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How do you feel about obscene kisses in a public place?Azusa and Yui (Can I has chuu) [V2] Long tongue icon Lick [Gravity Falls] Gene Belcher 

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Five minutes! by Prywinko Life as an artist by Prywinko
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LoL I love to see others disgusted by kisses/make out's. I don't feel anything at all. The only thing I feel is...

...loneliness... :D

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I personally find it disgusting. If you want to swap spit, go do it at home. You can show affection without trying to lick the other person's face off while in public. At least have some manners. jeebus on a bagel. 
DerraciasOne's avatar
The real world. ^^
Toonsgirl27's avatar
I agree with you. If you're going to kiss in public, please do a peck on the lips or cheek or a simple kiss. Not a gross-make out kiss-nobody wants to see that! 
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HeavensVoice's avatar
A simple kiss is okay but no tongue acrobatic.
Baconwaffles's avatar
I don't care either way. To each his own.
Forecaster71's avatar
If I'm doing it it's great, if another couple is doing it it's disgusting!
IllyDragonfly's avatar
I feel gross, I literally hear the moist noises, those cheesy pairs seem eating oysters. XD
KingXanaduu's avatar
It's even worse watching it when you're single. :facepalm 
Lucas-White's avatar
:jarkinajar: now that is what's up
Raccoon-Art's avatar
Hahaha nice too :D

but really, if someone is french kissing in public, it's absolutely nothing to care about :D
Dan-Snogard's avatar
You don't like French kiss ? x3
Prywinko's avatar
The French kiss is not for public places)
Dan-Snogard's avatar
Personally I see that sometimes ^^"
kirby144's avatar

I usually leave them be, it is a little awkward and I think they do it on purpose to mess with people. :P
megamaster135's avatar
Well,, that's one way to tie the knot. *Badum tiss!*
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