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Miku Modern 5 by yorium
Violet Flash by sandrareina
hyoudou issei balance breaker by dwikiazhar
Chain of Memories by Sylinchen
Signatures - FULL
Couple cute signature by Namehah
Senshi magazine - 3. by Kika777
Senshi magazine -  2. by Kika777
Senshi magazine .1 by Kika777
Signatures 2
Nakano Nino Comic Wallpaper by Alfillianofebri
Saber Alter ~ by ziznico
Mirio Togata -- Boku no Hero Academia by DinocoZero
Girl 4 ~ by ziznico
Tag Walls
Dark Magician Girl - Collab ft. Ziznico by EntemberDesigns
ft.V-Ryo - Collab - Signature by EntemberDesigns
dust of stars by Nyuumin
MeMyselfAndITag by NaanisQuinn
Emma and Georgie by Kika777
Georgie and Arthur 26 by Kika777
Sword Art Online - Quinella by cam6
Raphtalia Wallpaper by DinocoZero
Avatars, Icons and IDs
Raphtalia ID by DinocoZero
The Lion's Heart by Rin-chanchan
Dororo To Hyakkimaru Layout [MAL June 2019] by taiyakies
My Deviant ID: Quinella And Angel Green Heart by cam6
Timelines and Cover Photos
fuck*n stargirl by Nyuumin
Kasumi COVER PAGE by DiegooDesings
Portada #10|Megumi Kato|Saenai Heroine no Sodateka by LynnChan07
Large-Art - Mob Psycho 100 by Daisu-Art
Vector Art
Tate no Yuusha Raphtalia Kawaiii Mizugi Red Vector by OtakuRenders-Service
Tate no Yuusha Raphtalia Kawaii Mizugi Blue Vector by OtakuRenders-Service
Senran Kagura:Yumi Wedding Honeymoon HD Vector 2 by OtakuRenders-Service
Senran Kagura:Yumi  Wedding Honeymoon HD Vector by OtakuRenders-Service
PSDs, Stocks, Brushes and "Renders" - FULL
PSD PACK MEGA (Pageviews +30.000) by nisa-niisan
[RENDER#16] by agehachann
+200 watchers MEGAPACK by meromerowanko
Charcoal by meromerowanko
PSDs, Stocks, Brushes and "Renders" 2
Mirio Togata - Render by ShinigamiDesign
Sexy Queen by LarAmb
Kimetsu No Yaiba|RENDER #03 by LynnChan07
Kimetsu No Yaiba|RENDER #02 by LynnChan07
[ T U T O R I A L ] UNDERSEA by LarAmb
Kira Kosarin as Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy VII) by MZimmer1985



Welcome To PSO!

Hello and welcome to PS-Otakus, one of the many game and anime themed signature and wallpaper groups on DeviantART and somehow managed to get almost 1,000 members for some odd reason.

If you love making anime or video game related forum signatures, wallpapers, and other "GFX" things of that nature, than this group is right up your alley.

...Just no drawings. That's been a thing since day one. There are plenty of other and better groups for that.

Submission requirements:

:bulletblue: If it's a anime or video game related forum signature, avatar, deviantID, vector trace, desktop wallpaper, or anything digital or "GFX" oriended, it's good to go. If it isn't and if you submit it anyway, it will be deleted from the club without notice, and you may get an angry letter from me, FacelessVixen, if you keep submitting things to the club that we don't cater to, like drawings, paintings or anything of the traditional art variety. Again, there are plenty of other and better groups for that.

:bulletgreen: If it is primarily made in an an image editing program like Photoshop or GIMP, it's good to go.

:bulletyellow: Mature content is allowed, even hentai since you'll have to censor it because of DA's rules anyway.

:bulletorange: When you submit things, make sure they're in the right folder. This will both reduce the chance of it getting deleted accidentally and you getting an angry letter because it's in the wrong folder.

:bulletred: If you don't know where something is supposed to go, use the Miscellaneous folder.

:bulletpink: The Favorites folder can feature anything we're really fond of, like drawings, cosplay, and so on.

:bulletpurple: No copying anyone else' work without their endorsement or approval. If you seal someone else' work, you'll be kicked, your stuff will be removed from the club, and you'll be reported.

Member requirements:

:bulletblue: If you plan on submitting a lot of stuff, sign up as a Contributor. You can submit as many things as you want, but try to submit what you think is your best work. Just be aware that you may have to do some submission management on occasion.

:bulletgreen: If you just want to look at the gallery, sign up as a Member. There aren't any limits on how many things you can submit per day.

Hopefully this group sounds inciting and the great things will be featured here. So, sign up already and submit your stuff because people really like clubs on this site for some odd reason.
Bring on the signatures and wallpapers of humans too. I might as well let go of that niche rule that I thought of four years ago, especially since I fucked up and uploaded some Sailor Moon cosplay and probably came off as a hypocrite asshat when I kept removing submissions that featured real people.

So, sorry to those of whom I removed stuff from. Humans are now welcome by popular demand.

...But still no drawings, especially of the traditional variety. There are plenty of other (and better) clubs for that.
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