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Patreon Reward Archive

Sun Apr 1, 2018, 9:20 AM

 Patreon Reward Archive

Thank you for Support me on Patreon by Prywinko
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July  2018 Reward
Naughty Miss Fortune by Prywinko  Lady Death by Prywinko Jasmine by Prywinko
 Kerrigan by Prywinko oc Heilog by Prywinko Black Widow by Prywinko

June  2018 Reward
Hi-res jpg, Video process, PSD, NSFW jpg, SFW/NSFW Wallpaper, NSFW animation
Mermaid by Prywinko  Rias Gremory by Prywinko  Spider Gwen by Prywinko 
Heilog by Prywinko
May 2018 Reward
Hi-res jpg, Video process, PSD, NSFW jpg, SFW/NSFW Wallpaper, NSFW animation
  Mercy Pink Skin by Prywinko  Loyal Flock by Prywinko
2B Nier by Prywinko  May Patreon Reward already on Gumroad by Prywinko
April  2018  Reward
Hi-res jpg, Video process, PSD, NSFW jpg, SFW/NSFW Wallpaper, NSFW animation    
Ahri (Mercy Cosplay) by Prywinko  Poison Ivy by Prywinko  Samus Aran by Prywinko
Rapunzel ( April reward) by Prywinko
March 2018  Reward
Hi-res jpg, Video process, PSD, NSFW jpg, SFW/NSFW Wallpaper, NSFW animation
March  Patreon Reward already on Gumroad by Prywinko
SuperGirl (March Patreon Reward) by Prywinko  Ciri and Ihuarraquax (March Patreon Reward) by Prywinko
  Lara Croft by Prywinko
February 2018 Reward
Hi-res jpg, Video process, PSD, NSFW jpg, SFW/NSFW Wallpaper, NSFW animation
Starfire by Prywinko  Brigitte by Prywinko  Tifa Lockhart by Prywinko
Yoko Littner by Prywinko
January 2018  Reward
Hi-res jpg, Video process, PSD, NSFW jpg, SFW/NSFW Wallpaper, NSFW animation
Mercy(2B cosplay) by Prywinko  Motoko Kusanagi by Prywinko  Rogue by Prywinko
Dva Black Cat (January Patreon bonus) by Prywinko  OC Heilog by Prywinko
December 2017  Reward
Hi-res jpg, Video process, PSD, NSFW jpg, SFW/NSFW Wallpaper, NSFW animation
Mei. Happy New Year! by Prywinko  Snow Queen Elsa (crop) by Prywinko  Holo by Prywinko
Samus. Christmas Reincarnation by Prywinko  Mercy the christmas elf by Prywinko
November 2017 Reward  
Hi-res jpg, Video process, PSD, NSFW jpg, SFW/NSFW Wallpaper, NSFW animation
Valeera by Prywinko  OC Beans by Prywinko  Batgirl  (mask) by Prywinko
Ahri (Dva) by Prywinko  Phosphophyllite (Houseki no Kuni) by Prywinko

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How to draw a woman's face: Tutorial

Mon Mar 26, 2018, 10:00 PM by Prywinko:iconprywinko:

Tutorial Tuesday

Hello friends!Shy 

My name is Prywinko. I'm a self-taught artist. I, like many people, painted since childhood. Actively, I began to draw after I graduated from university. My friend gave me a graphic tablet and I discovered the world of digital art.

The first thing we usually start drawing is the human head. I will tell you about three ways to do it easily and quickly.
Sm by Prywinko

First, let's look at the shape of the human head.

It may be helpful for you to know the names of the main parts of the skull. I sketched them in the pic.
Skull 4 by Prywinko

  1. Frontal

  2. Parietal

  3. Temporal

  4. Sphenoid

  5. Zygoma

  6. Maxilla

  7. Mandible

  8. Occipital

  9. Nasal bone

  • (The Loomis method). The head is formed from two figures: the sphere - the cranium, and the polygonal block, imitating the jaw and cheekbones.

Skull by Prywinko

  • You can also describe the head as an elongated circle (oval).

  • Let's try to draw these simple figures, starting with the sphere - the cranium.
    Skull 4a by Prywinko

  • The head is flat on both sides. Cut off the side parts of the sphere (marked with a dashed line in the figure below). Divide this circle (the oval under other angles of view) into four equal parts. The vertical line is the beginning of the line of the jaw. The horizontal line is the line of eyebrows. The lower and upper bounds of the oval help you find the bottom of the nose and the line of hair growth.
    Skull 4 by Prywinko
  • Attach the jaw (lilac). The upper part will begin with the eyebrow line. The back part starts from the center of the oval.
    Skull 5 by PrywinkoSkull 5' by Prywinko
  • The basis for our face ready!

    Skull 2 by Prywinko
    Skull 3 by Prywinko

  • Having broken our head down into these simple shapes, we can imagine it in space. Drawing a box at the angle you need and dividing it into three equal parts, you can draw a jaw and a truncated sphere on both sides. The upper line corresponds to the line of eyebrows, the middle line-nose, the bottom line - the end of the jaw.

    Skull 6 by Prywinko

  • Now, having learned a little about the head, we can proceed on to the next step - the ways to draw it. For simplicity, we will use the shape of an oval or the shape of an inverted egg.

I. The first way. Three equal parts.

I learned about this method in my childhood. It is easy to understand and use.
  •  Draw an oval in the shape of an egg.
     1 by Prywinko
  • Divide the oval into 3.5 equal parts by horizontal lines, as shown in the pic. The upper line is the line of hair growth. The middle line is the eyebrow line, the third line is the nose tip line.
  • Divide the oval in half by a vertical line. 
    2 by Prywinko
  • Mark five equal vertical lines. The distance between the lines is the width of the eye.
     3 by Prywinko
  • Schematically draw the eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth. The corners of the mouth are under the middle of the eyes. The lower lip lies on segment № 3.
    4 by Prywinko
  • Add details. Mark the cheekbones. They start just above the middle of the ear. 
    5 by Prywinko
  • Add shadows, hide the construction lines.
     6 by PrywinkoTutorial face 1 by Prywinko

II. The second way. Using the width of the eye.

  • Draw an oval in the shape of an egg. We divide the oval into 4 equal parts by vertical and horizontal lines. 
    1a by Prywinko
  • As in the first method, we mark five equal vertical lines. The distance between the lines is the width of the eye.
    2a by Prywinko
  • In segments 2 and 4, draw the eye. At a distance of 1.5 eyes, the tip of the nose will be located. The ear is equal to the distance from the tip of the nose to the upper eyelid.
    3a by Prywinko
  • We mark the lower border of the lips at a distance equal to the width of the eye, measuring it from the tip of the nose.. The height of the lips is approximately equal to half the length of the eye.
    4a by Prywinko
  • Add eyelashes, hair and details, falling shadows.
    5a by Prywinko
  • Flip your drawing horizontally. Edit->Transform->Flip Horizontal.  
So you can see distorted parts of the face and unevenness. Don't miss this step! It is very important that the face that you drew is beautiful and harmonious.

  • The displayed pic clearly shows distortion. In this case, this was due to the fact that my oval was not level. Symmetry of the face can be checked at every step.
6a by Prywinko
  • After correction
     7a by Prywinko
I don't recommend that you speed up your work by simply copying one of the facial parts until you get enough experience. Try to correct errors yourself.

Tutorial face 2 by Prywinko

III. The third way. The fastest and easiest.

  • Draw an oval and divide it into 4 equal parts. Divide the resulting horizontal segments in half. Above these points will be located centers of eyeballs. Then divide the lower half of the vertical into 5 equal parts. Mark the nose on line # 2. The line of the lips will lie on line №3.
 1b by Prywinko
  • Draw the eyes, nose and lips on the points you have just marked. Mark the ears between the line of the nose and the upper eyelid. Flip your drawing. Check it for symmetry and distortion. 
    2b by Prywinko
  • Draw eyebrows, eyelashes, lips.
    3b by Prywinko
  • Your drawing is almost complete! Add hair and falling shadows.
    4b by Prywinko
  • Let's check if we painted the face correctly according to the rule of an equilateral triangle. Using the triangle, you can determine the relative position of the eyes and mouth. You can also check our drawing with your eye. The width of the face is approximately 5 eyes. The lines of the chin and cheeks can also be identified and checked with the help of the eye.
    6b by Prywinko5b by Prywinko

Tutorial face 3 by Prywinko
If you draw a woman's face, your lines should be smooth. Don't paint the nose too sharply as this will make the face appear coarser and manlier.

To make the face cuter - make the eyes larger.

IV. Profile.

  • Begin drawing a profile from a circle and a vertical line perpendicular to it. We draw the face by the principle of dividing the face into 3.5 parts. We mark the line of eyebrows, nose and hair growth.
     Profile 1 by Prywinko
  • Mark the nose and lips behind the perpendicular line. Draw a perpendicular line from the tip of the lips to line №1. Draw a diagonal line from the tip of the upper lip through the nose wing. We connect the line of the eyebrow and the lower point of the ear. The resulting triangle delineates the boundaries of the eye.
    Profile 2 by PrywinkoProfile 3 by Prywinko

  • Add details. Eyebrows, hair, shadows.
    Profile 4 by Prywinko
Tutorial face 5 by Prywinko

V. Volume.

To understand the volume of the head, we will break it into a plane. This rough example will help to see which parts of the face are in the shade, and which are in the light. When illuminated from above, the plane under the eyebrows, nose, lips, chin and the plane of the cheeks are in the shadows.

Tutorial face 4 by Prywinko

VI. The man's face.

On one of the examples I will show how to change the template for a man's face.

Man by Prywinko

If you draw a man, then the lines of the face should be sharp. Lips should be narrow and not very large. The cheeks and superciliary arches should be large and prominent. The nose and nose bridge should be contoured. The eyes are more deeply planted and the nose is larger than a female nose.
Tutorial face 6 by Prywinko

Male profile.

Similarly, draw large brow ridges, nose, chin and jaw. Lips should be thinner than females. Eyebrows are thicker.

Tutorial face 7 by Prywinko

  • I use Adobe Photoshop.
    Below is a link to the Pencil Brush I use for sketching:

 I hope my tutorial was useful to you! 

 Thank you for your attention  

Sylvanas Time Lapse

Wed Oct 4, 2017, 7:16 AM
Hey friends!  My new video - Sylvanas.
Please subscribe! Chiyo Shy Icon 

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Prywinko was here!

Mon Apr 17, 2017, 9:24 AM
Hello, friends! Cat 
In this journal will be collected photos from the travels of a small Prywinko!Shy 

Sorry for the poor quality of the photo!

Prywinko was a transit in Istanbul.
Image by Prywinko

And now she is vacationing in Hong Kong!Happy 
Image by Prywinko Image by Prywinko Image by Prywinko Hong Kong Park by Prywinko Image by Prywinko Image by Prywinko Image by Prywinko Image by Prywinko

I first visited Disneyland! It was a dream of my childhood! What is there .. I always dream to visit Disneyland!2015YupiANanEmoteGIF001 by YupiANan2015YupiANanEmote003 by YupiANan2017YupiANanEmote001 by YupiANan

It was very hot and stuffy. I was upset because there were no people in the park in the costumes of the Disney characters. Because of this, the sensation of a fairy tale disappeared. But I was glad anyway. I liked the attractions.

1 by Prywinko 1 by Prywinko 1 by Prywinko 1 by Prywinko 1 by Prywinko 1 by Prywinko
That's how many stickers I've collected! I approached the personnel and asked for stickers with the children. Lol!
1 by Prywinko

I'm so tired of the day in the park. In the evening I went to a street cafe. It was close to my house. The food is very tasty and fresh!2017YupiANanEmote002 by YupiANan
1 by Prywinko  Local beer is very tasty! Lee Donghae Approves 

Ocean Park:
Wow! This is a terrific park! I really liked the park!

1 by Prywinko 1 by Prywinko 1 by Prywinko 1 by Prywinko 111111111111111 by Prywinko 1 by Prywinko 1 by Prywinko 1 by Prywinko 1 by Prywinko
I saw a live Panda!
1 by Prywinko 111 by Prywinko

This is the coolest attraction!Doge Asian Okay WOW Wow! Fireworks! 
1 by Prywinko

This cafe is very tasty!Kill La Kill Icon: Ryuuko 3 
1 by Prywinko

So it's time for me to fly home. I flew with a transfer in BeijingBlown Away 
Tiananmen Square 

1 by Prywinko 1 by Prywinko 1 by Prywinko 111 by Prywinko 1111111111 by Prywinko
The streets of Beijing

11111111 by Prywinko 1111111 by Prywinko 11111 by Prywinko 1111 by Prywinko 11111 by Prywinko 1111111111111 by Prywinko 1 by Prywinko

At home, this lovely lady was already waiting for me at the post office!
11 by Prywinko

A small Prywinko in Germany !!!!

It started as the Easter action in Hong Kong, but thanks to :iconpaige-follows: it became possible and in Germany !!!! Prywinko will conquer the worldLa la la la 

Thank you sooooo much for this idea! 


Image by Prywinko Image by Prywinko Image by Prywinko Image by Prywinko Image by Prywinko

If you want to leave the Little Pry in your city, you can use this file! And send me a photo;)
Image by Prywinko

The photo shows the places where I leave pictures. You can quickly follow for the adventures of Prywinko in my instagram:

The journal will be updated!Hello 

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Prywinko Patreon and Gumroad

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 20, 2016, 12:20 PM
Hello! My name is Olga aka Prywinko 
Prywinko pic by Prywinko
Now i'm a freelance artist thanks to the support my patrons and I make my living on Patreon IconPatreon and Gumroad icon 2Gumroad

If you like my art and want to support me, get NSFW, PSD files, step by step, and other content, please check  the my Patreon IconPatreon  page.

At the moment, I have 4 tiers: 
Patreon  update! by Prywinko

Miku copy by Prywinko

If you are interested Rewards for previous months, please check my Gumroad icon 2 Gumroad page:

Prywinko Gumroad open! by Prywinko

Thank you for your attention and your support!Hug Misha and Sebastian Chitoge Hugging Haru Icon