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Life as an artist

 How many days did you not leave the home?  XD

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The cat casually licking his balls in the background

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going off the 1st 3 panels, that cat has a face like he is trying to seduce me, its the eyes on the 3rd panel that say this to me most
he's so swov he doesn't even care about the combustion person next to him for a few seconds :D
also i must add, his little balls are actually kind of cute and funny to see, sorry if that was odd to say :aww:

i can truly relate to this story though, there have been many times were i feel like death just by exiting the house, maybe vampires ARE real, but instead of being blood thirsty monsters they are just shut ins :D
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isn’t dis mature content? or is dat normal for cats?
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that fucking cat
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well funny think is i am the same 
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lol i know that feeling XD
DerraciasOne's avatar
Hum... Reality. XD
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Same life as a gamer XD
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When my mom says I need to go outside more, I just tell her this.
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Hahaha! XD So real!
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lol that cat
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Think I could share this on my FaceBook?
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Me after work ( I work on night shift ). XD
HappyMasky's avatar
I don't care that is 6 a.m.
I will order a pizza...
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this is awesome XD  Laugh 
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