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Tyrande Dark Priestess

By Prywinko
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This is not canon armor, I decided to paint her in a similar armor with my Sylvanas. Sylvanas Windrunner by Prywinko
I really hope that you like it.

I really like drawing characters from the Warcraft. I think I need to replenish the ranks of elves drawn by me)

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Character:Tyrande, Blizzard

Use texture, reference  

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© 2017 - 2020 Prywinko
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Elouq's avatar
so damn sexy
BobtheSkull666's avatar
Well... that's an interesting idea. :meow: I like it!
Edryadel's avatar
I prefer this version of Tyrande :D
Amazing work ! She's absolutely gorgeous^^
Feelingbluboy's avatar
Maybe if she tried dark stuff (magic) She would have  a less black and white view of the world...

Oh u drink mana just to survive...u guys are losers... And thus the Nightborne joined the Horde.
Panartias's avatar
Great picture! Is that armor feathers and dragonscale?
HedgehogGuy's avatar

Less armour just makes her more powerful.

Panartias's avatar
Yeah - seems so!
Prywinko's avatar
yes;) Thank you)  
Reivash's avatar
Wow ! It looks awesome o.o all the details, all the shading, all the... Wow *_*
TheVocaloid1's avatar
Amazing and sexy :wow:
HedgehogGuy's avatar

Malfurion is one lucky bastard.

Sunfwer-JiHu's avatar
So beautiful!Love how you combined the colors and those light effects !Foxtrot - Wow! 
thormemeson's avatar
InsaneRift's avatar
Love her design and eye colour :)
Firestorm999's avatar
Awesome design and effects
RaptorRed79's avatar
I will be perfectly honest here.   This picture of Tyrande looks better then the actual in-game model.
uniiverso's avatar
Her eyes are great!, nice colors!
PovedaM's avatar
Oh the combination of cold colors here makes my eyes cry of joy, I really like this painting!!! Love Also, on a side note; Olga have you watched this new anime "Houseki no Kuni" (Land of the Lustrous)??? OMG the story is really interesting and specially the visuals, art and environments are depicted really really beautiful!!! :happybounce: 
Prywinko's avatar
Thank you ^^ 
I don't watch ongoing. I like to watch the whole series. I'm very impatient)

When the series is finished I'll look it up)
PovedaM's avatar
Haha you have to watch it all at once, well, I'll be sure to tell you once the season is finished! Meow :3 
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