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The next generation of PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale.


:bulletblue: Must be a fan of PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale!
:bulletblue: Any character including OCs are allowed.
:bulletblue: Don't just blindly enter in a character, be creative!
:bulletblue: You don't have to fill in the entire list of attacks, quotes, etc. (But you have to include rivals and supers)
:bulletblue: If you have any other questions ask our founder :iconk1ngnightmare:
Founded 3 Years ago
May 8, 2015


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35 Members
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How to make an All-Star.

:bulletblack::bulletblack: RULES!!! :bulletblack::bulletblack:

:bulletgreen: If you make your own All-Star entry, don't copy anyone else's!

:bulletgreen: The All-Star you wanna make doesn't necessarily need to be a PlayStation All-Star, it can be anime, a cartoon, an OC, even a character from another console, but there will be a LIMIT on other console All-Stars, such as Nintendo characters.

:bulletgreen: If your going to do an OC, don't make one just for Battle Returns, be more original!

:bulletgreen: When you make an All-Star, make sure that someone else hasn't already made the same one before you did, please.

Make a journal, literature, or a picture (in the description) with this information filled to your character:


:bulletblue: PS All-Star Name:
:bulletblue: Origin:
:bulletblue: PS All-Star's Character Slogan & Title (Example; "Sir Daniel: A Knight who is looking for a legend"):
:bulletblue: Begin Battle Entrances:
:bulletblue: Victory Reaction:
:bulletblue: Loss Reaction:
:bulletblue: Rival:
:bulletblue: Minion:

:star: TROPHIES:

:bulletblue: You Earn a Trophy (1) (Example; You Earn a Trophy: "I GOTTA BELIEVE"):
:bulletblue: You Earn a Trophy (2) (Example; Parappa use his Level 3 move in his home stage "The Dojo" then the trophy Title appears that says "You Earn a Trophy: A STUDENT BECOMES THE MASTER"):

:star: STAGES:

:bulletblue: PS All-Star's Home Stage:
:bulletblue: Crossover stage invasion (Example; Parappa's Home Stage was crossover invaded by KillZone's stage):


:bulletblue: Jump (X) Style:
:bulletblue: Double Jump (X after jump) Style:
:bulletblue: Float (Hold X in air, optional):
:bulletblue: Block (L1):
:bulletblue: Dodge (L1 left/right):
:bulletblue: Attacks:


:bulletblue: Square -
:bulletblue: Left/Right Square -
:bulletblue: Down Square -
:bulletblue: Up Square -
:bulletblue: (Air) Square -
:bulletblue: (Air) Left/Right Square -
:bulletblue: (Air) Down Square -
:bulletblue: (Air) Up Square -


:bulletblue: Circle -
:bulletblue: Left/Right Circle -
:bulletblue: Down Circle -
:bulletblue: Up Circle -
:bulletblue: (Air) Circle -
:bulletblue: (Air) Left/Right Circle -
:bulletblue: (Air) Down Circle -
:bulletblue: (Air) Up Circle -


:bulletblue: Triangle -
:bulletblue: Left/Right Triangle -
:bulletblue: Down Triangle -
:bulletblue: Up Triangle -
:bulletblue: (Air) Triangle -
:bulletblue: (Air) Left/Right Triangle -
:bulletblue: (Air) Up Triangle -
:bulletblue: (Air) Down Triangle -


:bulletblue:Move Up -
:bulletblue: Move Down -
:bulletblue: Move Left/right -

:star: AP LEVELS:

:bulletblue: Level 1 -
:bulletblue: Level 2 -
:bulletblue: Level 3 -

:star: TAUNTS:

:bulletblue: Taunt 1 -
:bulletblue: Taunt 2 -
:bulletblue: Taunt 3 -


:bulletblue: Costume 1 -
:bulletblue:Costume 2 -
:bulletblue: Costume 3 -

:bulletpurple: I will have an example up soon, so look out for that, please. :bulletpurple:





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