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246. Neon .feat Flambino [Ron Bday] by SYUUKII
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SK8's Reki and Langa Cat Chibi by nisa-niisan
SK8's Reki and Langa Cute Chibi by nisa-niisan
SK8's Reki and Langa DAP Render Pack by nisa-niisan
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Tate no Yuusha Raphtalia Kawaiii Mizugi Red Vector by OtakuRenders-Service
Tate no Yuusha Raphtalia Kawaii Mizugi Blue Vector by OtakuRenders-Service
Senran Kagura:Yumi Wedding Honeymoon HD Vector 2 by OtakuRenders-Service
Senran Kagura:Yumi  Wedding Honeymoon HD Vector by OtakuRenders-Service
PSDs, Stocks, Brushes and "Renders" 2
Shamiro - Lord Emperor by Lukalipt
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Some of the things what we favor that aren't necessarily signatures or wallpapers, like drawings, cosplay photography, and other things like that.



Welcome To PSO!

Hello and welcome to PS-Otakus, one of the many game and anime themed signature and wallpaper groups on DeviantART and somehow managed to get almost 1,000 members for some odd reason.

If you love making anime or video game related forum signatures, wallpapers, and other "GFX" things of that nature, than this group is right up your alley.

...Just no drawings. That's been a thing since day one. There are plenty of other and better groups for that.

Submission requirements:

:bulletblue: If it's a anime or video game related forum signature, avatar, deviantID, vector trace, desktop wallpaper, or anything digital or "GFX" oriented, it's good to go. If it isn't and if you submit it anyway, it will be deleted from the club without notice, and you may get an angry letter from me, FacelessVixen, if you keep submitting things to the club that we don't cater to, like drawings, paintings or anything of the traditional art variety. Again, there are plenty of other and better groups for that.

:bulletgreen: If it is primarily made in an an image editing program like Photoshop or GIMP, it's good to go. That said, this is a GFX club, NOT a drawing club.

:bulletyellow: Mature content is allowed, even hentai since you'll have to censor it because of DA's rules anyway.

:bulletorange: When you submit things, make sure they're in the right folder. This will both reduce the chance of it getting deleted accidentally and you getting an angry letter because it's in the wrong folder.

:bulletpink: The Favorites folder can feature anything we're really fond of, like drawings, cosplay, and so on.

:bulletpurple: No copying anyone else' work without their endorsement or approval. If you seal someone else' work, you'll be kicked, your stuff will be removed from the club, and you'll be reported.

Member requirements:

:bulletblue: If you plan on submitting a lot of stuff, sign up as a Contributor. You can submit as many things as you want, but try to submit what you think is your best work. Just be aware that you may have to do some submission management on occasion.

:bulletgreen: If you just want to look at the gallery, sign up as a Member. There aren't any limits on how many things you can submit per day.

Hopefully this group sounds inciting and the great things will be featured here. So, sign up already and submit your stuff because people really like clubs on this site for some odd reason.
I've been saying it since day one: "This is not a drawing club. There are plenty of other and better groups for that." But of course some are going to slip through the cracks for a few reasons: My original list of Co-Founders and Contributors moving on to other things; myself included. My possible failure to clearly articulate and enforce my intention with this club and its mission statement of giving non professional/hobbyist GFX artists a place to share their work, since that side of art making isn't taken as seriously and doesn't get as much traffic as illustrators and photographers for example. And also, language barrier. I only understand English. It's the language that I know best. So trying to describe your work in Spanish, Portuguese and other languages will be completely lost to me.

As an attempt to get this club functioning as intended, it seems like I'm going to have to be a bit more aggressive about getting the drawings out of here and directing the illustrators to other places. Like I said,  this is not a drawing club; there are plenty of other and better groups for that. The rules will eventually be re-written in hopes of making the mission statement more clear. And I'm currently looking for a new set of Co-Founders and Contributors who share that vision. I already removed the suspended and deactivated accounts and moved those who haven't been active since 2017 years to members, so I'm looking for people who can add forum signatures, desktop wallpapers and MyAnimeList profile themes to the gallery at least every now and then; not on a daily, weekly, or even a monthly basis since people have lives to live outside of DA, including myself.

So, long story short: This is not a drawing club. There are better places for the digital and traditional artists out there. The focus here is GFX with either Photoshop, GIMP or Paint.Net being the main tools of trade.
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