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qarisbuffetHobbyist Digital Artist

Just wanted to drop in and say hello! I went for a walk down memory lane and it led me to your old yt channel. I'm so glad you're still animating! Absolutely everything about your art has improved a TON, too. You were my first artistic idol and I think your videos were among the first I ever saw on yt. You, kay2023, and bani are the reason why I fell in love with animation and I want to thank you! In a crazy domino-effect kinda way I really think the obsession shaped who I became from 2010-2019. For the better of course. I'm 16, I was a fan in 2010 so I was 8. :P

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NumathehuskyStudent Traditional Artist

You don't know how long ive been watching you man. (not in the creepy way)

You have inspired me over the years to make my own characters and main oc. I still get inspired by you to this day, and i keep tryin to look up some reuploads to relive the nostalgia.

I will make fanart of you one day, i really will, because i have not drawn splash in a while, i think i drew her when i was 6, hah, years go by so fast.

You were quite the amazing animator, and im pretty sure you inspired half the animation community to do animation like today.

I'd be really happy to see you back on youtube, but that is your decision, at least i can watch those old videos over and over again.

I'd be great if we could be friends, maybe talk for a bit, and maybe you could teach me how to art more :)

Love you man <3

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Denisse-ArtsStudent Digital Artist
I recently found you deviantART , and I wanted to say that you were my biggest inspiration when I was little and watching your old youtube animations ! i love them so much,your art is always amazing <3
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Akane-sSanStudent Digital Artist
I see in your description you don’t wanna draw splash anymore, that answers my original question but
Someone on instagram/deviantart has Splash in their name and frequently draws them
Are you aware of this?
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Furea-FlightHobbyist Digital Artist
Your art is so amazing!
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ElysianWorldArtStudent Digital Artist
I know You get alot of comments like these-

But hello! I am a big fan of your old yt channel.

You joined youtube on my ninth birthday and everytime you made a splash upload i was so inspired.

I am 18 now, but i still look to your old animations for childhood memories and inspiration to art.

It has been a pleasure being one of your fans for as long as i have.

Love your art! ❤

Sincerely, aRandomNoOne
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LameonBlazeItStudent Digital Artist
Oh my goodness it's great to know you're still alive! (JK, it's just you never post on YouTube.) Such a big inspiration to me; I used to binge watch your stuff when I was like, eleven! You've definitely improved, ughhh gosh I adore your stuff!!