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Lara Croft


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Tiny Shiny Dragon Ball Thank you so much for support and  comments!Tiny Shiny Dragon Ball 

Character: Lara Croft, Square Enix (c)
Use texture, reference and some magic Goku and the magic Nimbus 
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This is one of my all time favorites. Cool and sexy at the same time :)

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Holy hell, this is so stunning! I love this so much!!

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The face is cute, pose is nice...Suprised you added a nsfw version of it. The drawing works fine without the addition of a lewd version. But, I suppose each their own.
SolitaryLapTopTVLove's avatar
For me, she is the true Lara Croft unlike the dark and gritty one we currently have.

Dude, the "dark and gritty" version is how she became the badass that we knew in 1996. Why does no one get this? She's not just a Tomb Raider now! We are in the Survivor timeline, not the classics. Why does everyone keep hating on this origin story of how Lara Croft came to be??? 😭

SolitaryLapTopTVLove's avatar
I do not care. I never wanted Tomb Raider to go in this direction and take inspiration from Uncharted instead of Prince Of Perisa.
WarwickDoolan71's avatar
Seriously nice Lara Croft art well done
KCagney's avatar
Love all your layers, textures, lighting, effects in every picture <3
PeteTheGrouch's avatar
Ah, Lara in her iconic booty shorts...the way it's SUPPOSED to be! (Stupid "progressive" new Tomb Rider...Smoking )

Nice job. :coolthumbup: 

Its not fricking stupid!

PeteTheGrouch's avatar
Afraid we're just gonna have to beg to differ on that one...

So far as I'm concerned, anything that places agenda over making the consumer happy can be considered stupid... At the very least, pissing off your PAYING customers is generally NOT considered good business practice..! Confused 

(Lookin' at you, Star Woke.Smoking )
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The light is perfect ! :0
Jackel-Iblis's avatar
Your art is impressive in general. But I like this one the most. The balance in this dynamic pose is close to perfect. I mean, she's jumping or falling but the rest of her body is tensed and her gaze is focused. You really did a number on me with that one. I luv it!
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Thank you so much (: 
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i like her hair and this details the marks on her arms it,s nice
trilliondollerman's avatar
Are those desert eagles? Not bad.
RicaSensei's avatar
Woah! Amazing work and composition! :happybounce: Clap 
VistaVista55's avatar
I love the detail. Amazing work :)
Naughty-b-Nature's avatar
Wow! Impressive! Even if I use your techniques as a reference for my own copic coloring´s I´ll learn from it. That´s a well earned Fav + Watch.
spacegridwyvrom's avatar
That's almost real. 
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