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Tutorial: How to draw lips

By Prywinko
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Eyes Tutorial by Prywinko
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Finward's avatar
Very realistic! Like rose petals!
Many thanks for Lamu!
EveLawmen's avatar
this is rally usefull! aaand i luv your drawings! 
hartzblaze's avatar
Amazing texture.
Teluzer's avatar
awesome tutorial!
PlushQueenDIY's avatar
Thank you so much for this!!
MKurda's avatar
Somehow I allways fonished at 2nd or 3rd piont xD 
I think I need more practice xD
TheTalesofNoOne's avatar
I love your art style.  Its professional, detailed, and always fun to look at. Your tutorials are spot on. You give just enough detail in your descriptions to create professional results and yet not so much detail that my work would become your clone. Basically I can still input my style to you tutorial. I love it!
Prywinko's avatar
Thank you so much! Kawaii fox 
Enomotarch's avatar
You do such amazing tuts, ermergerd, thank you for these blessings~ *//u//*
Khasdannyanlord's avatar
BlackDonut's avatar
it'll help me a lot thx
Thickstoner's avatar
Thank yu so much for this I needed it. :) 
Shiki-Nanaya's avatar
Thanks! you help is great
RDunLao's avatar
Ufff I hope I can do this some day 
PovedaM's avatar
Wow thank you so much for this tutorial!!! I'll try it in the next girl!!! Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] 
A-tall-glass-of-Mizu's avatar
Useful! ^_^ Thanks a lot for sharing!
darkyson's avatar
Thank for this wonderful tutorial.◠‿◠
nice but to me it looks like BLOBS T_T am so bad at this 
MateusBrasil's avatar
Wow, awesome! Thanks!!!!
KaiXtr's avatar
Very Useful!I will learn a lot with this!^v^
thobar's avatar
cool tut. Mercy.
NekroNekoyugioh's avatar
Forget that
What i tried to say was:
How to draw lips
Me:okay np
Me:yeah o got that
Me: what!!!!how!!!(jk)
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