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Thank you so much for comments!Cat omg 

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I am surprised the railing can support that much booty.

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Super sexy! she´s got the booty

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OMG she is so sexy i want to put my hands on her booty

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Love her giant booty.
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Awesome drawing 
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I'm truly speechless. An excellent job well done. Congratulations!
werewolfwill's avatar
She is quite beautiful.
Kink-King54's avatar
Oh my god Pry plz. You're killing me! X3
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Is this character a Dark Elf?
Prywinko's avatar
She's "Twili" from Zelda :)
Wanderer619's avatar
Lovin dat booty <333
jawsjr2's avatar
She got dat ass.
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Awesome Midna is awesome
Love her face and her butt
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Heh... I'd love to spend a day with Midna on the beach... just sitting down together, relaxing, having fun... *sigh* I really want her to be real :sad: 
Jakered3's avatar
Woah... O///O
ArtSkepticBot015's avatar
Hot damn, Dat sexy ass! B-)

god how I wish LOZ Twilight Princess ended with an option to chose which princess, Her or Zelda, Link would decide to pair with! 
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Charming face and a beautiful booty! :happybounce:
TheOneThatLikesStuff's avatar
Oh gosh, YES. Always love dat true form Midna...and her booty. X3
McTuggins's avatar
This is nice! is she in a swimsuit near the water?
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