined in May. We are glad that you are with us.

Thank you for your support. :heart:

'Candy' Glitter Divider Bar by Momma--G'Candy' Glitter Divider Bar by Momma--G

Booksburg by Lora-Vysotskaya

Dreaming  of the Spring by Sara-Arasteh

Piano on a sunny morning by annewipf

Longing 2 by Euselia

Forgotten Train Station by DraakeT by DraakeT

Bon Ton by Aramisdream

Moon Angel (Commission) by Nikulina-Helena

Virgo by BrankaArts

My Universe. by IgnisFatuusII

The last trip by ElenaDudina

Helga by Helga-Helleborus

The city of light by Ellysiumn

Dreaming by AmiraAshraf

Magic-warrior by lHaNaNe

Hibiscus Buds of Spring by vanndra

Wind by MLArtistry

Promises by Iskander1989

The Lone Musician by ChieuMua

Town Crier by Rowye

Chun li by DARKV3L

Dingo by gielczynski

20 by Sarah-K-Stocks

A Glimpse of Heaven by Emerald-Depths

Archangel Michael by YueQing

The Road to the Firengard Kingdom by frankhorlw

Nesmeyana by mashamaklaut

Love Potion by Makerva

Forest Spirit by moonchild-ljilja

The Nymph Of The Forest - Manipulation by SmileyEleken

A Night Stroll by clara-01

Daydreaming | Katherine Steele | Photomanipulation by DDxxCrew

The Hiper by annemaria48

YCH: 9. Harpy Queen by MILMARI

Music by Fiendcute

Sylessae [2019] by sylessae

GIANT ANCIENT EGG by yferdianto

RED DESIRE by saritaangel07

The Mossy Lady by ThelemaDreamsArt


Mother's Love by Lhianne

Safe Haven by IrisAurorae

She holds guard by JaiMcFerran

Snow White by Nissaclily

The time of sunset is the best by BillyNikoll

Tatiana by Nisha2313

Winter's Romp by noctem-tenebris

Myself by Le-Meridian

The Meadow by kuschelirmel

Anduin and Siren [C] by SUOMAR

Mystical Damsel by Secretadmires

Princesse Winter by cflonflon

Prince of Thieves by no1intheworld

dark is coming. by wolvlevan

Journeys Of An Unknown Huntress by tigaer

Halla by che38

CSS by UszatyArbuz
My stock photo Steampunk Kneeling and watching by Andrei-Oprinca is participating on a poll to be the next stock for a design challenge. Vote for it pleaaaaaase jejeje

Vote here…



In this easy tutorial I will show you how to create an abstract manipulation, and create a 3D reflection using Photoshop’s 3D features. Download the resources and start distorting the reality.

Download the free PSD file here:…

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