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December Patreon reward   

Nowi: 18+ Preview

pastel cake emoji (yum!) Hi-Res Images
pastel cake emoji (yum!) NSFW image 
pastel cake emoji (yum!) SFW+NSFW wallpaper
pastel cake emoji (yum!) Photoshop PSDs 
Rainbow Layers Cake with candle 32x32 icon  Futa version

2018YupiANanEmote015 by YupiANan

My art and video are created thanks to your support! Thank you!


Character: Nowi, Nintendo

Use reference, textures, magic

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excellent work ! Love nowi

Great gallery

CharlieProut's avatar
Awesome work! She's so cute, biting her lips, so adorable 😍 
Phant-Gasm's avatar
AMAZING coloring and design!!! 
CosmosMoon1308's avatar
3DbyMoon's avatar
I really love Nowi, beautiful character, beautiful work
ACE-Mat's avatar
stunning work
KM-Illustrations's avatar
Your artworks are always so fantastic; the colours are so smooth, the characters are always so beautifully drawn too! :heart:
FluffySt's avatar
wow Amazing body shape :O
trebane's avatar
This is incredibly cute.
Rallyguy33's avatar
She is just too darn cute! Wonderful work.
PanRod's avatar
:) (Smile) :) (Smile) Clap Clap Clap Devilish Devilish 
squarenuts's avatar
Gift wrapping, you're doing it right.     ;) 
Poke-Poet4's avatar
No matter what people think of her, she's still a cute character at the very least. This version is just proof that she could be sexy too. :)
vanBlood's avatar
beez1717's avatar
vinlandbonzai's avatar
SUPER excited to see more Fire Emblem make its way to your gallery/rewards! :D :D :D
remuko's avatar
Love Nowi! This is amazing <3
tantalus1970's avatar
Cute cute cute cute cute! :):):)
Shouwi's avatar
Amazing look
UndeadSentinel's avatar
The sparkles at the bottom look great~
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