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Women's worries



For a long time I did not draw comics! 

Today, a comic about women's worries, which are very frustrating and angry)

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Life as an artist by Prywinko Kiss by Prywinko

Mirror by Prywinko Five minutes! by Prywinko

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frytka's avatar

Ahaha... XD it's genius

ThePsych0naut's avatar
I feel your pain. As a bald guy there's nothing more frustrating than that stray wisp on the back of your head. I tried taking a razor to it instead of buzzing it all off, but the blades slice the hell out of my moles. (Plus, there's the same damn problem: you will always miss a spot.) 
Flora-Tea's avatar
tHE  S T R U G G L E
thormemeson's avatar
These are hilarious comics
ThePsych0naut's avatar
Yeah, she's charming. 
DannyAndYoko's avatar
Have you tried waxing? ^^''
Prywinko's avatar
I wanted to show a female fight with hair on the body) It does not matter what you use, they still grow up
DannyAndYoko's avatar
I have heard there are several things that can get rid of body hair permanently, either over a long time or within a week or two. ^^''
ThePsych0naut's avatar
Really? Because that would be AMAZING. Every dude is a sasquatch, and I'm no exception. 
DannyAndYoko's avatar
So you're one of those guys who shaves everything?! o_0
ThePsych0naut's avatar
I meant to say, "Every dude in my family is a Sasquatch, and I'm no exception." 

I'm bald, and, yes, the carpet matches the drapes.
DannyAndYoko's avatar
You shave down there?! o_0

Ouch... XD
ThePsych0naut's avatar
"Ouch"? I guess, if you're not careful and use a dull razor. 
Grendelkin's avatar
I have no way of relating to how frustrating this must be for you. :|
fdnbgonds's avatar
Ok, this made me laugh.
Sephiius's avatar
The struggle is real...Q-Q
Harthalys's avatar
Oh gosh, your strips are so hilarious :D (Big Grin) 
PrimordialNothingnes's avatar
Not only did you not shave your legs but your anger caused a unibrow to form
S0KK0's avatar
Ahh! So true! TTvTT
love your haiiirs free the hairs!Heart Love 
Thats from the yeti genes:D
Nekomi89's avatar
Yeah... Exactly ^^;
SkylaComics's avatar
Oh lol! I just cbf shaving legs :D
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