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Well, as you may have noticed, I just kind of sprung up commissions on you guys. I upped the prices a little from the last journal because I feel like my art has improved since then. I don't really know what to expect regarding how many I'm going to get so it will be a little experimental for me...but I want to get a little more experience with this kind of thing, especially since I'm probably not going to have a job or internship this summer. So, yeah. Just a little update I guess...
Sorry guys, but my paypal is acting up right now, and my break is going to be busier than I thought it was gonna be, so I don't think I'm gonna do commissions. It didn't seem like you guys were super excited anyway but over the summer I have more exciting things planned. Like animated commissions. Er...well, possibly. Don't quote me on that. So, yeah. Sorry I didn't come through with that this time.

I'm done with exams! Yay! But I have sort of a busy weekend so I may not open commissions until sunday or monday. They might not be open too long, as classes start again mid January. Unless I feel I can have time for them during the semester. [I'm not doing animal commissions right now, but over the summer I plan to have a lot more variety!]

Aaaanyway, this is what I'm feeling for prices, as a heads up.

Humanoid character drawing

(Regular Style) starts at $10
+Shading = +$3
+Another Character = +$5

(Cartoon Style) starts at $6
+Shading = +$2
+Another Character = +$3

Requirement: Please send a reference sheet.

Optional: You may provide a pose/expression for the character. You may also choose between cel shading and soft shading.


Creating a human character drawing based on a pet/animal

(Regular Style) starts at $12
+Shading = +$3
+Creating Another Character = +$6

(Cartoon Style) starts at $8
+Shading = +$2
+Creating Another Character = +$4

Requirement: Please send a good photo of the pet/animal and a brief description of their personality.

Optional: You may provide a description of what you think they would look like as a human, such as height, weight, hair color, etc. You may provide a pose/expression for the character. You may also choose between cel shading and soft shading.

I think I'm gonna open up commissions sometime in the next week, since I'll be on winter break. They would be open until mid January.

I don't really want to do anything too complex right now, like no digital paintings or anything like that. Maybe in the future, but for right now I'm kind of easing into doing commissions. If that makes sense.

Anyway, I was thinking of doing human characters, with the option of my normal style:  Link by pSarahdactyls The Squadron by pSarahdactyls Or in a more cartoonish style:  Beach dogs by pSarahdactyls

I'd also have to option of turning people's pets into human characters (or if you want me to make a character based off an animal or something). Like you guys could send me some pictures of the animal, a description of the personality and I would make a character of them for you. you choose how much of the character's looks are up to me, if you want you can send me a description of what you want them to look like/wear.

I'm thinking the prices would range from $5-$15, as I intend to make them pretty quick/simple drawings, like last time. Maybe a little more, since it tends to take me longer to draw humans, even if it's simple. I think the options would just be shaded/non shaded, I don't really feel like doing backgrounds. But I'm not totally sure yet. Just wanted to let you guys know beforehand my basic plan of action.
WHAT'S UP DOGS? I know I've kinda...sorta.. been completely inactive recently...a bit. But I'm all done applying to college now! And I've heard back positively from most of them!! So, woo! So I'm gonna try to get back on track with answering comments, looking at fan art, and hopefully posting stuff. But it may be a bit slower than it has been in the past, I may check closer to like, once or twice a week. And as for my tumblr, no idea. I have a TON of asks I haven't answered, and I don't know if I feel like tackling that at the moment. SO for now, I think that tumblr will continue to stay on hiatus. Well, that's all, folks.
So you may have noticed that I am spamming you guys with art but not replying to anything. I'm doing college stuff so I'm fixing up this page in case any colleges decide to check it out, but I don't really have time to do anything else because I'm so busy with school and everything. So sorry if it seems like I'm completely ignoring you guys. Same with tumblr, I haven't answered any asks recently. So yeah.
Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been on much lately. Well, at all, really. I have been SO busy you would not even believe. Homework (so much homework), applying/visiting colleges, making my portfolio, being on my school's theatre technical crew...augh. But just so you know I'm not actually dead! I'm still going to be busy in the future so I don't think I'll be able to like reply to comments and interact with you guys. But I will start posting art again, here and on my tumblr (which is for sketches and stuff). I've made a lot of stuff in the past few months that I haven't posted yet.

In the meantime, I just recently posted an animation for a contest on my YouTube that I've been working on for a really long time! (Another reason I was so busy...haahhh.) Here's that:…
Hi guys I have A LOT of messages to check so be patient. But I'll try to get back on track soon!
Hey SO I will be GONE from JUNE 28th - AUGUST 8th!!!!!

I'm going to a summer art program, and I don't know how often I'll be online, so try not to leave me too many comments during this time, okay? Thank you!

Sorry to be in such a rush, I have packing and stuff to do today.
Hey SO I will be GONE from JUNE 28th - AUGUST 8th!!!!!

I'm going to a summer art program, and I don't know how often I'll be online, so try not to leave me too many comments during this time, okay? Thank you!

Sorry to be in such a rush, I have packing and stuff to do today.
LONG TIME NO SEE! There are reasons for that, actually. I'd like to formally apologize that I haven't been very active for the past few weeks. I have a ton of unanswered stuff here (and on my tumblr), so I'll get around to that soon.

Just in case any of you care, the reasons are:

1. I've been swamped with schoolwork. SATs are coming up, as well as AP testing.
2. The rest of my free time has been spent on my school's musical production, Hairspray. I'm on the technical crew (I help move the set around while the actors are acting). Over the past few weeks, I've been at my school essentially all day everyday, assembling the ridiculously complex set and rehearsing. Usually we're done by like 5, but during Hell Week (our nickname for the week before the first show) we didn't finish until 11pm every night. Hence the name Hell Week. There's still two shows left this weekend, but after that I'll have significantly more free time.

Sooooo in summary, sorry for the inconvenience, I've been super busy lately, I'll start talking to you guys again soon, I love you, bye.
I wanted to make myself a new icon, but then I accidentally SpongeBobed instead. We'll see if I ever get around to making one.

I'm outta here. *snaps out the door*

I've been trying to upload this for 2000 YEARS
I've been wanting to change my icon for so long, but every time I try to make one I have no idea what to do. And I want it to be made by me. Fantastic
So for now it's just going to be my ID picture because if I had had to stare at that old one for one more second I might have strangled someone
-TyrannoSarahs Rex
OK so I managed to get back on this account, and reactivate it. Actually me this time. Someone else posted that "lineart", it was actually an example picture for my commissions that I had in my Clever. I deleted it, but if you saw it, PLEASE DO NOT USE IT AS A LINEART. I don't think they did anything else major, but I haven't really looked around.

So yeah. Here I am. That was actually a really nice break from not having to reply to comments. But fear not, I shall resume posting and replying soon. Thanks for waiting. In the meantime, be wary. Apparently it is not that difficult to hack me, or anyone.

I just wanted to write a quick thing about what I've been up to lately, as some of it may be of interest to you guys. 

1. If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm pretty much leaning away from drawing fursonas. I just really don't enjoy drawing them as much as I did. So yeah, it's unlikely I'll be drawing Splash in the meantime, end of the world, I know. Please refrain from yelling at me, I know a lot of you only follow me for my old fursona art/animations. :<
2. I'm currently taking an art class in which I am creating art at a rapid pace, but I haven't photographed most of it yet. Plus I've been doing sketches a plenty in my sketchbook. Look out for severe spamming in the near future.
3. I'm currently replying to comments at a distinctly un-rapid pace. I've been doing other stuff. (In case you are wondering, stuff includes: Driving school, homework, Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS, hanging out with buds, afterschool activites [tech crew]. All of these come before answering comments. Sorry.) It may be a while until I resume at normal intervals, replying to everything involves a large sum of mental effort that I don't have right now. I've been a bit drained of energy lately with all the aforementioned stuff.

So that was a nice little update. Thanks for reading if you did.

HOO boy I am back again. I swear I will get to work on those last 3 commissions in the meantime, sorry for the wait.

Oh,  and speaking of commissions, I'm closing them. Sorry to everyone who didn't get to commission me, I know a lot of people were saving up points. But there are lots of other amazing artists who have commissions open, so don't feel bad! The reason for this, in case you are wondering, is because despite being on summer vacation, I'm about to be busy. I'm learning to drive, have camp, and have summer work. So...yeah. Not a lot of time for art. Again, sorry.

Also, I'll go back to regularly replying to the profile comments. I haven't done it in a while.
So remember how in my last journal I said I'd resume doing stuff


I literally didn't at all
I haven't even finished answering messages
I've been so busy doing other stuff all week I'm sorry


So once again, I'll be a bit slow to answer comments, sorry! I've been getting a lot of birthday messages so I'll take this time to say THANK YOU!! Although I still plan to answer each one (I'll probably have time during the trip, so don't worry)

Thanks if you read this, you're cool

Night friends
I'm BACK and will resume doing stuff